Office of Public Events

Chancellor Yang presents Nobel Laureates Alan Heeger and Herbert Kroemer to the press. The Office of Public Events plans and orchestrates many major campus events, including Parents & Family Weekend and all of UCSB's commencement ceremonies. In addition, the office frequently assists individual campus departments in arranging special events and receptions.


Commencement General information and deadlines for students expecting to graduate this year as well as the full schedule of all UCSB commencement ceremonies.

Parents & Family Weekend Complete details on this annual Fall event, when UCSB welcomes students' families to the campus for a firsthand look at what life and learning are like here.

Public Events Internship Program The Office of Public Events internship program offers opportunities to students who wish to gain experience in event planning and management.

Key Staff Contacts Mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail contacts for staff members in Public Events.

Centennial House The UCSB use of the Centennial House policy and contract.