Vice Chancellor's Office

Chancellor Yang presents Nobel Laureates Alan Heeger and Herbert Kroemer to the press. The Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement oversees the division's wide range of programs and activities designed to achieve broad levels of support — financial, political, and public support — for the goals and priorities of the campus. With state funds accounting for a steadily declining portion of the total campus budget, supporting UC Santa Barbara's efforts to raise funds from private sources is a goal shared across the division and, indeed, the campus. Strengthening the campus's relationships with alumni, parents, donors, and the public is critical to UCSB's success in achieving that goal.

Mission and Goals Institutional Advancement mission statement and goals.
Key Staff Contacts Mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail contacts for staff members in the Vice Chancellor's Office.
Centennial House The UCSB use of the Centennial House policy and contract.