UC Santa Barbara Institutional Advancement

Community Service

Volunteer Action Center, CABUCSB strives to develop and enhance relationships with its neighbors by providing community access to its resources. The UCSB campus hosts a variety of sporting, artistic, and educational events. It offers immense libraries and specialized research labs. UCSB also provides recreational programs and facilities for people of all ages.

UCSB's relationship with its community extends beyond the campus. Many faculty, staff, students, and graduates actively volunteer for local organizations. Their public service includes food drives, professional training, and health education. Members of the UCSB community also contribute to local social programs through Santa Barbara County United Way's Network for Caring.

Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Lectures Public Service Comps, Group Sales, and Donations
Arts and Lectures Public Service donations and group sales offer community members and non-profits the opportunity to attend its events for free or at a discount. Local K-12 schools, the Santa Barbara Newcomers Club and other groups (typically 20 or more) have benefited from group discounts. Free tickets for community organizations that provide services to disabled and elderly clients are also available by request.
Inquiries: Arts and Lectures, 805-893-3535
Web Site: https://artsandlectures.sa.ucsb.edu/index.aspx

Arts Library
The Arts Library houses scholarly collections of over 300,000 volumes on art, architecture, and music, and provides access to dozens of electronic information resources. The music collection contains over 87,000 books and music scores, as well as periodicals, videos, microforms, and over 35,000 sound recordings. The recordings (CDs, LPs, and tapes) are available for in-library listening; videos (VHS and DVD) may be viewed in one of two small-group viewing rooms. Also available for on-campus listening are five online audio databases that comprise thousands of albums of classical, jazz, and traditional music. The art collection contains over 210,000 books, periodicals, exhibition catalogs, artists' books, catalogues raisonné and non-book materials including videos, cd/roms, and extensive holdings of microforms. Available on-campus only is access to thousands of art images, articles, reference works and other scholarly electronic databases. Specialized subject assistance can be found at the Art Library's web page.
Inquiries: Arts Library, 805-893-2850
Web Site: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/arts-library

Educational Access Television Channel 21
UCSB serves as the origination site for Cox Cable's educational access channel. The channel features programming from Carpinteria Schools, Westmont College, UCSB and UCTV, as well as the California Department of Education. During weekends and off-hours, Channel 21 offers "The Classic Arts Channel" as a public service.
Inquiries: Instructional Resources, 805-893-8694
Web Site: http://www.sbchannels.tv/

Community Support

America Reads and America Counts at UCSB
The Associated Students Community Affairs Board and local school district work together to implement UCSB's response to the national America Reads Challenge program. They select, hire, and train 30-35 UCSB students to be America Reads/Counts tutors. These reading and math tutors work directly with kindergarten through sixth grade students to improve their reading and math proficiency skills.
Inquiries: Associated Students, 805-893-4296
Web Site: http://americareads.as.ucsb.edu/

Career Partnership Program
The Career Partnership Program can improve your company's profile with our campus' top students. By joining this select group of Career Partners, you can contribute to Career Services while providing tangible evidence of your interest in and support of student career development.
Inquiries: Ignacio Gallardo, 805-893-4412
Web Site: http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/employers/career-partnership-program

Community Support Groups
Through membership in the University's officially recognized support groups, community volunteers formalize their special relationship with the campus. These volunteers provide valuable assistance in fund raising, public outreach, and other support for the institution's mission. Throughout the academic year, many of the support groups offer public lectures, cultural programs, and tours, which highlight UCSB faculty, students, and facilities. These offerings are for members as well as the general public.
Inquiries: Office of Community Relations, 805-893-4388
Web Site: http://www.ia.ucsb.edu/comrel/index.shtml

Engineering and Technology

Technology Management Program Distinguished Lecture Series
Our Distinguished Lecture Series provides the public, students, faculty, and staff a unique opportunity to interact with, and learn directly from, highly successful entrepreneurs, technology innovators, investors, financiers, researchers and business people in a 'live', interactive format. Our audience is comprised of students, faculty, central coast entrepreneurs, the public. Admission is always free of charge. We encourage community and student networking and are focused upon 'ideas' vs a rigid structural format. Check our web site for 2008-09 details as they become available; www.tmp.ucsb.edu and Youtube / Technology Management for hundred of hours of our programs.
Inquiries: Technology Management Program, College of Engineering, 805-893-8107
Web Site: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu/beyond-classroom/distinguished-speaker-series

Food and Clothing Drives

Professional Women's Association (PWA)
The Professional Women's Association (PWA) at UC Santa Barbara promotes a sense of community through networking and community service, and focuses on the advancement and accomplishments of UCSB women through a variety of programs and conferences. The PWA contributes to the community by collecting food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities throughout the year and distributing those items to low-income and homeless children and families.
Inquiries: Professional Women's Association, 805-893-4783
Web Site: http://www.pwa.ucsb.edu/

Residence Hall Drives
Throughout the year, members of UCSB's residence halls participate in food and clothing drives that support the local community. During Halloween, children from Isla Vista are invited to the residence halls for safe trick-or-treating. In addition, at the end of the year, collection boxes are put in each residence hall for students to drop off items as they move out. Beach clean-ups and other weekend community service activities occur each quarter.
Inquiries: Office of Residential Life, 805-893-2391

UCen Dining Services
UCen Dining Services provides retail food services to the campus community both within the University Center and via several satellite units around campus. UCen Dining Services annually donates food and refreshments for the volunteers of Isla Vista's Halloween clean up, United Way, "Bike To Work Day," STAR, Student Affairs Professional Development workshop, PWA, Associated Student's "Recycling Awareness Week," and Student Health's participation in the national "Eating Disorders Awareness Week."
Inquiries: University Center, 805-893-3773
Web Site: http://www.ucen.ucsb.edu/dining_services/dining.html


Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, Carpinteria, California
The UC Natural Reserve System offers public tours of its Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve September through June for adult and student groups. Tours are by appointment only; interested parties should contact the Reserve Director, Dr. Andrew Brooks, at (805) 893-7670 to schedule a tour. All Reserve tours begin at the entrance to the Reserve at the terminus of Estero Way in the City of Carpinteria. Public tours also are offered of the City of Carpinteria's Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park. Tours are led by experienced docent staff every Saturday May through November beginning at 10AM. All tours of the Nature Park begin at the entrance to the Nature Park on Ash Avenue, City of Carpinteria. All tours focus on various aspects of the Marsh's natural habitats, flora, fauna and history. Each year, hundreds of elementary and secondary school students visit this ecologically sensitive area.
Inquiries: Natural Reserve System Public Education Programs, 805-893-4127
Web Site: http://www.ucnrs.org/reserves/carpinteria-salt-marsh-reserve.html

Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS)
CITS is dedicated to research and education about the cultural transitions and social innovations associated with information technology. The Center draws on a diverse team of several dozen faculty from the social sciences, engineering, and the humanities. We conduct research, organize public forums & lectures, provide administrative support for optional Ph.D. emphasis in Technology and Society, and facilitate partnerships with industry and the public sector.
Inquiries: Center for Information Technology and Society, 805-893-5910
Web Site: http://www.cits.ucsb.edu/

Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER)
CCBER promotes the teaching of diverse undergraduate courses in EEMB, Environmental Studies, and Geology. It also supports faculty, staff, and student research interests by providing field and lab-based resources. In addition, CCBER houses regionally focused collections of terrestrial plants, algae, and vertebrates, as well as an extensive plant anatomy collection. The Center satisfies the University's obligation to provide stewardship of campus lands, rich in biodiversity. Through the ecological restoration program, the Center encourages land restoration on and near campus. The Kids in Nature outreach program fulfills K-12 educational goals, while staff and faculty curators provide scientific information and advice to private entities. The union of these elements into CCBER creates a campus facility dedicated to education, research, and outreach related to regional biological diversity and restoration.
Inquiries: Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, 805-893-2401
Web Site: http://ccber.ucsb.edu

Gaucho Getaways Travel Program
UCSB Alumni Association Gaucho Getaways program provides educational, cultural and social interaction for UCSB alumni, family and friends through a stimulating travel experience. Designed for those with a passion for exploration and life-long learning, Gaucho Getaways provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history of destinations around the world. Join us and discover the advantages of traveling with Gaucho Getaways as we bring you the world in innovative and imaginative ways. Get access to the "behind the scenes" people and places, opportunities to visit seldom visited areas and special exhibits or sites that are otherwise restricted to the general public, which turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary experience.
Inquiries: UCSB Alumni Association, 805-893-2288
Web Site: https://ucsb.ahitravel.com/home.aspx

Intercollegiate Athletics
The community is invited to share in the excitement of intercollegiate sports by attending a variety of sporting events. UCSB has an extensive athletics program that includes intercollegiate teams for men and women in basketball, track, gymnastics, cross country, tennis, water polo, swimming, soccer, and volleyball. Men's baseball and golf and women's softball are also quite popular.
Inquiries: Intercollegiate Athletics, 805-893-8272
Web Site: website

Oceans Alive at OCTOS!
The Outreach Center for Teaching Ocean Science (OCTOS) provides research lesson plans and projects for elementary and secondary school teachers, as well as advanced research experiences for university students and professors.
Inquiries: Marine Science Institute, 805-893-8765
Web Site: http://www.msi.ucsb.edu/

Oceans Alive at Sea!
MSI's Oceans Alive at Sea Program represents all our outreach activities taking place on the ocean -- Take a ride on the Floating Lab adventure or get some hands-on ocean research experience.
Inquiries: Marine Science Institute, 805-893-8765
Web Site: http://www.msi.ucsb.edu

The REEF Program - Marine Science Institute Tours
The Research Experience & Education Facility ("The REEF"), located steps from Campus Point Beach, offers visitors marine science activities, touch tank tours and opportunities to get up close and personal with marine life. Open to general public on Saturdays from 11 am - 2 pm -- call for restrictions. >>For more information e-mail: outreach@msi.ucsb.edu
Inquiries: Marine Science Institute, 805-893-8765
Web Site: http://www.msi.ucsb.edu/

Health Research and Services

Center for the Study of Macular Degeneration
This biomedical research unit is dedicated to research on the cellular, molecular, and genetic factors that are involved in the development of macular degeneration. The Center also serves as an information clearinghouse for members of the local community who are interested in ongoing research in this area. The UCSB Center is engaged in a coordinated, multidisciplinary research effort to develop new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of macular degeneration.
Inquiries: Neuroscience Research Institute, 805-893-4621
Web Site: http://www.csmd.ucsb.edu/

Eli and Edythe L. Broad Asperger Research Center
The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Foundation has established, within the Koegel Autism Center at the University of California at Santa Barbara, a new center of excellence for Asperger Research. The purpose and function of the Center is to develop and refine the Koegel's research-based model for intervention and support for children and adults with Asperger's Syndrome. The Center is conducting research and intervention with the purpose of developing a model that can be disseminated nationally, and is moving toward the long-term goal of becoming the largest and most comprehensive clearinghouse in the world on intervention for Asperger's Syndrome.
Inquiries: Koegel Autism Center, 805-893-2049
Web Site: http://education.ucsb.edu/autism/broad-center-asperger-research

Hosford Counseling & Psychological Services Clinic
Psychological assessment, mental health treatment, consultation, and prevention services are offered to residents of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, UCSB faculty, staff, and students at affordable rates. Individual, couple, child, adolescent, and family therapy is provided by graduate student clinicians who are supervised by licensed faculty. A few faculty clinicians also see clients. All services provided on a sliding scale. UCSB students need a referral from the Counseling Center or Student Health.
Inquiries: Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, 805-893-8064
Web Site: http://education.ucsb.edu/hosford

Koegel Autism Center
The goal of the Koegel Autism Center is to improve the understanding and treatment of autism. The Center's research and training focuses primarily on family support and on the education of children with autism in regular community environments. In addition to researching the development of treatment delivery systems, the Center offers graduate, undergraduate, professional and paraprofessional training programs that teach state of the art diagnostic and treatment techniques.
Inquiries: Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, 805-893-2049
Web Site: http://www.education.ucsb.edu/autism/

Peer Health Education
The mission of UCSB Peer Health Education is to promote positive choices in order to sustain healthy lifestyles within our community regarding relationships, sexual health, nutrition, fitness, alcohol and other drugs. Peer Health Education empowers students to develop and maintain vital life skills by means of education, outreach, and role modeling in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. UCSB student peer health educators are available to present interactive, educational workshops on health topics listed above. Peer Health Educators are part of an award winning program sponsored by Student Health Service's Health Education Department. Peers receive 40 hours of training in group facilitation skills and health information prior to giving community presentations. There is no fee for this service; however, availability varies. Please call at least two weeks in advance to request a peer health education presentation.
Inquiries: Student Health Service, 805-893-2630
Web Site: http://wellness.sa.ucsb.edu/Internships.aspx

Information Resources

Automated Vital Statistics System (AVSS)
AVSS is used to produce paper birth certificates and, in so doing, creates a number of databases. These databases are then used by local, state, and federal statistical agencies to monitor important public health trends. AVSS enables state and local health agencies to access electronic databases containing all birth certificates that have been registered in California for over a decade. These databases constitute the principal source of information for the reporting of California birth data to the National Center for Health Statistics. Electronically matched infant birth and death certificates from AVSS are also the source of an annual "birth cohort file" that has been used historically by researchers throughout the state for important epidemiological studies. An additional goal is to apply information technology to other types of health surveillance activities including communicable disease reporting.
Inquiries: Institute for Social, Economic, and Behavioral Research, 805-893-3143
Web Site: http://www.avss.ucsb.edu/

UCSB Economic Forecast Project
The UCSB Economic Forecast Project, founded in 1981, provides the community with up-to-the-minute information, analysis, and forecasts of economic, quality-of-life, demographic, and regional business trends occurring in the tri-county area. The project hosts seminars, provides data and analysis to government planners, distributes a large number of publications, and allows sponsors direct access to its database. Forecast Project staff also speak frequently at community events. Community-based firms or agencies that sponsor the Economic Forecast Project receive an annual seminar, an economic and demographic yearbook, and access to the project's database and consulting arm for customized data and research service.
Inquiries: Economic Forecast Project, 805-893-5148
Web Site: http://www.efp.ucsb.edu/

International Speakers Bureau
The International Speakers Bureau is coordinated through the Office of International Students and Scholars. Through it international students volunteer to share information about their culture with students and community organizations. Contact Dan Smith to request a speaker.
Inquiries: Office of International Students and Scholars, 805-893-2929
Web Site: http://oiss.sa.ucsb.edu/

Rape Prevention Education Program
The Rape Prevention Education Program provides support and educational programs to help prevent sexual assault. The program offers workshops, lectures, and other educational activities for the community.
Inquiries: Women's Center, 805-893-3778
Web Site: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/women

Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides a community space among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning, two spirit, same gender loving, as well as people who are intersex. The RCSGD welcomes a diversity of racial, ethic, religious, political and cultural values while advocating for the welfare of those who have historically been marginalized because of their sexual and/or gender identity. The RCSGD works collectively with other campus and community entities to create and implement programming, outreach, provide educational resources, and advocate for improving the campus climate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex(LGBTQI) community. The RCSGD welcomes the participation of allies.
Inquiries: Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, 805-893-5847
Web Site: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/sgd

Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, Valentine Camp
Valentine Reserve has an ambitious community outreach program. The centerpiece is the Outdoor Science Education Program which hosts field trips from local schools for science lessons by Reserve staff and a summer program of one and two-week classes for kids grades K-7. For adults, the Reserve offers guided walks with thematic talks by professional researchers, short courses, and a community lecture series.
Inquiries: Natural Reserve System Public Education Programs, 805-893-4127
Web Site: http://www.ucnrs.org/reserves/valentine-eastern-sierra-reserve.html

Public Services

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
Color guards and honor guards participate in parades and assist community groups in planning special events, Veteran's Day activities, military funerals, and other events.
Inquiries: Military Science, 805-893-2769
Web Site: http://www.milsci.ucsb.edu

UCSB Bookstore
The UCSB Bookstore carries a wide variety of items for sale that display UCSB insignia and the university seal, in addition to computers, course materials and textbooks. The Bookstore's web pages also contain important information about special campus events such as commencement, grad fair, reunions, etc.
Inquiries: UCSB Bookstore, 805-893-2330
Web Site: http://www.ucsbstuff.com/home.aspx

Community Affairs Board (CAB) Volunteer Action Center
The AS/UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCSB’s Volunteer Action Center, is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all UCSB Students by providing information and easy access to community service work. Through a wide range of projects and community programs, CAB seeks to augment classroom experiences, create opportunities for career exploration, connect UCSB to the community in a meaningful way, and promote the ethics of public service.
Inquiries: Associated Students, 805-893-4296
Web Site: http://cab.as.ucsb.edu/opportunities/volunteer-opportunities/

Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center
A Santa Barbara County program housed on the UCSB campus, the Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center provides a disposal area for materials that cannot be deposited with other trash at the County Transfer Station. The Center accepts a variety of wastes including latex and oil-based paint, household cleaning products, photographic chemicals, acids, pesticides, garden chemicals, solvents, anti-freeze, motor oil, and batteries. The facility is open year-round, except for major holidays and rain, to South County residents and small businesses. Residential hours are Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and Sundays 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Residents can dispose of hazardous waste on a drop-in basis, free of charge. Businesses must make an appointment for a Friday drop-off and are charged a fee based on the amount disposed.
Inquiries: Santa Barbara County, Public Works Dept., 805-882-3602
Web Site: http://www.lessismore.org/material_categories/4-hazardous

Online Off-Campus Rental Listing Service
This online service links property managers with potential renters by listing vacancies on the Community Housing Office's website.
Inquiries: Housing and Residential Services, 805-893-4371
Web Site: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/hchoices/cho-rental-home.htm


Community Service Officer (CSO)
The Community Service Officer (CSO) program trains UCSB students to assist the Police Department in serving the campus and Isla Vista communities. Linked by two-way radios, the CSOs patrol the campus and Isla Vista on bicycles. CSOs provide security for campus events and in residence halls, act as personal safety escorts, and conduct a program on bicycle safety.
Inquiries: University Police Department, 805-893-5293
Web Site: http://www.police.ucsb.edu/cso

Isla Vista Foot Patrol
The Isla Vista Foot Patrol is located in a storefront office at 6504 Trigo, Isla Vista. Staffed by sworn officers of the UCSB Police Department, Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol, and support staff, this unit provides traditional and community-oriented policing in the Isla Vista community. Officers patrol on foot, bicycle, and in motor vehicles.
Inquiries: Isla Vista Foot Patrol Office, 805-681-4179
Web Site: http://www.sbsheriff.org/ivfp.html