UC Santa Barbara Institutional Advancement

Public Lectures & Symposia

UCSB A&L lecture series. UCSB's public lecture series cover a breadth of issues, both local and international, ranging from scientific discoveries to social science concerns. Private support enables many specially focused lecture series to bring international scholars and public figures to campus. Open to the public, these ongoing series and one-time lectures provide a unique perspective on critical issues. This chapter offers a sampling of the diverse annual offerings.

To read about our performing arts offerings, please see "Performing Arts." For information about museum tours, please see "Libraries, Museums, & Galleries."


Archaeological Institute of America
The Classics Department at UCSB sponsors the Santa Barbara Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. The local Society of the AIA draws members from the University and from the general public throughout Santa Barbara County. The Society hosts free public lectures by distinguished archaeologists.
Inquiries: Classics Department, 805-893-3556
Web Site: http://www.archaeological.org/societies/santabarbara

Art, Music, and Dance

Art Symposium
The College of Creative Studies hosts a lecture series that attracts renowned artists and critics from around the world. Students and community members have an opportunity to learn about the artists' inspirations and discover new methods of creative expression.
Inquiries: College of Creative Studies, 805-893-2364
Web Site: http://www.ccs.ucsb.edu/

Artist Residency Program
Arts & Lectures engages many visiting artists for residencies that - in addition to their public performances - include visits to local elementary and secondary schools, master classes both on and off campus, mini-performances, lecture demonstrations and meet-the-artists discussions. These free and entertaining activities allow for rewarding (sometimes life-changing) interactions.
Inquiries: Arts and Lectures, 805-893-3382
Web Site: http://www.artsandlectures.ucsb.edu/

Arts and Lectures Public Events in the Community
UCSB Arts & Lectures serves the UCSB campus and the Santa Barbara community by extending and supplementing the intellectual life of the classroom and providing diverse and unique cultural programming. We present performances featuring touring artists from all over the world-first-rate dancers, classical and world musicians, performance artists and theater companies. We screen films-international cinema, independent films, documentaries, and the best Hollywood movies, and occasionally, restored silent classics with live piano accompaniment. We offer lectures and special events featuring writers, artists, government officials, mountain climbers/adventurers, scientists and other notable accomplished people. We also manage the campus-wide Regents' Lectureship Program. We create and operate an Artists-in-Residence program that features master classes, lecture-demonstrations, open rehearsals, and classroom discussions at UCSB in addition to visits to local elementary and high schools.
Inquiries: Arts and Lectures, 805-893-3535
Web Site: https://artsandlectures.sa.ucsb.edu/Lectures.aspx

Arts and Lectures Public Events on Campus
The Arts & Lectures performing arts season features professional touring artists from around the world. Dance companies, classical and early music ensembles, jazz artists, folk and world music groups, and theatre artists perform in Campbell Hall and other on and off-campus venues. The quarterly film series offers exceptional international cinema, independent films, documentary features, and silent classics with live musical accompaniment.
Inquiries: Arts and Lectures, 805-893-3535
Web Site: http://www.artsandlectures.ucsb.edu/

Audience Enrichment
Arts & Lectures plans and presents many educational events in conjunction with performances that utilize the expertise of UCSB faculty and guest presenters.
Inquiries: Arts and Lectures, 805-893-3535
Web Site: https://artsandlectures.sa.ucsb.edu/index.aspx

Cultural Awareness Programs
The MultiCultural Center (MCC) hosts a myriad of programs that promote cultural awareness, interaction, and education. Lectures, films, panel discussions, art exhibits, and music, dance, and dramatic performances are offered to the public throughout the year. For events dates and descriptions, visit our website at www.mcc.ucsb.edu
Inquiries: MultiCultural Center, 805-893-8411
Web Site: http://mcc.sa.ucsb.edu//


Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture
Established in 1960 to honor the late economic authority Carl Snyder, this series annually invites an outstanding lecturer in the field of economics. The series usually addresses social and political issues impacting the national economy. These lectures, usually held in the spring, are free and open to the public.
Inquiries: Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture, 805-893-3569
Web Site: http://econ.ucsb.edu/about_us/events/snyder_lecture.html


Entrepreneurship 101
An annual Saturday workshop in entrepreneurship is offered each spring quarter. Successful entrepreneurial alumni and community members offer advice on developing and implementing effective business plans.
Inquiries: College of Engineering, 805-893-4613
Web Site: http://www.engr.ucsb.edu

Technology Management Program (TMP)
UCSB's Technology Management Program (TMP) is dedicated to the study of organizational and entrepreneurial processes for translating new discoveries in science and engineering to economically productive enterprises. TMP leverages UCSB's core strength in the physical and life sciences and its strong culture of collaborative research, and is redefining engineering education with a comprehensive curriculum of preparation for the creation and management of tomorrow's technology ventures. In addition to the academic curriculum, TMP operates a number of outreach programs for the campus and local community which include a cutting edge entrepreneurship lecture series, individual/group mentoring, a New Venture Competition, and other leadership events.
Inquiries: Technology Management Program, 805-893-5133
Web Site: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu

Technology Management Program Distinguished Lecture Series
Our Distinguished Lecture Series provides the public, students, faculty, and staff a unique opportunity to interact with, and learn directly from, highly successful entrepreneurs, technology innovators, investors, financiers, researchers and business people in a 'live', interactive format. Our audience is comprised of students, faculty, central coast entrepreneurs, the public. Admission is always free of charge. We encourage community and student networking and are focused upon 'ideas' vs a rigid structural format. Check our web site for 2008-09 details as they become available; www.tmp.ucsb.edu and Youtube / Technology Management for hundred of hours of our programs.
Inquiries: Technology Management Program, College of Engineering, 805-893-8107
Web Site: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu/beyond-classroom/distinguished-speaker-series

General Topics

Community Support Groups
Through membership in the University's officially recognized support groups, community volunteers formalize their special relationship with the campus. These volunteers provide valuable assistance in fund raising, public outreach, and other support for the institution's mission. Throughout the academic year, many of the support groups offer public lectures, cultural programs, and tours, which highlight UCSB faculty, students, and facilities. These offerings are for members as well as the general public.
Inquiries: Office of Community Relations, 805-893-4388
Web Site: http://www.ia.ucsb.edu/comrel/index.shtml

International Speakers Bureau
The International Speakers Bureau is coordinated through the Office of International Students and Scholars. Through it international students volunteer to share information about their culture with students and community organizations. Contact Dan Smith to request a speaker.
Inquiries: Office of International Students and Scholars, 805-893-2929
Web Site: http://oiss.sa.ucsb.edu/

Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides a community space among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning, two spirit, same gender loving, as well as people who are intersex. The RCSGD welcomes a diversity of racial, ethic, religious, political and cultural values while advocating for the welfare of those who have historically been marginalized because of their sexual and/or gender identity. The RCSGD works collectively with other campus and community entities to create and implement programming, outreach, provide educational resources, and advocate for improving the campus climate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex(LGBTQI) community. The RCSGD welcomes the participation of allies.
Inquiries: Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, 805-893-5847
Web Site: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/sgd

Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, Valentine Camp
Valentine Reserve has an ambitious community outreach program. The centerpiece is the Outdoor Science Education Program which hosts field trips from local schools for science lessons by Reserve staff and a summer program of one and two-week classes for kids grades K-7. For adults, the Reserve offers guided walks with thematic talks by professional researchers, short courses, and a community lecture series.
Inquiries: Natural Reserve System Public Education Programs, 805-893-4127
Web Site: http://www.ucnrs.org/reserves/valentine-eastern-sierra-reserve.html

Interdisciplinary Studies

Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS)
CITS is dedicated to research and education about the cultural transitions and social innovations associated with information technology. The Center draws on a diverse team of several dozen faculty from the social sciences, engineering, and the humanities. We conduct research, organize public forums & lectures, provide administrative support for optional Ph.D. emphasis in Technology and Society, and facilitate partnerships with industry and the public sector.
Inquiries: Center for Information Technology and Society, 805-893-5910
Web Site: http://www.cits.ucsb.edu/

Critical Issues in America Grant and Rupe Debate
Critical Issues in America Grant and Rupe Debate was established with a grant from the Rupe Foundation to explore contemporary societal issues of national and international significance through the presentation of eminent figures who hold divergent viewpoints.
Inquiries: College of Letters and Science, 805-893-3627
Web Site: http://www.college.ucsb.edu/faculty-staff/funding/grants-fellowships

Harold J. Plous Memorial Lecture
Each year, an outstanding associate professor from the humanities, social, or natural sciences is recognized for his/her creative and intellectual contributions to the University. The award includes an annual lecture that details the recipient's research focus.
Inquiries: College of Letters and Science, 805-893-2328
Web Site: http://www.senate.ucsb.edu/awards/

Harry Girvetz Memorial Lecture
Honoring the memory of former Professor of Philosophy, Harry Girvetz, this series attracts current and former politicians, journalists, and scholars. Distinguished lecturers offer their perspectives on national and international political issues.
Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 805-893-3907
Web Site: http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/endowments/harry-girvetz-memorial-endowment/

Idee Levitan IHC Endowed Lecture Series
Visiting lecturers annually address the relationship between the creative processes of art, philosophy, and science. This memorial lecture series recognizes the cultural contributions made by Idee Levitan, a Santa Barbara poet, painter, and calligrapher.
Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 805-893-3907
Web Site: http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/endowments/levitan/

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center public lecture series
Each year, the IHC mounts year-long public programs on themes suggested by UCSB faculty and graduate students. Recent themes have included "Food Matters," "Oil & Water," "Geographies of Place," and "Public Goods."
Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 805-893-3137
Web Site: http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/

Research Focus Groups
University faculty, graduates, and undergraduates regularly form focus groups to discuss and further their research. Groups host quarterly lecture series that feature renowned scholars and social activists.
Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 805-893-3907
Web Site: http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/ihcresearch/rfgs

Shirley Kennedy Memorial Lecture
Honoring the memory of Dr. Shirley Kennedy, an organizer and activist in Santa Barbara who joined the faculty of the Department of Black Studies after obtaining her doctorate, this lecture series attracts leading figures from the law, sociology, history, and other fields who merge academia and community service in their life and work. Past speakers have included Lani Guinier, Robin D.G. Kelley, Manning Marable, and Robert Bullard.
Inquiries: Center for Black Studies Research, 805-893-3914
Web Site: http://research.ucsb.edu/cbs/

Taubman Foundation Endowed Symposia in Jewish Studies
The Taubman Foundation Symposia seek to deepen scholarship in the field of Jewish studies by hosting conferences, lectures, performances, and residencies. Eminent writers, critics, scholars, journalists, civic leaders, and filmmakers participate in this nationally recognized and innovative program.
Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 805-893-3907
Web Site: http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/endowments/taubman/

Women's Center
The Women's Center explores the concerns and achievements of women through workshops, films, and lectures that are open to the public. The Center's Rape Prevention Education Program provides support and education programs to help prevent sexual assault.
Inquiries: Women's Center, 805-893-3778
Web Site: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/women/


Literature Symposium
Students and distinguished guest lecturers perform readings and discuss works of literature on Wednesday afternoons at 4 p.m. in the Old Little Theater. The College of Creative Studies offers innovative programming and unique insight into traditional and modern works.
Inquiries: College of Creative Studies, 805-893-2364


Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics hosts weekly lectures, seminars, and conferences. Distinguished visiting lecturers, as well as UCSB faculty and graduate students, discuss emerging theories and present their research.
Inquiries: Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 805-893-4111
Web Site: http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu


Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER)
CCBER promotes the teaching of diverse undergraduate courses in EEMB, Environmental Studies, and Geology. It also supports faculty, staff, and student research interests by providing field and lab-based resources. In addition, CCBER houses regionally focused collections of terrestrial plants, algae, and vertebrates, as well as an extensive plant anatomy collection. The Center satisfies the University's obligation to provide stewardship of campus lands, rich in biodiversity. Through the ecological restoration program, the Center encourages land restoration on and near campus. The Kids in Nature outreach program fulfills K-12 educational goals, while staff and faculty curators provide scientific information and advice to private entities. The union of these elements into CCBER creates a campus facility dedicated to education, research, and outreach related to regional biological diversity and restoration.
Inquiries: Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, 805-893-2401
Web Site: http://ccber.ucsb.edu