UC Santa Barbara United Way Campaign

Campaign Questions and Answers

Who is United Way of Santa Barbara County?

United Way of Santa Barbara (UWSBC) is a local nonprofit organization that has provided local children, adults, families, and seniors with community services and resources since 1923. Today, UWSBC creates, manages, and supports partnerships and direct services that help our community. UWSBC works year-round, utilizing a network of strategic partnerships with over 200 public and private partner organizations, to provide comprehensive programming for nearly 25,000 Santa Barbara County residents annually.

How does UWSBC use my contribution?

United Way of Santa Barbara County is local. 100% of your gift stays in our county to improve education, financial stability, and health in Santa Barbara County.
Your contribution provides:

  • Fun in the Sun: 300 youth improve their academic, behavioral, and social skills through this national award-winning summer learning program.
  • Kindergarten Success Institute: 4 weeks of early education help 200+ of our littlest learners master basic academic and social/emotional skills.
  • United For Literacy: 10,000 students at 30 schools have access to individualized, online reading enhancement programs that improve their literacy skills and boost their motivation to pursue higher education and a career.
  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library: Monthly books help over 1,200 children up to age 5 start fostering a love of reading.
  • United for Financial Empowerment: Over 2,800 local families receive $2.5 million in tax refunds through free tax preparation assistance.
  • Prevention and treatment of domestic violence.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment.
  • Emergency food, shelter, and clothing to help families regain their self-sufficiency.
  • Senior caregiver assistance and transportation.

Why does UCSB support United Way?

  • Like UCSB, United Way is focused on improving education to prepare the next generation of children and students with the skills they need to succeed in work and in life.
  • UCSB partners with United Way in a variety of ways to support our community—VITA, Day of Caring, Fun in the Sun, etc.
  • The United Way campaign directly impacts the lives of many UCSB staff members.
  • The campaign impacts local children who are either current or future UCSB students.
  • Our partnership with UWSBC has existed since the mid-1960’s under the leadership of Chancellor Vernon Cheadle.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Contributions to not-for-profit agencies are 100 % tax deductible.

How do I know how much I gave last year?

If you gave through payroll deduction, your total annual contribution (for tax purposes) is on your last pay stub of the year.

  • Non-Exempt Employees: Reference your December 23, 2019 Remittance Paystub
  • Exempt Employees: Reference your December 1, 2019 Remittance Paystub

Are there requirements for payroll deductions?

Extra help employees and contractors on payroll who are less than 50% time cannot use payroll deduction, but do have the option to contribute with a credit or debit card and have any amount deducted at one-time, monthly or quarterly. Of course, you can pay a one-time amount with cash or check as well.

What are the required fields on the pledge form?

Please make sure the form includes your name, amount of contribution, department and signature.

Who do I call if I need additional materials, have questions, and/or want to arrange a presentation for my department?

Call our UCSB United Way Representative: Victoria Dominguez at 805-882-0514

If I contributed last year to United Way & want to increase my monthly contribution, when does the increased contribution start?

The annual deduction schedule runs May to May. So if someone made a deduction during the 2020 Campaign, that new pledge deduction would go into effect starting on the June 1, 2020 paystub for MO employees and May 13, 2020 paystub for Biweekly employees.