UC Santa Barbara Institutional Advancement

Building Partnerships

Economic Forecast ProjectWith its combined offerings of new technology, innovative research, and faculty expertise, UCSB is a valuable resource for the economic development of the Santa Barbara community.

Evidence of the success of this partnership is present throughout the community. Faculty contribute their research and expertise to enhance economic development and impact policy planning. Additionally, technological innovations extend beyond theory as business leaders explore their commercial applications. Partnerships in research also lead to a substantial offering of conferences and professional development programs. Employment of UCSB's well-qualified graduates and students further boosts the area's economy.

Career Services

Career Fairs
Open to all students, our career fairs provide employers with a great opportunity to connect with students.
Inquiries: Career Services, 805-893-4412
Web Site: http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/career-resources/gaucholink-information

GauchoLink is a free, on-line service for posting jobs to UCSB students, a one-stop shop for listing part-time, full-time or internship positions. Whether you're seeking a baby sitter, housekeeper or yard worker at home, you can list your position on GauchoLink for free and reach 10,000+ student job seekers. Once you have reached the website, click "Post a Job" on the left side menu.
Inquiries: Career Services, 805-893-4412
Web Site: http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/students/gaucholink

Information Sessions
Companies can promote their services, internships, or employment offerings by hosting an afternoon or evening meeting in the Career Services meeting rooms. These meetings allow students to explore their field of interest, while enabling employers to recruit promising graduates.
Inquiries: Career Services, 805-893-4636
Web Site: website

On Campus Interview Program
Employers seeking full-time workers can participate in on-campus recruitment through the Campus Interview Program. Using an online database, students submit their resumes and view information about the prospective company. Employers specify the date and time they wish to hold the interviews and also provide information about the position requirements.
Inquiries: Career Services, 805-893-4412
Web Site: website

Conference Services

Faculty Club
Open to the community for meetings, banquets, special occasions and conferences, the Faculty Club provides a scenic location and excellent gourmet cuisine. Memberships are available for local businesses which includes discounted facility and guest room rental rates and reciprocity with approximately 100 other member-only university-based clubs.
Inquiries: The Faculty Club, 805-893-3096
Web Site: http://www.faculty-club.ucsb.edu/

University Center Conference and Catering Facilities
The University Center offers spacious venues for conferences, lectures, banquets, or retreats. Facilities range from the Corwin Pavilion to large and small meeting rooms. Catering service is available for an additional fee.
Inquiries: University Center, 805-893-3961
Web Site: http://www.ucen.ucsb.edu/administration/home.html

Engineering and Technology

Center for Control Dynamical Systems and Computation (CCDC)
Through its cross-disciplinary approach, the Center for Control Engineering and Computation utilizes the expertise of faculty, graduate students, and experts in the field. The Center initiates and coordinates research projects that apply to industrial, environmental, transportation, and defense systems. The Center organizes workshops, seminars, and short courses by leading experts in the field and publishes a technical report series.
Inquiries: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, 805-893-7066
Web Site: http://www.ccdc.ucsb.edu/

Entrepreneurship 101
An annual Saturday workshop in entrepreneurship is offered each spring quarter. Successful entrepreneurial alumni and community members offer advice on developing and implementing effective business plans.
Inquiries: College of Engineering, 805-893-4613
Web Site: http://www.engr.ucsb.edu

Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology (ITST)
The mission of ITST is to advance science and technology at the heart of the electromagnetic spectrum while training and inspiring new generations of scientists, engineers, and the public at large and supporting research with outstanding service in a warm, welcoming and fun workplace. The institute brings together researchers in areas including chemistry and biochemistry, physics, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, and materials science. ITST is the home of UCSB's world-renowned Free-Electron Lasers, which generate intense electromagnetic radiation tunable over a wide range of frequencies in the neighborhood of 1 trillion cycles per second (1 Terahertz). In addition to catalyzing research opportunities and offering a rich environment for graduate students, ITST provides a number of educational opportunities for undergraduates and high school students.
Inquiries: Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology, 805-893-8576
Web Site: http://www.itst.ucsb.edu

Technology Management Program (TMP)
UCSB's Technology Management Program (TMP) is dedicated to the study of organizational and entrepreneurial processes for translating new discoveries in science and engineering to economically productive enterprises. TMP leverages UCSB's core strength in the physical and life sciences and its strong culture of collaborative research, and is redefining engineering education with a comprehensive curriculum of preparation for the creation and management of tomorrow's technology ventures. In addition to the academic curriculum, TMP operates a number of outreach programs for the campus and local community which include a cutting edge entrepreneurship lecture series, individual/group mentoring, a New Venture Competition, and other leadership events.
Inquiries: Technology Management Program, 805-893-5133
Web Site: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu

Technology Management Program Distinguished Lecture Series
Our Distinguished Lecture Series provides the public, students, faculty, and staff a unique opportunity to interact with, and learn directly from, highly successful entrepreneurs, technology innovators, investors, financiers, researchers and business people in a 'live', interactive format. Our audience is comprised of students, faculty, central coast entrepreneurs, the public. Admission is always free of charge. We encourage community and student networking and are focused upon 'ideas' vs a rigid structural format. Check our web site for 2008-09 details as they become available; www.tmp.ucsb.edu and Youtube / Technology Management for hundred of hours of our programs.
Inquiries: Technology Management Program, College of Engineering, 805-893-8107
Web Site: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu/beyond-classroom/distinguished-speaker-series


UCSB Economic Forecast Project
The UCSB Economic Forecast Project, founded in 1981, provides the community with up-to-the-minute information, analysis, and forecasts of economic, quality-of-life, demographic, and regional business trends occurring in the tri-county area. The project hosts seminars, provides data and analysis to government planners, distributes a large number of publications, and allows sponsors direct access to its database. Forecast Project staff also speak frequently at community events. Community-based firms or agencies that sponsor the Economic Forecast Project receive an annual seminar, an economic and demographic yearbook, and access to the project's database and consulting arm for customized data and research service.
Inquiries: Economic Forecast Project, 805-893-5148
Web Site: http://www.efp.ucsb.edu/

Gaucho Getaways Travel Program
UCSB Alumni Association Gaucho Getaways program provides educational, cultural and social interaction for UCSB alumni, family and friends through a stimulating travel experience. Designed for those with a passion for exploration and life-long learning, Gaucho Getaways provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history of destinations around the world. Join us and discover the advantages of traveling with Gaucho Getaways as we bring you the world in innovative and imaginative ways. Get access to the "behind the scenes" people and places, opportunities to visit seldom visited areas and special exhibits or sites that are otherwise restricted to the general public, which turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary experience.
Inquiries: UCSB Alumni Association, 805-893-2288
Web Site: https://ucsb.ahitravel.com/home.aspx


National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA)
UCSB is one of three universities that host the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis. Dedicated to basic research in geographic information science and its related technologies, NCGIA promotes accuracy in spatial data and addresses the modeling of new types of data.
Inquiries: Geography Department, 805-893-8224
Web Site: http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/

Ocean Physics Lab (OPL)
The OPL cultivates partnerships with industry, universities, and government laboratories. Using ocean monitoring systems placed throughout the world, the Ocean Physics Lab is able to collect significant data about temperature, currents, salinity, and other marine elements.
Inquiries: Geography Department, 805-893-3663
Web Site: http://www.opl.ucsb.edu/


Internships, Summer Jobs and Research Training Programs
UCSB students are sometimes able to combine an internship experience for credit towards their degree. Popular departments offering a concurrent weekly class with the part-time, internship hours include Environmental Studies, Communication, Film Studies, and Psychology. Further details are available on our website under "ACADEMIC CREDIT". Some employers may wish to offer internship projects as part of one or several UCSB minors including the Writing Program (Technical, Editing, Business Communications); Exercise & Sports Studies (Athletic Coaching, Exercise & Health Science, Fitness Instruction and Sports Management); and Education Pre-Professional Program.
Inquiries: Career Services, 805-893-4412
Web Site: http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/internships


Alexandria Digital Library Project (ADL)
The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) is the UCSB Library's digital map library. The core of the ADL collection was developed in the 1990s and 2000s with research grants. Spatial data, including remote sensing imagery (aerial and satellite photography), GIS vector data, and digital maps continue to be routinely collected from libraries, academic institutions, private companies, and government agencies for long-term preservation.
Inquiries: UCSB Library Map and Imagery Laboratory, 805-893-4049
Web Site: http://library.ucsb.edu/mil

Davidson Library
UCSB's Davidson Library's extensive resources include specialized databases, rare collections, map rooms, government publications, and much more. Community members can obtain borrowing privileges by purchasing a library card. Some specialized services in the Map and Imagery Lab are available to residents and businesses on a fee basis.
Inquiries: Davidson Library, 805-893-2478
Web Site: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/

Materials Research

Engaging with Industry
Working closely with local industry and national laboratories, the Materials Research Laboratory sponsors seminars and partnerships between faculty and industrial scientists.
Inquiries: Materials Research Laboratory, 805-893-8767
Web Site: http://www.mrl.ucsb.edu/engaging-industry

Public Services

Community Affairs Board (CAB) Volunteer Action Center
The AS/UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCSB’s Volunteer Action Center, is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all UCSB Students by providing information and easy access to community service work. Through a wide range of projects and community programs, CAB seeks to augment classroom experiences, create opportunities for career exploration, connect UCSB to the community in a meaningful way, and promote the ethics of public service.
Inquiries: Associated Students, 805-893-4296
Web Site: http://cab.as.ucsb.edu/opportunities/volunteer-opportunities/

Professional Women's Association (PWA)
The Professional Women's Association (PWA) at UC Santa Barbara promotes a sense of community through networking and community service, and focuses on the advancement and accomplishments of UCSB women through a variety of programs and conferences. The PWA contributes to the community by collecting food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities throughout the year and distributing those items to low-income and homeless children and families.
Inquiries: Professional Women's Association, 805-893-4783
Web Site: http://www.pwa.ucsb.edu/