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UCSB Fulbright Scholars Study Abroad, Others Conduct Research on Campus
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When Michael Stohl travels to Arhus, Denmark, next fall to teach at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, it will mark his third term as a Fulbright ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Program Holds College Readiness Academies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For the third year in a row, UC Santa Barbara's Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) will sponsor a series of College Readiness Academies for incoming ... FULL STORY

Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Models From UCSB's Neuroscience Research Institute Point To A Potential Therapeutic Approach
(Santa Barbara, California) –– Building on research published eight years ago in the journal Chemistry and Biology, Kenneth S. Kosik, Harriman Professor in Neuroscience and co-director ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociology and Political Science Scholars Analyze Supreme Court Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With this morning's landmark Supreme Court rulings –– and Gov. Jerry Brown's announcement that county clerks will soon begin issuing marriage licenses to ... FULL STORY

Three UC Santa Barbara Graduate Student Researchers Selected to Participate in Annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three of UC Santa Barbara's top graduate student researchers have been selected to join a delegation attending the 63rd Annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting ... FULL STORY

Huckleberry Finn Figures Prominently in New Book by UCSB Expert in Immigration Law and Policy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Would you tell?" This is the overarching question that frames John S.W. Park's new book, "Illegal Migrations and the Huckleberry Finn Problem" (Temple ... FULL STORY

Sustainability Conference at UCSB Inspires Big Ideas, Promotes Best Practices
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's been said that you can't go home again. Tell that to UC Santa Barbara-based founders of the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Nobel Laureates Among Speakers in Campus Lecture Series on Research, Innovation and Technology
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara scholars and scientists –– including three of the university's five Nobel Prize winners –– will discuss their research in a series of Ground-breaking ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociologist Studies Issues of Privilege From a Geographical Perspective
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For almost everyone in the world, privilege –– financial or otherwise –– derives from who we are, where we are born, where we happen to live at any given ... FULL STORY

Architect of President Obama's BRAIN initiative To Speak At UCSB
(Santa Barbara, California) –– Ralph Greenspan, one of the original architects of a visionary proposal that eventually led to the national BRAIN Initiative launched by President Obama ... FULL STORY

New Moore Foundation Funding Supports UCSB Ecology Synthesis Center Embarking on a New Era
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Whether it's illuminating the causes of California's exceptional plant diversity, dispelling the myth that jellyfish blooms are increasing throughout ... FULL STORY

Dusty Surprise Around Black Hole Found By UCSB Physics Postdoctoral Fellow
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New observations of a nearby active galaxy called NGC 3783 have given a team of astronomers –– including a UC Santa Barbara postdoctoral fellow in physics ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Faculty Members Named Fellows of the Ecological Society of America
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members –– Carla D'Antonio, Schuyler Professor of Environmental Studies, and Joshua Schimel, chair of environmental studies ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Alumna Pushing for Winter Olympics After Tragic Loss
"I took a leap of faith," said track standout-turned bobsled hopeful Maureen Ajoku

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– There's intensity in her eyes, her face as taut with determination as her body is with drive. When she explodes off the blocks and flies down the straightaway, ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara's Army ROTC Program Grooms Officers, Grows Leaders
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Michael Dzwoniarek knows the exact moment he made up his mind. It was a magazine cover that did it. Not long after 9/11, an intense Newsweek depiction of ... FULL STORY

Parasites Affect the Food Web More Than You Think, UCSB Researchers Say
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Parasites are ubiquitous. They feed on virtually every animal and even on each other. Yet, for all the parasites' collective contributions to biomass and ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Researchers Identify the Mechanisms Underlying Salt-Mediated Behaviors in Fruit Flies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Next time you see a fruit fly in your kitchen, don't swat it. That fly could have a major impact on our progress in deciphering sensory biology ... FULL STORY

Sustainability Conference at UCSB Features Keynote Talk, Performance by Drew Dellinger
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– How are the world's environmental challenges impacting higher education? And how can colleges and universities help develop –– and advance –– sustainable ... FULL STORY

Rapid Adaptation is Purple Sea Urchins' Weapon Against Ocean Acidification
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the race against climate change and ocean acidification, some sea urchins may still have a few tricks up their spiny sleeves, suggesting that adaptation ... FULL STORY

GIVE's Two-Day Sale of Items Donated by UCSB Students to be Held in Isla Vista
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A two-day sale of items donated by UC Santa Barbara students will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23, in the parking ... FULL STORY

UCSB Students Receive Chancellor's and Other Research Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three graduating seniors and two graduate students have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate research at UC Santa Barbara. The ... FULL STORY

Undergraduate Enrollment in Physics at UCSB Grows by Quantum Leaps
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Erica Mason didn't plan to study physics at UC Santa Barbara. In fact, the campus wasn't even her top choice when she was deciding where to spend her undergraduate ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Study Provides a New Framework for Understanding the Energetics of Ionic Liquids
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new study by researchers at UC Santa Barbara provides clues into the understanding of the behavior of the charged molecules or particles in ionic liquids. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Music Students Take First Place in Performing Arts Scholarship Competition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara music students Azeem Ward and Keith Colclough placed first in their divisions at the 2013 Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation (PASF) ... FULL STORY

Six UC Santa Barbara Seniors Awarded Surprise Cash Academic Prizes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Six graduating women from UC Santa Barbara will receive cash prizes totaling $40,500 from the defunct Santa Barbara City Club, whose members decades ago ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces Winners of Leal, Reardon Awards and Other Top Academic Prizes for Outstanding Graduating Seniors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Four graduating seniors in the College of Letters and Science at UC Santa Barbara have been selected to receive awards for outstanding academic achievement ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces Winners of Thomas More Storke Award and Other Top Prizes for Outstanding Graduating Seniors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three remarkable graduating seniors at UC Santa Barbara have been named winners of the university's top awards for their scholastic achievement, their extraordinary ... FULL STORY

Book by UC Santa Barbara Music Professor Studies Noise Music in Japan
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Noise music is a difficult phenomenon to describe. It falls outside conventional ideas about music. It has no rules about structure, and no definitive ... FULL STORY

UCSB Commencement Exercises to Celebrate 5,867 Graduates for 2012–2013
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By the close of the 2012–2013 academic year, UC Santa Barbara will have awarded a total of 5,867 undergraduate and graduate degrees. That accomplishment ... FULL STORY

UCSB Media Arts and Technology Scholar Receives Harold J. Plous Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Theodore Kim, Academy Award-winning assistant professor in the Department of Media Arts and Technology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the 2013-14 Harold ... FULL STORY

No Damage at UCSB After 4.8 Earthquake Near Isla Vista
A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Isla Vista Wednesday morning. Though the quake was felt widely across the area, there are no reports of any damage on the UC Santa ... FULL STORY

UCSB Music Professor's Book Examines Composer Charles Ives and the Shifting American Identity
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With growing immigrant populations, industrialization, and colonial ventures changing the country, America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientists Discover Cinnamon Compounds' Potential Ability to Prevent Alzheimer's
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Cinnamon: Can the red-brown spice with the unmistakable fragrance and variety of uses offer an important health benefit? The common baking spice might hold ... FULL STORY

Student-Run Maker of Biomedical Diagnostic Device Takes Top Spot at UCSB's New Venture Competition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The pitch for a diagnostic device that could detect fetal bleeding took the top prize at UC Santa Barbara Technology Management Program's New Venture Competition ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Art, Design & Architecture Museum Showcases the Work of MFA Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The work of seven artists completing their Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees at UC Santa Barbara will be on display at the campus's Art, Design & Architecture ... FULL STORY

Comprehensive Analysis of Impact Spherules Supports Theory of Cosmic Impact 12,800 Years Ago
(Santa Barbara, California) –– About 12,800 years ago when the Earth was warming and emerging from the last ice age, a dramatic and anomalous event occurred that abruptly reversed ... FULL STORY

UCSB Study Shows Where Scene Context Happens in our Brain
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a remote fishing community in Venezuela, a lone fisherman sits on a cliff overlooking the southern Caribbean Sea. This man –– the lookout –– is responsible ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Find Political Motivations May Have Evolutionary Links to Physical Strength
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the animal world, it's pretty easy to predict who will come out on top when, say, a pair of lions go head to head over food or an attractive female. The ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professor Michelle O'Malley Receives 2013 DOE Early Career Award.
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Michelle O'Malley, an assistant professor in UC Santa Barbara's Department of Chemical Engineering, has received a 2013 Early Career Award by the U.S. Department ... FULL STORY

Research into Carbon Storage in Arctic Tundra Reveals Unexpected Insight into Ecosystem Resiliency
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When UC Santa Barbara doctoral student Seeta Sistla and her adviser, environmental studies professor Josh Schimel, went north not long ago to study how long-term ... FULL STORY

Alumni Couple, UC Santa Barbara Donors, Bridged Original and Current Campus
Trustee Lynn Reitnouer ('55) and wife Winnie ('54) longtime benefactors of alma mater

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Lynn Paul Reitnouer played college basketball in the 1950's. He was a lithe, towering freshman from Monrovia starting a new chapter of his life at San Diego ... FULL STORY

Is Prophylactic Mastectomy a Universal Key to Breast Cancer Prevention? UCSB Feminist Studies Scholar Laury Oaks Addresses the Issue
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Some people call them "previvors" –– individuals who survive a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, by taking dramatic preemptive measures to avoid ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientist Studies Methane Levels in Cross-Continent Drive
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After taking a rented camper outfitted with special equipment to measure methane on a cross-continent drive, a UC Santa Barbara scientist has ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara History Professor's Book Elucidates, Celebrates ‘Visioneers'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– At the 2013 South by Southwest conference in Austin, Tex., entrepreneur and technology designer Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Students Receive U.S. State Department Language Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara students have been awarded U.S. Department of State 2013 Critical Language Scholarships for Intensive Summer Institutes. Graduate student ... FULL STORY

Lawrence D. Bobo, W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of Social Sciences at Harvard, to Deliver UCSB's Shirley Kennedy Memorial Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Lawrence D. Bobo, a Harvard University scholar whose research focuses on the intersection of social inequality, politics, and race, will deliver UC Santa ... FULL STORY

Artist Favianna Rodriguez Donates Personal Papers to the UCSB Library
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Favianna Rodriguez, the Oakland-based activist artist best known for bold posters and digital art that explore issues of social justice, has donated her ... FULL STORY

John Bowers Receives UCSB Faculty's Top Honor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– John Bowers, professor of electrical and computer engineering and of materials at UC Santa Barbara, has been named Faculty Research Lecturer for 2013. The ... FULL STORY

Theater Troupe to Premiere Medieval –– and Bawdy –– French Farces at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– They were the sitcoms of their time –– lowbrow comedies that lampooned every serious topic, from sex and relationships to politics and religion. Now a quartet ... FULL STORY

UCSB Graduate Student Receives Fellowship From Autism Research Foundation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Avery Voos, a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara's Koegel Autism Center, has received a Dennis Weatherstone Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from Autism Speaks, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Culture and Nature Series Kicks Off With ‘The Plague!' at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Bubonic Plague. Yellow Fever. Cholera. H.I.V. and AIDS. For thousands of years, humans have faced devastating epidemics that suddenly kill millions and cause ... FULL STORY

Mapping the Online Landscape to Predict, Prevent Digital Tipping Points
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– If somebody in a remote corner of the world sets fire to an American flag, but no one else is there to see it, did it really burn? Absolutely. ... FULL STORY

Registration Open for Statewide Sustainability Conference at UC Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Hoping to bring greening into greater consciousness by sharing strategies for effective storytelling around such efforts, the 2013 California ... FULL STORY

UCSB Plous Lecture Will Explore Challenges of Endangered Species Conservation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The landmark federal Endangered Species Act –– the most powerful and comprehensive in United States environmental law, and the most ambitious biodiversity ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Economic Forecast Project Summit Analyzes World, National, Santa Barbara County Economies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "I'm optimistic," said Peter Rupert, professor and chair of economics at UC Santa Barbara, during his presentation at the 2013 Santa Barbara County Economic ... FULL STORY

Use of Laser Light Yields Versatile Manipulation of a Quantum Bit
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By using light, researchers at UC Santa Barbara have manipulated the quantum state of a single atomic-sized defect in diamond –– the nitrogen-vacancy center ... FULL STORY

UCSB Institute for Energy Efficiency's Summit Focuses on a Sustainable Future
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Some of the best and brightest minds in the field of energy efficiency gathered in Santa Barbara Wednesday morning to share ideas and discuss the newest ... FULL STORY

Solo Show at UCSB's MultiCultural Center Examines Notions of Racial Identity
Multimedia performance is produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Chay Carter

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When actress and playwright Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni married the love of her life in 2006, her father did not walk her down the aisle. In fact, he declined ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara and The Trust for Public Land Partner to Restore Wetlands
Ocean Meadows to be preserved for public access, research, and teaching

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With its characteristically large pectoral fins, big pouty mouth, and near-translucent appearance, the tidewater goby is a distinctive fish. Topping out ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Professor Galen Stucky Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara professor of chemistry and of materials Galen Stucky was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for his excellence in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Successfully Treat Autism in Infants
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Most infants respond to a game of peek-a-boo with smiles at the very least, and, for those who find the activity particularly entertaining, gales of laughter. ... FULL STORY

Exhibition at UCSB Art, Design & Architecture Museum Highlights Work of Architects Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– From 1946 to 1973, Whitney Smith and his partner, Wayne Williams, designed more than 800 project, including residential, commercial, and public buildings, ... FULL STORY

Icelandic Novelist and Poet Sjón to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Icelandic author Sjón, whose novels and poems have been translated into 25 languages, will read from his work and discuss Icelandic literature's place within ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Studies Correlation Between Changes in Hormone Levels and Variations in Sexual Motivation Among Young Women
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Feeling frisky? If so, chances are greater your estrogen level –– and, perhaps, fertility –– are hitting their monthly peak. If not, you're more likely experiencing ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Employees Raise over $111,000 for United Way of Santa Barbara County
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a massive show of effort and good will, UC Santa Barbara employees raised over $111,000 for the local community, as part of the campus's 2013 United Way ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Faculty Members Named Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Gary Horowitz, professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, and Ken C. Macdonald, professor emeritus of marine geophysics and earth science, have been elected ... FULL STORY

UCSB Neuroscientists Study Connectivity in the Human Brain
White matter functions like cable networks to connect different brain areas

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The human brain is one of the most complex systems both in terms of its structural organization and of the diverse functionality that structure supports. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Religious Studies Scholar Receives Guggenheim Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Ann Taves, professor of religious studies at UC Santa Barbara, has received a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for 2013. She is one of 175 artists, musicians, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Early Academic Outreach Program Hosts UC Success Nights and Expanded Elementary School Swim Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– April is proving to be a particularly busy month for UC Santa Barbara's Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP). With its weeklong series of UC Success Nights ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientist Identifies Protein Molecule Used to Maintain Adult Stem Cells in Fruit Flies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Understanding exactly how stem cells form into specific organs and tissues is the holy grail of regenerative medicine. Now a UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

UCSB's North County Economic Summit Features Current Trends and Future Potential
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The latest local economic trends and projections are the main topics of the UCSB Economic Forecast Project's North Santa Barbara County Economic Summit. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Offers Admission for Fall 2013 –– Its Most Selective Year Ever
Admissions Process Involves Hundreds of People and Thousands of Hours

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For UC Santa Barbara's incoming freshman and transfer students, the admission process started long before the November application deadline. It began years ... FULL STORY

Fallout From the Federal Bailout Is Among the Topics of UCSB's 32nd Annual Santa Barbara County Economic Summit
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As the country continues to climb out of the nation's worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, Main Street and Wall Street continue to be major ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked No. 2 in the World in Leiden Ranking of Top 500 Universities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the latest rankings by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, UC Santa Barbara has placed second on the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar, Conference Examine Value of Narrative Process
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When comparative literature professor Susan Derwin taught her first writing workshop for student veterans at UC Santa Barbara, only three people signed up. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Faculty Member Named Education Association Fellow, Receives Award for Distinguished Career in Applied Sociology of Education
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Russell Rumberger, a professor of education at UC Santa Barbara, has been named Fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He is among ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Find Resilience in Shelled Plants Exposed to Ocean Acidification
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Marine scientists have long understood the detrimental effect of fossil fuel emissions on marine ecosystems. But a group led by a UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Sustainability Efforts Soar, Score at UC Santa Barbara
Campus to host 2013 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's the premier document of its kind in the University of California system, and now UC Santa Barbara's recently unveiled water conservation ... FULL STORY

Amgen Founder, Philanthropist Named Honorary Alumnus of UC Santa Barbara
UCSB benefactors Bill and Ute Bowes also attend investiture for chairs they endowed

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Honored for his altruistic philanthropy, and celebrated for a decades-long devotion to improving health by advancing science, Amgen founder William ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Researchers Uncover New Pathways in Bacterial Intercellular Competition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– There's an epic battle taking place that's not on the national radar: intercellular competition. While it's not an Olympic event, new research ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara History Professor Receives Mellon New Directions Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Anthony Barbieri-Low always wanted to be an Egyptologist, and now, with a $238,700 New Directions Fellowship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the UC ... FULL STORY

Television Producer Marcy Carsey Named Chair of UC Santa Barbara Foundation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Bringing the expertise gleaned from a successful career in the entertainment business –– and a passionate dedication to the university her children attended ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference Will Address Key Issues Regarding Sea Level Rise
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Over the next century, rising seas will transform coastlines and coastal zones around the world, from small islands to entire continents. "Figuring Sea Level ... FULL STORY

Mindfulness Improves Reading Ability, Working Memory, and Task-Focus, say UC Santa Barbara Researchers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– If you think your inability to concentrate is a hopeless condition, think again –– and breathe, and focus. According to a study by researchers ... FULL STORY

Researchers Discover Sex-Selection Process of Multi-Sexed Organism Tetrahymena
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's been more than 50 years since scientists discovered that the single-celled organism Tetrahymena thermophila has seven sexes. But in all that time, they've ... FULL STORY

UCSB Theater Arts Scholar Wins Prestigious Book Prize
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When President George W. Bush used the term "axis of evil" in his 2002 State of the Union Address and named North Korea among the world's worst perpetrators ... FULL STORY

NCEAS Research Sheds Light on Achieving Conservation's Holy Grail
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Solutions that meet the broad, varied, and often competing priorities of conservation are difficult to come by. Research published in the March ... FULL STORY

Planck Mission Brings Universe Into Sharp Focus
UCSB physicists play key role in international effort to map the early universe

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Planck space mission today has released the most accurate and detailed map ever made of the oldest light in the universe, revealing new information ... FULL STORY

UCSB Art History Ph.D. Student Receives Rare Book School Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – For her dissertation project, Sophia Rochmes, a doctoral student in the history of art and architecture at UC Santa Barbara, is researching 15th-century ... FULL STORY

University of California's Unofficial Favorite Sea Slug Poised to Make a Comeback
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After almost four decades of absence from local waters, a special sea slug appears to be making a comeback, and marine scientists at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara's Water Action Plan Is the First of Its Kind In the UC System
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A typical showerhead dispenses water at a rate of about 2.5 gallons per minute. On a large residential campus such as UC Santa Barbara, where ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Students Win National Sustainability Contest at White House
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An interdisciplinary team of UC Santa Barbara undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students has taken a top prize at the 2013 Better Building Case Competition, ... FULL STORY

New Pope May Signal Some Change, Say UCSB Religious Studies Scholars
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as its new leader, the Roman Catholic Church has achieved a number of firsts: Pope Francis I, as Bergoglio is ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Spring Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) at UC Santa Barbara will hold its annual spring Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning on March 19. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professors Receive National Science Foundation CAREER Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With combined grants totaling more than $1.3 million for their proposals integrating research and education, three assistant professors at UC ... FULL STORY

U.S. News & World Report Ranks UCSB Graduate Programs Among the Best
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In its annual ranking of leading graduate and professional programs at American universities, U.S. News & World Report magazine has rated two of UC Santa ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociologist Examines Feminism, Femininity, and Firearms
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Annie Oakley, Bonnie Parker, Sarah Palin –– all women, all famous, and all enamored of their firearms. With others, such as Kayla Williams, a former intelligence ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Make Discovery in the Quantum Realm by Manipulating Light
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists at UC Santa Barbara are manipulating light on superconducting chips, and forging new pathways to building the quantum devices of the future –– ... FULL STORY

UCSB Research Biologist Publishes Guide to Rockfishes, Shares Expertise in Video
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When it comes to rockfish, Milton Love has become a go-to guy. At least once a week, he receives an e-mail message –– complete with digital image –– from ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Host ‘NanoDays' at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The smallest science gets a big reception when UC Santa Barbara presents NanoDays 2013, inviting visitors into the miniscule world of atoms, molecules, and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference Will Focus on Muslim Women as Creators of Islamic Knowledge
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Historically, women have played an important role in cultivating and maintaining Islamic knowledge. Their involvement in religious scholarship –– and in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historians Will Discuss the Significance of Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The announcement by Pope Benedict XVI that he will resign his office at the end of the month stunned the Catholic world. The last time a pope resigned was ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientists Develop A Whole New Way of Harvesting Energy from the Sun
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new method of harvesting the Sun's energy is emerging, thanks to scientists at UC Santa Barbara's Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Symposium to Examine the Use of Drones From a Humanist Perspective
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the war on terror, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) –– also known as drones –– have become an important component in the U.S. military arsenal. The pilotless ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologist Studies Cattle Ranchers in Brazilian Amazon
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For over a century, the rubber tappers of Acre, Brazil collected the valuable sap of the rubber trees from the forests of the western Amazon. As the demand ... FULL STORY

Assemblyman Das Williams to Speak at UCSB's Science & Technology MESA Day
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Approximately 600 junior high and high school students from the Santa Barbara area, mainly first-generation college-bound and underrepresented minority students ... FULL STORY

‘We Need Better Science and Engineering Education,' Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman Tells Crowd at UC Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– To be a successful teacher, you must understand how a student thinks. To be a successful student, you must learn how an expert thinks. That was a major part ... FULL STORY

UCSB Library Receives Grant to Catalog Rare Sound Recording Collections
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the early 1950's, record dealer Edouard Pecourt opened a shop in Paris called La Boîte à Disques, where he amassed an extraordinary collection of vintage ... FULL STORY

UCSB Faculty Member Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– David Weld, an assistant professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, is among this year's winners of Sloan Research Fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. ... FULL STORY

Study: Behavioral Therapy for Children With Autism Can Impact Brain Function
(Santa Barbara, Calif. –– Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for before-and-after analysis, a team of researchers including a UC Santa Barbara graduate ... FULL STORY

California Scientists Propose System to Vaporize Asteroids That Threaten Earth
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An asteroid roughly half as large as a football field –– and with energy equal to a large hydrogen bomb –– recently buzzed by Earth at close ... FULL STORY

UCSB Study of Cocaine Addiction Reveals Targets for Treatment
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara are researching cocaine addiction, part of a widespread problem, which, along with other addictions, costs billions of dollars ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Celebrates the UCSB and UC Natural Reserve Systems
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Shorelines, woodlands, streams, and deserts were the stars of the moment, as UC Santa Barbara's natural reserves were highlighted at the inaugural Natural ... FULL STORY

Carl Snyder Lecture at UCSB to Examine Immigration and the American Economy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– George Borjas, a faculty member at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, will give the 55th Annual Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

UCSB Demographer Champions Health Care for Unaccompanied Migrant Children
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With President Barack Obama pushing for a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented residents in the U.S., and a vocal opposition promising ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Theodore Kim Thanks Academy Awards ‘For This Great Honor'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Palm trees and serene settings aside, UC Santa Barbara and the Beverly Hills Hotel are two very different places. The tech-heavy research labs and humming ... FULL STORY

Exhibition at the UCSB Library Commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– There is little doubt that the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared freedom for the millions of slaves in the Confederate States, advanced the cause ... FULL STORY

Study by UCSB Economists Suggests ‘Competition Aversion' Does Not Keep Women Out of the Running for Top Jobs
Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Women are reaching the upper echelons of business in record numbers –– Marissa Mayer at Yahoo!, Meg Whitman at Hewlett-Packard, Ginni Rometty at IBM, and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Among Winners in NIH Competition for Audacious Ideas in Vision Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A research idea by Dennis Clegg, co-director of UC Santa Barbara's Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering, is one of 10 winning submissions ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Carsey-Wolf Center and the Library of Congress Present a Special Screening of Mary Pickford's 1926 Classic ‘Sparrows'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With her long, wavy hair and angelic smile, actress Mary Pickford seemed the epitome of "America's Sweetheart," the nickname assigned to her by film producer ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Among Top 10 Campuses Producing Peace Corps Volunteers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Continuing its rise in the rankings of colleges and universities that send the largest number of volunteers to serve in the Peace Corps, UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Carsey-Wolf Center Presents ‘For Your Consideration' Film Series

Oscar Nominees for Best Foreign Film, Animated Short Film, and Live Action Short Film

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For the second year in a row, the Carsey-Wolf Center at UC Santa Barbara will screen all five Oscar-nominated films in the individual categories of Best ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologists Study Effects of Modernization on Physical Activity and Heart Disease Among Amerindian Men and Women
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the United States, and a sedentary lifestyle is often cited as a major contributing factor. Among ... FULL STORY

Prominent Scientist to Speak at UCSB About Storytelling and Science Education
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Sean Carroll, an award-winning scientist, author, and educator, will be the featured speaker for SciTrek's ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor David Valentine Awarded Leopold Leadership Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara geochemist David Valentine has been awarded a Leopold Leadership Fellowship –– a prestigious North American program focused on communicating ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientists' Research into Friction Provides Insight Into the Mechanics of Arthritis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new, noninvasive, and low-cost method for the early detection and monitoring of osteoarthritis (arthritis caused by wear and tear) may be on ... FULL STORY

Critical Issues in America Series Continues Multidisciplinary Look at Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what might it be communicating? That's the idea behind an upcoming symposium at UC Santa Barbara that examines ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program to Offer Graduate Degrees
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Joined onstage by a live falcon to help prove their product, the team of UC Santa Barbara alumni behind bird-identification app Birdeez took a top award ... FULL STORY

Certificate of Excellence Awarded to UCSB Writing Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara has been honored for its commitment to excellence by the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). ... FULL STORY

New Gene Sequencer Boosts Research at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New equipment at UC Santa Barbara is helping the university to do what it does best –– collaborate across disciplines. In this case, biologists are working ... FULL STORY

‘UCSB Reads' Events Examine Memory From Many Perspectives
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UCSB Reads continues through winter quarter with a series of events that includes a film screening, book and panel discussions, faculty lectures, and writing ... FULL STORY

UCSB Undergraduate Applications for Fall 2013 Set a Record at 76,026
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Continuing a decades-long trend, UC Santa Barbara has set a record for the number of first-year students seeking admission to the campus. What's more, among ... FULL STORY

Santa Barbara Children Learn About Nature through UCSB Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thank you so much for a lifetime experience. I never thought that I could be a scientist but you made it possible. … Sincerely, Catalina. That thank-you ... FULL STORY

Early UC Santa Barbara Alumnus and Longtime Trustee Recalls 1940's Campus Life
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The knowledge box on the hill. So goes Harvey Schechter's favored idiom for his alma mater, an apt description adopted from a co-worker during his bellhop ... FULL STORY

UCSB Financial Aid Office's Online Tutorial for Federal Student Aid Form Receives National Award, Rolls Out 2013-14 Edition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at UC Santa Barbara is once again offering its online tutorial to assist current and prospective students in ... FULL STORY

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at UCSB Examines the Aftermath of War
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Fallout: In the Aftermath of War," a yearlong series presented by UC Santa Barbara's Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, continues winter quarter with ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Marine Scientists Receive Multimillion-Dollar NSF Grants to Fund Long-Term Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two research groups at UC Santa Barbara's Marine Science Institute have received multimillion-dollar, multi-year grants from the National Science Foundation ... FULL STORY

Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Legendary Grammy Award-winning vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater will visit UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday, January 15, where she will discuss her career as a jazz ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Researcher to Receive Academy Award for Technical Achievement
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Only minutes into the 2011 summer sci-fi blockbuster Super 8, there is a massive train crash –– a thunderous, fiery, and frighteningly realistic scene described ... FULL STORY

Low Extinction Rates Made California a Refuge for Diverse Plant Species
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The remarkable diversity of California's plant life is largely the result of low extinction rates over the past 45 million years, according to a new study ... FULL STORY

Four UCSB Professors Elected Fellows of Ecological Society of America
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Four professors at UC Santa Barbara have been elected Fellows of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) for 2012. They are among a total of 121 ecologists ... FULL STORY

Study by UCSB Anthropologists Suggests ‘Universal' Personality Traits May Not Be Universal After All
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For decades, consensus among psychologists has held that a group of five personality traits –– or slight variations of these five –– are a universal feature ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Perform Pioneering Research on Type 2 Diabetes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While legions of medical researchers have been looking to understand the genetic basis of disease and how mutations may affect human health, a group of biomedical ... FULL STORY

Jellyfish Experts Show Increased Blooms Are a Consequence of Periodic Global Oscillations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Recent media reports have created a perception that jellyfish blooms may be increasing in the world's oceans, but a new international study suggests that ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Ranked Among Best Values in Public Universities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has moved up three spots in Kiplinger's Personal Finance 2012-13 list of 100 best values in public colleges and universities. ... FULL STORY

Non-Profit Founded by UCSB Faculty Members Brings Relief to Refugees in Chad
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world," exhorted anthropologist Margaret Mead. "Indeed, it is the only thing ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher to Study Cognition in Wild Birds
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– You say "birdbrain" like it's a bad thing. But if you consider recent discoveries in avian brain anatomy and the cognitive feats of large-brained birds, ... FULL STORY

‘UCSB Reads' Picks ‘Moonwalking With Einstein' by Joshua Foer
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When journalist Joshua Foer covered the 2005 USA Memory Championship in Manhattan for Slate magazine, he didn't expect to return a year later as one of the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientist Involved in Environmental Mapping of Great Lakes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A comprehensive map three years in the making is telling the story of humans' impact on the Great Lakes, identifying how "environmental stressors" stretching ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Make Strides in Understanding Quantum Entanglement
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While some theoretical physicists make predictions about astrophysics and the behavior of stars and galaxies, others work in the realm of the very small, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Course Studies Effects of Chronic Uncertainty on Undocumented Immigrants
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Moments of uncertainty creep into everyone's lives at one time or another, but for some people –– or groups of people –– those moments are a way of life ... FULL STORY

Alumni Gift Brings Ballet Hispanico to UC Santa Barbara for Weeklong Residency
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Renowned international dance company Ballet Hispanico will help kick off the new year at UC Santa Barbara, offering free instruction to dance ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Students, Alumni Bring Music and Mentorship to Local Schools
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Just above the happy clamor of children's voices, multiple conversations competing indoors on a rainy day, there rises the lilt of a ukulele –– bright, warm ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Receives International Acclaim for His Work in Theoretical Physics

Joseph Polchinski Is Awarded the Milner Foundation's Physics Frontier Prize

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Joseph Polchinski, a permanent member of UC Santa Barbara's Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) and professor of physics at UCSB, has been named ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Joseph Incandela Receives Prestigious International Physics Prize

Physicist Is Recognized as Leader of a Large Hadron Collider Experiment

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Joseph Incandela, professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara and spokesman for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the European Organization for ... FULL STORY

Lecture on Ocean Health to be Held at UCSB's National Center For Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Ben Halpern, director of UC Santa Barbara's Center for Marine Assessment and Planning (CMAP), will give a lecture titled "How Healthy Are our Oceans?" on ... FULL STORY

Book by UCSB English Scholar to Receive Prestigious MLA Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Stephanie L. Batiste, associate professor of English and Black Studies at UC Santa Barbara, will receive the Modern Language Association's William Sanders ... FULL STORY

Invasive Grass Fuels Fire Activity in the West
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An invasive grass species may be one reason fires are bigger and more frequent in certain regions of the western United States, according to a team of researchers ... FULL STORY

UCSB Vice Chancellor Contributes to Report to President Obama That Calls for Renewed Focus on Basic Research to Sustain Innovation, Create Jobs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While American ingenuity and commercial vibrancy lead the world, the U.S. position could be eclipsed if the country does not renew its focus on basic research ... FULL STORY

UCSB Statistics and Applied Probability Scholar Named to Treasury Department Advisory Committee on Financial Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into law by President Obama in 2010 brought the most significant changes to financial ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Foundation Welcomes New Trustees
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Seven new trustees have been elected to the board of The UC Santa Barbara Foundation, an advisory committee that links the university to the community and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $1.6 Million from DOE to Develop New Hybrid Technology
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Imagine an electric hybrid vehicle that charges in only a couple of minutes instead of hours. The energy storage device in this new vehicle would conceivably ... FULL STORY

Eight Distinguished UCSB Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Eight UC Santa Barbara faculty members have been awarded the distinction of Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Election ... FULL STORY

UCSB Computer Science, Education Scholars Receive Grant to Develop Curriculum for Elementary School Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While science education at the K-12 level is guided by national and state content standards, computer science instruction is ad-hoc, and often focuses on ... FULL STORY

New Study Links Clouds to Microbial Processes in Soil for First Time –– and Shows Ways that Climate Change Could Affect Entire Forest Ecosystems
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The fog comes in, and a drop of water forms on a pine needle, rolls down the needle, and falls to the forest floor. The process is repeated over and over, ... FULL STORY

The Literary History and Environmental Future of ‘Invaluable Trees'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– You wouldn't want to miss the forest for its trees if you're worried about woods at large, but what if the trees themselves are your central concern? Such ... FULL STORY

To Get the Best Look at a Person's Face, Look Just Below the Eyes, According to UCSB Researchers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. However, to get a real idea of what a person is up to, according to UC Santa Barbara researchers ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologist Studies Reciprocity Among Chimpanzees and Bonobos

Primate Behavior May Reveal Clues to Evolution of Favor Exchange in Humans

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When your neighbor asks to borrow a cup of sugar and you readily comply, is your positive response a function of the give and take that characterize your ... FULL STORY

UCSB Psychologist and Anthropologist to Give Faculty Research Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, UC Santa Barbara professors of psychology and anthropology, respectively, and co-directors of the campus's Center for Evolutionary ... FULL STORY

EPA Partners With UC Santa Barbara in Pledge to Reduce Food Waste
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara is one of 59 colleges and universities nationwide participating in the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge as part of America Recycles ... FULL STORY

Dark Matter Detector Installed Underground and Submerged; Data Collection to Begin in 2013
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An experiment to look for one of nature's most elusive subatomic particles is finally under water, in a stainless steel tank nearly a mile underground, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Department Ranks Second in Faculty Citations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a recent study of the combined number of citations to academic articles written by faculty members, UC Santa Barbara's Department of Communication ranked ... FULL STORY

UCSB Brings New Type of Science Education to Local Schools
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– On a sunny fall day at La Patera School in Goleta, MaryAnn Wright's second grade classroom fills with energetic students returning from recess. The children ... FULL STORY

Private Giving to UC Santa Barbara Hits Record $112 Million in 2011–2012

Donations propel campus campaign total to $745 million –– nearly 75% of $1-billion goal

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– At a time of diminishing state contributions to the campus, private support for UC Santa Barbara is on a major upswing. The Campaign for UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Financial Aid Assistance Offered to UCSB Students Affected by Hurricane Sandy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The UC Santa Barbara Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, in partnership with the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association, is offering special ... FULL STORY

UCSB and Santa Barbara Museum of Art Collaborate on Rare Exhibition of 17th-Century Chinese Paintings
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– From humble beginnings in an undergraduate art history seminar at UC Santa Barbara, a small exhibition of 17th-century Chinese paintings blossomed into a ... FULL STORY

Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network Receives Department of Interior's National Conservation Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Since 1997, the Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network –– or MARINe –– has been helping scientists and others understand those narrow ecological ribbons where ... FULL STORY

10 UCSB Faculty Members Named Fellows of American Mathematical Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Ten members of UC Santa Barbara's faculty have been named to the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). ... FULL STORY

UCSB Feminist Studies Scholar Wins National Book Prize
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and chair of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara, is the recipient of the 2012 Sara A. Whaley Prize for her book, "Caring for ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist to Discuss Higgs Boson and Dark Matter at Chancellor's Breakfast
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The observation of the long sought-after Higgs boson particle has attracted worldwide attention, and marks the beginning of a new era in physics. The existence ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Report ‘New Beginning' in Split-Brain Research, Using New Analytical Tools
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has reported an important discovery in the interdisciplinary study of split-brain research. The findings uncover dynamic changes in brain ... FULL STORY

UCSB Affiliates Lecture to Examine the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Suggestions that ancient Mayans predicted an apocalypse –– or some other dramatic event –– on December 21, 2012, rely heavily on their reputed astronomical ... FULL STORY

UCSB Education, Engineering, and Physics Faculty Receive NSF Grant to Fund Teacher Credential Candidates in the Physical Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With class enrollments increasing from kindergarten through 12th grade, California is estimated to need more than 30,000 new math and science teachers over ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Scientists Learn How to Unlock the Destiny of a Cell: A Gift for the Tin Man?
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists have discovered that breaking a biological signaling system in an embryo allows them to change the destiny of a cell. The findings could lead ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Critical Issues in America Series to Explore the Effects of Sea Level Rise
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The rise in sea level around the world is perceived, understood, and portrayed differently by various disciplines within academia, as well as among those ... FULL STORY

New Study to Examine Ecological Tipping Points in Hopes of Preventing Them
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Predation by otters keeps urchin populations in check, allowing kelp –– a favorite food of urchins –– to flourish. But what if otters were harvested to near ... FULL STORY

Stem Cell Research at UCSB Soars with New Lab Space and New Research Teams
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Biomedical research at UC Santa Barbara has catapulted to a position of leadership in the arena of stem cell biology, offering progress toward cures for ... FULL STORY

Prominent Philanthropist Named Honorary Alumna of UC Santa Barbara

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree is only the 50th person to receive the award since 1944

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As a youngster struggling to keep up with her classmates learning to read and spell, Brigit Ferguson's frustration found focus when she was diagnosed with ... FULL STORY

UCSB Colloquium on Mexican Literature Will Highlight Works by Elena Poniatowska and Carlos Fuentes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Elena Poniatowska, the Mexican feminist writer, journalist, and author, will deliver the keynote address when scholars from across the United States and ... FULL STORY

Symposium and Kagura Performance at UCSB Celebrate 15th Anniversary of Shinto Studies Endowed Chair
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Japan's religion and culture will be the focus of a three-day conference at UC Santa Barbara to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the campus's International ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Faculty Members Receive National Communication Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two faculty members at UC Santa Barbara will receive prestigious awards from the National Communication Association at its 98th annual convention to be held ... FULL STORY

NASA-Funded Research to Examine Urban Transitions, Land Change in Ghana
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Hoping to illuminate the driving force behind rapid land change and urban transition in developing African countries, a research team that includes UC Santa ... FULL STORY

Author and Los Angeles Times Journalist Hector Tobar to Receive UCSB's Luis Leal Literature Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times journalist Hector Tobar is the recipient of UC Santa Barbara's 2012 Luis Leal Award for Distinction ... FULL STORY

Dexter Filkins, Author and Staff Writer for The New Yorker, to Speak at UCSB

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For seven years, Dexter Filkins covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, becoming intimately acquainted with many of the key players –– American, Iraqi, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Retrieve Important Ocean Acidification Data from Antarctic Waters
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A research team led by a scientist from UC Santa Barbara and supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has retrieved ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Receives Prestigious Packard Fellowship Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Without a laboratory –– using only a blackboard, computer, and his powerful intellect –– a young theoretical physicist at UC Santa Barbara is quickly racking ... FULL STORY

UCSB Faculty Panel to Discuss Key Issues of 2012 Presidential Election
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A panel of faculty members from UC Santa Barbara will discuss and analyze key issues of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections on Thursday, October ... FULL STORY

UCSB Literary Scholar Receives PEN Center USA Award for Translation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When Chilean novelist and short story writer José Donoso died in 1996, he left behind a vast collection of papers. Among them was a manuscript begun some ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian to Discuss Comic Books and the Cold War
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– One of the lesser-known propaganda battles of the Cold War was fought in the pages of comic books. Communist propagandists mined Dick Tracy and Superman ... FULL STORY

Achieve UC and Higher Education Week Encourage Area High School Students to Follow Their Dreams
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Each of you has a dream for the future –– for your future. We're all here because we want to help you achieve that dream." So said UC Santa Barbara Chancellor ... FULL STORY

UCSB Career Fair Draws 91 Recruiters and a Throng of Job-Seeking Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Signaling a positive post-graduation outlook and proving their drive for a fruitful future, scores of UC Santa Barbara students descended on the Fall Career ... FULL STORY

Princeton Professor to Discuss ‘The Pseudoscience Wars' in Memorial Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Historian Michael D. Gordin, professor at Princeton University, will deliver the next Lawrence Badash Memorial Lecture on October 29, at 7 p.m., at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

Galician Bagpiper Carlos Núñez to Visit UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Musician Carlos Núñez will bring his gaita –– traditional Galician bagpipe –– to UC Santa Barbara on Monday, October 22, for an informal presentation and ... FULL STORY

Envisioning Novel Approaches for Eye Disease: ‘The New Medicine' at UC Santa Barbara

Amgen founder Bill Bowes gives $5 million to develop stem cell therapy for ocular disease; donation launches EMBODI, new biomedical initiative

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By growing new retinal cells to replace those that have malfunctioned, scientists hope to one day create and fuse entire layers of fresh cells –– a synthetic ... FULL STORY

UCSB Hopes Central Coast Sustainability Summit Will Produce ‘Action Plan'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After bringing together people from sustainability organizations throughout the Santa Barbara area a year ago, UC Santa Barbara sustainability leaders are ... FULL STORY

New Center at UCSB Aims to Help Shift Chemical Industry Toward Sustainability
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– What if plastic pipes, pantyhose, backpacks, and plastic bags could be made from renewable sources rather than from chemicals that come from oil? What if ... FULL STORY

UCSB's MultiCultural Center Presents an Evening of Greek Music
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As part of a continuing interdisciplinary initiative to promote both ancient and modern Greek culture, the Department of Classics at UC Santa Barbara has ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologists Find Access to Contraceptives Doesn't Necessarily Mean Smaller Families, Even for Those Who Want Them
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It is a commonly held belief that giving women access to education and contraceptives will result in lower fertility rates. However, anthropologists at UC ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) at UC Santa Barbara will hold its fall Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning October 16. Representatives ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Art, Design & Architecture Museum Presents an Exhibition of Contemporary Art
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UC Santa Barbara presents "The Stumbling Present: Ruins in Contemporary Art," an exhibition of contemporary works ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Commemorate Passage of Title IX With a Two-Week Celebration
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With medical, law, and other professional school enrollments split almost fifty-fifty between men and women, it's hard to imagine a time when women didn't ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked No. 35 in World University Rankings
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has been ranked number 35 on a list of the world's top 200 universities released today by Times Higher Education, a British periodical. ... FULL STORY

New Study Abroad Grants for East Asia Established at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Education Abroad Program (EAP) has announced the establishment of internships supported by a grant of $76,950 from the Freeman Foundation, ... FULL STORY

Renowned Climber Opens Sixth Annual Lecture Series Exploring ‘Natural Highs'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Renegade rock climber Alex Honnold, known for his solo free climbs on some of the world's biggest walls, is the opening speaker in UC Santa Barbara's sixth ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives Grant to Study Ocean Acidification
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara is part of a West Coast network of researchers that has received a grant of nearly $1.1 million from the National Science Foundation to ... FULL STORY

Bioengineers at UCSB Design Rapid Diagnostic Tests Inspired by Nature
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By mimicking nature's own sensing mechanisms, bioengineers at UC Santa Barbara and University of Rome Tor Vergata have designed inexpensive medical diagnostic ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Capture Clues to Sustainability of Fish Populations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thanks to studies of a fish that gives birth to live young and is not fished commercially, scientists at UC Santa Barbara have discovered that food availability ... FULL STORY

UCSB Evolutionary Psychologists Study the Purpose of Punishment and Reputation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For two decades, evolutionary scientists have been locked in a debate over the evolved functions of three distinctive human behaviors: the great readiness ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Emeritus Professor Raises the Bar for Faculty Philanthropy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Putting a capstone on the novel endowment initiative they created for UC Santa Barbara, Emeritus Professor Duncan Mellichamp and his wife, Suzanne, have ... FULL STORY

American Finance and its Failures is the Focus of New Lecture Series at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A nation of "dreamers and defaulters," America has an addiction to debt that dates back to 1792, when the still-young country endured its first financial ... FULL STORY

New Fuel Cell Technology Generates Electricity on UCSB Campus
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara is now host to a unique new energy system that is providing electricity as part of the university's commitment to energy efficiency and ... FULL STORY

Using A Laser to ‘See' the Smallest World

Scientists Employ a Powerful UCSB Laser to Breathe New Life into an Old Technology for Studying Atomic-Level Structures

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A multi-university team has employed a high-powered laser based at UC Santa Barbara to dramatically improve one of the tools scientists use to study the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Psychologist Studies the Effects of Diagram Orientation on Comprehension
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The orientation of a diagram on the page of a textbook may seem inconsequential, but it can have a significant impact on a reader's ability to comprehend ... FULL STORY

International Team of Physicists Makes Discovery About Temperature in Convection
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of physicists is working to ascertain more about the fundamental physical laws that are at work in a process known as convection, which ... FULL STORY

How Fast Can Glaciers Respond to Climate Change?

Scientists report that prehistoric ice sheets reacted rapidly to a brief cold snap, providing a rare glimpse of glaciers' response to past climate change

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new Arctic study in the journal Science is helping to unravel an important mystery surrounding climate change: how quickly glaciers can melt and grow in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked Among the Country's Top 10 Public Universities by U.S. News & World Report
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara number 10 in its annual listing of the "Top 30 Public National Universities" in the country, and number ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Professors Receive National Chemistry Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara professors have been named recipients of the American Chemical Society's 2013 national awards for professional advancement. Peter C. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Is a Leader in 2012 Graduates Selected by Teach for America
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the annual ranking of colleges and universities contributing the greatest number of graduates to its teaching corps, Teach for America ranked UC Santa ... FULL STORY

New Lecture Series on Ecology Begins With Talk About Lake Baikal in Siberia
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Lake Baikal, known as the Sacred Sea of Siberia, is the subject of "Science for Everyone!" and is the first in this monthly series of talks hosted by UC ... FULL STORY

University Religious Conference Legacy Lives On With URC Interfaith Fund at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When the University Religious Conference (URC) of Santa Barbara was founded in Isla Vista in 1957, its aim was to support UC Santa Barbara students by fostering ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $175,000 Grant for Seminar on Comparative Study of Cultures
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a $175,000 grant to UC Santa Barbara in support of a Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures entitled ... FULL STORY

Washington Monthly Ranks UCSB Among Top U.S. Universities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has been ranked number 14 on a list of the Top 30 National Universities, released by Washington Monthly magazine in its September/October ... FULL STORY

New Findings Show Some Type Ia Supernovae Linked to Novae
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the August 24 issue of the journal Science, astronomers show for the first time that at least some thermonuclear (Type Ia) supernovae come from a recurrent ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranks Among the Nation's Top 25 Colleges and Universities in Degrees Awarded to Latinos in STEM Fields
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the third in a series of reports linking college completion with U.S. workforce needs, the nonprofit organization Excelencia in Education has included ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientist Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Cenke Xu, an assistant professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award. The Faculty ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Demonstrate That 15=3x5 About Half of the Time
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Computing prime factors may sound like an elementary math problem, but try it with a large number, say one that contains more than 600 digits, and the task ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Examine Effects of Manufactured Nanoparticles on Soybean Crops
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Sunscreens, lotions, and cosmetics contain tiny metal nanoparticles that wash down the drain at the end of the day, or are discharged after manufacturing. ... FULL STORY

Nature Study Highlights Many Paths to Ocean Health

Ocean Health Index Provides First Global Assessment
Combining Natural and Human Dimensions of Sustainability

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Using a new comprehensive index designed to assess the benefits to people of healthy oceans, scientists have evaluated the ecological, social, economic, ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Alumnus John Arnhold Gives $1.75 Million to Department of English
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a move that promises to boost innovative programs and creative research in the discipline he once studied at UC Santa Barbara, alumnus John Arnhold ('75), ... FULL STORY

New UC Santa Barbara-Based Project to Study Contaminants in Urban Water Environment
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– What contaminants lurk in the urban subsurface, and what happens to them once they're there? Do they make their way into storm drains and creeks to reach ... FULL STORY

Seafood, Wild or Farmed? The Answer May Be Both
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Most people think of seafood as either wild or farmed, but in fact both categories may apply to the fish you pick up from your grocery store. In recent years, ... FULL STORY

New Drug Shows Promise for Kidney Disease
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have demonstrated in the laboratory that a new drug is effective in treating a very common kidney disease –– although it will ... FULL STORY

Works by UCSB Art History Professor Emeritus Peter Meller to Show at Jane Deering Gallery in Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Peter Meller, professor emeritus of art history at UC Santa Barbara, was a well-known and well-respected Italian Renaissance scholar, but few of his colleagues ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Emergency Manager Accepts Governor's Service Group of the Year Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Santa Barbara County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Committee has been selected as the recipient of the 2012 Governor's Volunteering and Service ... FULL STORY

Focusing on Strengths Improves Social Skills of Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders, UCSB Researchers Conclude
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The junior high and high school years are emotionally challenging even under the best of circumstances, but for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor Lars Bildsten Named Director of Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After an international search for a new director for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at UC Santa Barbara, the search committee found the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Special Collections Exhibition Highlights the Golden Age of Opera
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While Union Oil executive William R. Moran enjoyed a successful career in petroleum exploration, he also had a passion for opera and the earliest sound recordings ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranks Third in the Nation in Gilman International Scholarship Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Twenty-five Education Abroad Program (EAP) students at UC Santa Barbara have received Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships for study abroad beginning in fall ... FULL STORY

Film & Literary Festival Awards 2012 Loving Prize to UCSB's G. Reginald Daniel
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– G. Reginald Daniel, a professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the 2012 Loving Prize from the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival. Established ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Beckman Scholars Program Names 2012 Scholarship Recipients
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has named three additional undergraduates to its inaugural cohort of Beckman Scholars, bringing the current number of campus participants ... FULL STORY

NCEAS' DataONE Streamlines Search and Analysis of Massive Amounts of Ecological Data
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In response to the growing need for a way to easily access and analyze massive amounts of heterogeneous data in the fields of earth and environmental sciences, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Receive $1.2M NIH Grant to Design and Implement Preschool Health and Biology Curriculum
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Studies show that many low-income Latino children begin kindergarten at a significant educational disadvantage as compared to their mainstream American classmates. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professor of Physics Receives U.S. Presidential Science Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Ania Bleszynski Jayich, an assistant professor in physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists ... FULL STORY

UCSB Partners with Dow Chemical Company to Increase Lab Safety
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara is working with The Dow Chemical Company on a pilot program to increase laboratory safety awareness and practices in the College ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Ranks Among Top U.S. Universities in STARS Sustainability Ratings
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For decades, UC Santa Barbara has taken pride in its commitment to sustainability. Now the campus has the numbers to support its claim as one the greenest ... FULL STORY

UCSB Swim Program to Provide Free Lessons to McKinley 3rd- and 4th-Graders
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is second only to motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of unintentional injury ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers' Discovery of ‘Intrasite Hopping' of Bacterial Enzyme on DNA Gives Insight into Epigenetic Gene Expression
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara researchers' discovery of a variation of an enzyme's ability to "hop" as it moves along DNA, modifying the genetic material of a bacteria ... FULL STORY

UCSB Study Reveals Brain Functions During Visual Searches
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– You're headed out the door and you realize you don't have your car keys. After a few minutes of rifling through pockets, checking the seat cushions and scanning ... FULL STORY

Tamarisk Biocontrol Efforts Get Evolutionary Boost
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara scientists trying to control the invasive tamarisk plant have been getting a boost from evolution, in the form of a rapidly evolving beetle ... FULL STORY

UCSB Police Captain Completes FBI Training, Becomes Campus's Assistant Chief
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara Police Captain Cathy Farley can count herself among a very elite group of law enforcement officers from across the country and around the ... FULL STORY

Using Universal Love for Soccer, UCSB Students Make a Difference Abroad
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Everybody loves a game of soccer. That was the idea a couple of UC Santa Barbara students had when they formed the nonprofit Inspire a Child, which uses ... FULL STORY

Grant to UC Santa Barbara Opens Avenues for Science-Minded Transfer Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Study and training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are increasingly seen as critical to the growth of the U.S. economy and to ... FULL STORY

International Scholars Study Religious Pluralism at UCSB Summer Institute
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Seventeen scholars from around the world have gathered at UC Santa Barbara this summer to study the religious diversity of the United States, and to learn ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Researchers Play Key Role in U.N. Environmental Assessment
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Despite the ever-louder drumbeat for sustainability and global efforts to advance environmental initiatives, Earth remains on a collision course with "unprecedented ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara to Conduct Prescribed Burn on Lagoon Island
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER), the UCSB Fire Protection Division, the Santa Barbara County ... FULL STORY

‘Observation of New Particle' Presented at Historic CERN Seminar by UC Santa Barbara Professor Joe Incandela
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The observation of a new particle that appears to be the long sought-after Higgs boson was presented at a seminar at the European Organization for Nuclear ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Receives $500,000 For Endowed Chair in Semiconductor Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Solid State Lighting & Energy Center (SSLEC), a hub for leading-edge research in energy-efficient lighting, power electronics, and solar ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Geographer Charts the ‘Next-Generation Digital Earth'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The world has gotten smaller and more accessible since applications like Google Earth became mainstream, says UC Santa Barbara Professor of Geography Michael ... FULL STORY

Update on Higgs Boson Search to be Presented at CERN Seminar by UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The status of the search for the Higgs boson will be presented at a seminar at CERN on July 4 by Joe Incandela, professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY