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‘Zombie' Stars Key to Measuring Dark Energy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Zombie" stars that explode like bombs as they die, only to revive by sucking matter out of other stars. According to an astrophysicist at UC Santa Barbara, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professor Named Outstanding Young Researcher
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Cenke Xu, assistant professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been named Outstanding Young Researcher for 2011 by the Overseas Chinese Physics Association. ... FULL STORY

‘Artists & Architects on the Road: Works from the University Art Museum' Opens July 7 at Sullivan Goss Gallery
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As summer vacation season gears up, the University Art Museum at UC Santa Barbara is going on the road with an exhibition of travel-related works, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference to Explore the Dynamics of Religious Pluralism
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A group of scholars from around the world have gathered at UC Santa Barbara to study the religious diversity of the United States and to learn firsthand ... FULL STORY

International Team Demonstrates Subatomic Quantum Memory in Diamond
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists working at the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Konstanz in Germany have developed a breakthrough in the use of diamond ... FULL STORY

Sand Grains and Fossilized Pollen Reveal Climate History of Northern Antarctica
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A painstaking examination of the first direct and detailed climate record from the continental shelves surrounding Antarctica reveals that the last remnant ... FULL STORY

Sara Miller McCune Gives $1.5 Million to UCSB's Arts & Lectures Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A generous leadership gift to the UC Santa Barbara's Arts & Lectures program has been announced by Miller McCune Executive Director Celesta Billeci. Speaking ... FULL STORY

NCEAS Working Group Produces Study Showing How Vitamins and Minerals in Fruits and Vegetables Depend on Pollinators
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Fruits and vegetables that provide the highest levels of some key vitamins and minerals to the human diet globally depend heavily on bees and other pollinating ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Wins Top Honors in UC Education Abroad Research Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara undergraduate Carmon Reynolds has won first-place honors in the UC Education Abroad Program research competition. An English major from ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Receives Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Bruce H. Lipshutz, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, was awarded the 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge ... FULL STORY

Book by UCSB Psychologist Explores Emerging Technologies and Virtual Reality
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––Virtual reality may seem a phenomenon of 21st-century technology, but, in fact, it has existed for thousands of years –– since human beings first developed ... FULL STORY

New Equipment Boosts UCSB's Large-Scale Computer Power
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) has expanded computing resources for campus researchers with a new, state-of-the-art, high-performance, ... FULL STORY

Dream Comes True for 17-Year-Old Louisiana Student
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Caroline Roy has plans, and she won't let a little thing like life-threatening illness get in her way. The 17-year-old high school student from Baton Rouge, ... FULL STORY

GIVE's Two-Day Sale of Items Donated by UCSB Students to be Held in Isla Vista
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A two-day sale of items donated by UC Santa Barbara students will take place June 18-19, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the parking lot of UCSB's Embarcadero ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranks Highest in Nation in Gilman International Scholarship Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thirty-seven Education Abroad Program (EAP) students at UC Santa Barbara have received Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships for study abroad beginning in fall ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Apply Einstein's Theory to Superconducting Circuits
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – In recent years, UC Santa Barbara scientists showed that they could reproduce a basic superconductor using Einstein's general theory of relativity. Now, ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Help Make a Dream Come True for 17-Year-Old Louisiana Student
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thanks to a phone call to Dan Reed, a research biologist and deputy director of UC Santa Barbara's Marine Science Institute, a 17-year-old girl ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociologist Receives Harold J. Plous Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Victor Rios, an assistant professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the 2011-12 Harold J. Plous Award. One of the university's most prestigious ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces Winners of Thomas More Storke Award and Other Top Prizes For Outstanding Graduating Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three remarkable graduating seniors at UC Santa Barbara have been named winners of the university's top awards for their scholastic achievement, their extraordinary ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Announces Winners of Leal, Aldrich Awards, and Other Top Academic Prizes for Outstanding Graduating Seniors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Four graduating seniors have been selected to receive awards for outstanding academic achievement at commencement exercises on June 11 and 12. Kelsey ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Discover New Direction in Alzheimer's Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In what they are calling a new direction in the study of Alzheimer's disease, UC Santa Barbara scientists have made an important finding about what happens ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces ‘Green Initiative' Grant Recipients for Sustainability Projects
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Grant Making Committee has announced its grant recipients for the 2010-11 funding cycle. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Students, Faculty Member Receive Chancellor's Research Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three graduating seniors, two graduate students, and a faculty member have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate research ... FULL STORY

Six UC Santa Barbara Senior Women Awarded Surprise Cash Academic Prizes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Six graduating women will receive cash awards totaling $46,500 from the now-defunct Santa Barbara City Club, whose members established the program 31 years ... FULL STORY

UCSB Will Graduate 5,142 Students in Eight Commencement Ceremonies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A total of 5,142 graduating students will take part in one of eight official commencement ceremonies scheduled at UC Santa Barbara over eight days, starting ... FULL STORY

UCSB Digital Library Brings Holdings From Special Collections to the Web
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With more than 500,000 volumes, photographs, and early sound recordings –– not to mention 16,000 linear feet of manuscripts –– many of the holdings in the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Computer Scientist Receives Fulbright Award to Conduct Research in Finland
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Matthew Turk, a professor of computer science and of media arts and technology at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded a Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Develop New Nanoscale Imaging That May Lead to New Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Laboratory studies by chemical engineers at UC Santa Barbara may lead to new experimental methods for early detection and diagnosis –– and to possible treatments ... FULL STORY

UCSB Special Collections Exhibit Traces the Origins of the Modern Bible
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Twenty-seven rare books and manuscripts from the 13th through 17th centuries are on display in the special collections department of Davidson Library at ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Make Strides in Vision Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New research at UC Santa Barbara is contributing to the basic biological understanding of how retinas develop. The study is part of the campus's expanding ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives National and Systemwide Recognition for Community Service
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has named UC Santa Barbara to the 2010 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Find That Localizing Fruit, Vegetable Consumption Doesn't Solve Environmental, Health Issues
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– To David Cleveland, a professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, it seemed as though Santa Barbara County would be a great example of what many ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Track Environmental Influences on Giant Kelp with Help from Satellite Data
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have developed new methods for studying how environmental factors and climate affect giant kelp forest ecosystems at unprecedented ... FULL STORY

Carpinteria High School Students Conduct Original Research Through UCSB Linguistics Project
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A pilot project at UC Santa Barbara has 15 Carpinteria High School students conducting original linguistics research in their own community. The students ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Researchers Will Present Their Discoveries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Undergraduate researchers at UC Santa Barbara will present their discoveries and creative accomplishments at the annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium ... FULL STORY

UCSB Part of World's Largest Ocean Radar Network
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A network of high-frequency radar systems, designed for mapping ocean surface currents, is now providing detailed data on coastal ocean dynamics along the ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Opens New Labyrinth Trail on Lagoon Island
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Carol Geer is hoping that the new Labyrinth Trail on UC Santa Barbara's Lagoon Island will be the most serene and inspirational six-tenths of a mile you'll ... FULL STORY

Research by Psychologists Seeks to Understand Variations in Extraversion
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– There's not much consensus in personality psychology about why people differ in traits such as extraversion and introversion. A lot is known about factors ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumnus Richard Whited Establishes Endowed Chair in Interdisciplinary Science
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An endowed professorship in interdisciplinary science has been established at UC Santa Barbara with a $1 million gift from alumnus Richard Whited, and his ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara, SUN Reach Agreement on Campus's Long Range Development Plan
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara and representatives of Sustainable University Now (SUN) have reached an agreement relating to the adoption of the campus's Long Range Development ... FULL STORY

UCSB Summer Camps Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Popular Activities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The UC Santa Barbara Summer Camps program will celebrate its 30th anniversary in June, when it welcomes local children and their families to campus to swim, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Graduate Student Receives U.S. State Department Language Scholarship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Rohit Singh, a doctoral student in religious studies at UC Santa Barbara, has been selected to receive a U.S. Department of State 2011 Critical Language ... FULL STORY

UCSB Water Project Wins Best Practice Award for Sustainability
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a Best Practice Award in the annual Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Awards competition sponsored by the California Higher ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members –– Michael Gazzaniga, professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and director of the Sage Center ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Receive More Than $14 Million in Department of Defense Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will receive more than $14 million over five years in two awards from the U.S. Department of Defense's Multicampus University Research Initiative ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara announced today that it is a Grand Challenges Explorations winner, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Guillermo ... FULL STORY

UCSB Urban Ecosystem Research Featured in Leading Ecology Journal
(Santa Barbara, California,) –– A team of scientists has produced an innovative new study of the environmental impact of major urban ecosystems, published in the April issue of the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar Examines the Figure of the Debt-Bound Daughter in Asian American Literature
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Anger and bitterness often pervade narratives written by second-generation Asian American daughters, despite their largely unremarkable upbringings. In ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Discover New Drug Target for Kidney Disease
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two discoveries at UC Santa Barbara point to potential new drug therapies for patients with kidney disease. The findings are published in this week's issue ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chancellor's Community Breakfast to Focus on Post-Quake Radiation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Fukushima power plant suffered major damage when it was hit by a tsunami following the earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11. That event brought ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Economic Forecast Project to Host North Santa Barbara County Economic Summit
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Economic Forecast Project, with support from 102 private, public, and nonprofit sponsors, will present the annual North Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physics Professor Receives International Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Anthony Zee, professor of physics with the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara, has received the Humboldt Research Award in recognition ... FULL STORY

Beckman Scholars Program to Support Undergraduate Science Research at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a first for the campus, UC Santa Barbara has been selected for the Beckman Scholars Program, which provides support for undergraduates conducting interdisciplinary ... FULL STORY

UCSB Undergraduates Recognized by Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Aleksey Generozov, a junior in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, has received a Barry M. Goldwater scholarship to continue his studies ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Economic Forecast Project to Host 30th Annual Santa Barbara County Economic Summit
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Economic Forecast Project, with support from 102 private, public, and nonprofit sponsors, will present the 30th Annual Santa ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Early Academic Outreach Program to Host UC Success Nights
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) at UC Santa Barbara will hold a series of UC Success Nights from April 21 to April 28 to celebrate the academic ... FULL STORY

UCSB Faculty Members Named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three faculty members from UC Santa Barbara have been elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. They include Glenn H. Fredrickson, professor ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Faculty Members Elected Fellows of AGU
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three professors at UC Santa Barbara –– Ralph Archuleta, John Melack, and Oliver Chadwick –– have been elected as Fellows of the American Geophysical Union ... FULL STORY

Background Briefing UC Santa Barbara Offers Admission to 22,386 for Fall 2011
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has offered a place in its fall 2011 entering class to a total of 22,386 high school seniors. The prospective UCSB freshmen ... FULL STORY

Scientists Discover How to Predict Learning Using Brain Analysis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of scientists has developed a way to predict how much a person can learn, based on studies at UC Santa Barbara's Brain Imaging Center. A ... FULL STORY

Eyes Of Rock Let Chitons See Predators
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Using eyes made of a calcium carbonate crystal, a simple mollusk may have evolved enough vision to spot potential predators, scientists say. Daniel Speiser, ... FULL STORY

Studies of Marine Animals Aim to Help Prevent Rejection of Transplanted Organs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Studies of the small sea squirt may ultimately help solve the problem of rejection of organ and bone marrow transplants in humans, according to scientists ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Associated Students to Launch Campus's First Food Bank
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A second-year student faces a difficult decision: buying a textbook required for class, or buying food for dinner. Her budget's so tight right now, she can't ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Historian Examines Cold War in East Asia
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While the Cold War has most commonly been associated with Europe –– think the former Soviet Union –– and the United States, East Asia has served as what ... FULL STORY

UCSB Black Studies Scholar Examines the Presence of Racism in ‘Race-Neutral' Urban Sites
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– White and non-white identities are place-bound, asserts George Lipsitz, professor of Black Studies at UC Santa Barbara. But for people of color, those places ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociologist Examines Realism and Emotion in Love Songs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Love songs –– the pouring out of one's heart in words and melody –– are as ubiquitous and timeless as the emotion itself. Whatever their focus, however –– ... FULL STORY

UCSB Statistics and Applied Probability Scholar Named Fellow of International Mathematics Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Jean-Pierre Fouque, professor of statistics and applied probability, and director of the Center for Research in Financial Mathematics and Statistics at UC ... FULL STORY

Chemical Engineers at UCSB Design Molecular Probe to Study Disease
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Chemical engineers at UC Santa Barbara expect that their new process to create molecular probes may eventually result in the development of new drugs to ... FULL STORY

Top 40 Science Questions for U.S. Conservation Policy Makers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A wide-ranging group of experts has published a set of 40 key environmental questions to help align scientific research agendas with the needs of natural ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Elected to Head CMS Experiment at Large Hadron Collider
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Joseph Incandela, professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been elected by his colleagues as the next spokesperson for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara's Carsey-Wolf Center to Host Retrospective of Law & Order; Series Creator Dick Wolf, UCSB Alumnus Benjamin Bratt, TV Executives to Take Part
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara to Host ‘Spring Insight' Open House on April 9
Santa Barbara, Calif. – UC Santa Barbara will welcome admitted and prospective students and their families to the campus during its annual "Spring Insight" open house on Saturday, ... FULL STORY

UCSB, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Present ‘NanoDays'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The science of very small things is the focus of "NanoDays," sponsored by UC Santa Barbara and hosted by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Saturday, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Get Glimpse of How the ‘Code' of Life May Have Emerged by Deciphering Molecular Puzzle
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A portion of the "code" of life has been unraveled by a UC Santa Barbara graduate student from the town of Jojutla, Mexico. Annia Rodriguez ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Scholar to Give Plous Lecture on Membership Negotiation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Karen Kroman Myers, assistant professor of communication at UC Santa Barbara and a specialist in organizational communication, will give the 53rd Annual ... FULL STORY

Think Globally, But Act Locally When Studying Plants, Animals, and Global Warming, Researchers Advise
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Global warming is clearly impacting plants and animals, but we should not try to tease apart the specific contribution of greenhouse gas-driven climate change ... FULL STORY

UCSB Stem Cell Research Leader Shares America's Most Distinguished Prize in Medicine
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A UC Santa Barbara stem cell expert is one of three scientists who have been named the recipients of the 11th annual Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine ... FULL STORY

Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournaments Explain Ecological Diversity
Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The mystery of biodiversity –– how thousands of similar species can coexist in a single ecosystem –– might best be understood as the result of a massive rock-paper-scissors ... FULL STORY

Linda Petzold Receives UCSB Faculty's Top Honor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The faculty of UC Santa Barbara has bestowed its highest honor on Linda Petzold, a professor of mechanical engineering and computer science at UCSB. Petzold, ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Named a Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly University
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a Gold Award in the League of American Bicyclists' inaugural Bicycle Friendly University program. UCSB was among 20 Bicycle ... FULL STORY

Some Workplace Retaliation Deemed Acceptable, UCSB Economist Finds
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––When an employee suffers a perceived wrong at the hands of his or her boss, a degree of revenge is considered acceptable, according to a study by UC Santa ... FULL STORY

New Instrument Keeps An Electronic 'Eye' on Nanoparticles
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Precision measurement in the world of nanoparticles has now become a possibility, thanks to scientists at UC Santa Barbara. The UCSB research team has ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara's New Tipton Meeting House at Sedgwick Reserve Earns LEED Platinum Certification from Green Building Council
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Tipton Meeting House at the University of California Sedgwick Natural Reserve has been designated one of the "greenest" buildings in the nation, earning ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chancellor's Community Breakfast to Focus on the Alzheimer's Gene
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With the aging of nearly 80 million baby boomers, Alzheimer's disease is an impending epidemic that requires a new approach to prevention as well as management ... FULL STORY

Scientists Study Control of Invasive Tree in Western U.S.
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Simply by eating the leaves of an invasive tree that soaks up river water, an Asian beetle may help to slow down water loss in the Southwestern United States. Two ... FULL STORY

UCSB Critical Issues Conference Explores Marriage and Alternatives
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Marriage: Race, Sexuality, Citizenship," the Critical Issues in America series at UC Santa Barbara, continues with a conference on Monday, March 7, featuring ... FULL STORY

Cleanup, Restoration of UCSB's South Parcel Has Begun
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Cleanup and restoration of UC Santa Barbara's 69-acre South Parcel has begun under the supervision of the campus's Cheadle Center for Biodiversity ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program at UC Santa Barbara is hosting its winter Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning March 1. It will bring representatives ... FULL STORY

UCSB Oil Spill Expert to Speak About ‘Science in the Disaster Zone'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– David Valentine, UC Santa Barbara professor of earth science, will deliver a lecture titled "Science in the Disaster Zone: From Coal Oil Point ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociologist Receives Award for Scholarship on the Role of Women in Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Verta Taylor, professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the Jessie Bernard Award from the American Sociological Association (ASA). The award ... FULL STORY

World's Largest Lake Sheds Light on Ecosystem Responses to Climate Variability
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Siberia's Lake Baikal, the world's oldest, deepest, and largest freshwater lake, has provided scientists with insight into the ways that climate change affects ... FULL STORY

Carl Snyder Lecture at UCSB to Examine Issues of Immigration
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– David Card, the Class of 1950 Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, will give the 53rd Annual Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday, ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Faculty Members Awarded Sloan Research Fellowships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three assistant professors at UC Santa Barbara are among this year's winners of Sloan Research Fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The new Sloan ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Political Economist Explores the Euro, the Dollar, and the Future of Global Currency
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When the euro was established as Europe's joint money 12 years ago, many predicted it would soon achieve parity with the U.S. dollar –– and possibly surpass ... FULL STORY

International Team of Scientists Says It's High 'Noon' for Microwave Photons
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An important milestone toward the realization of a large-scale quantum computer, and further demonstration of a new level of the quantum control of light, ... FULL STORY

Investigation Determines Cause of Bren Hall Ceiling Collapse at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An engineering investigation into the October collapse of an exterior lobby ceiling at UC Santa Barbara's Bren Hall has concluded that ceiling suspension ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Recreation Center: A ‘Showcase' for Sustainability
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For a facility built when sustainability in construction was more of an afterthought, UC Santa Barbara's Recreation Center sure has come a long ... FULL STORY

Nolan Gasser, Architect of Pandora Radio's Music Genome Project, to Lecture at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Acclaimed composer Nolan Gasser, architect of Pandora Radio's Music Genome Project, will present three free public lectures at UC Santa Barbara on Feb. 14, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chemists Make Discovery that May Lead to Drug Treatment Possibilities for Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and other Diseases
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara scientists have made a discovery that has the potential for use in the early diagnosis and eventual treatment of plaque-related diseases ... FULL STORY

UCSB Financial Aid Office Offers Free Online Tutorial for Federal Student Aid Form
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at UC Santa Barbara is once again offering its online tutorial to assist current and prospective students in ... FULL STORY

Exhibition, Talks at UCSB Focus on Reagan and Lincoln Presidencies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In commemoration of Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, the Department of Special Collections at UC Santa Barbara's Davidson Library is presenting "The American ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar Examines 1968 ‘Blowouts' and Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In March 1968, thousands of Chicano students walked out of their East Los Angeles high schools to protest decades of inferior or discriminatory education ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference to Focus on Digital Distribution of Entertainment Programming
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Media delivery options have expanded considerably in the digital era. College students watch television and movies on laptops, while many of their parents ... FULL STORY

National Engineering Academy Elects Two From Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A prominent UC Santa Barbara faculty member and a distinguished alumnus of its College of Engineering are among the 68 new members elected today by the National ... FULL STORY

UCSB Music Department Receives $550,000 Endowment Gift for Student Support
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Department of Music at UC Santa Barbara has received a $550,000 endowment gift to establish a graduate fellowship in ethnomusicology and a scholarship ... FULL STORY

Genome of Water Flea Discovered to Contain Largest Number of Genes Recorded; UCSB Scientists Contributed to International Team Effort
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The water flea –– Daphnia pulex –– has the largest inventory of genes ever recorded for a sequenced animal, according to a new study in the journal Science ... FULL STORY

Second Annual Lawrence Badash Lecture to Explore Scientific Controversies Regarding Human Identity
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Alice Domurat Dreger, a specialist in bioethics, will give the second annual Lawrence Badash Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Friday, February 18. ... FULL STORY

NASA Finds Earth-Size Planet Candidates; UCSB, Las Cumbres Scientists Play Key Role in Mission
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– NASA's Kepler mission has discovered its first Earth-size planet candidates and its first candidates in the habitable zone, a region where liquid water could ... FULL STORY

UCSB's SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind Receives Additional $1.26 Million from SAGE Publications to Establish Postdoctoral Visiting Fellows Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at UC Santa Barbara has received an additional $1.26 million gift from SAGE Publications, Inc., of Thousand Oaks, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Among Top Campuses in Producing Peace Corps Volunteers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the latest ranking of colleges and universities that send the largest number of volunteers to serve in the Peace Corps, UC Santa Barbara is again in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Challenge Classical World with Quantum-Mechanical Implementation of ‘Shell Game'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Inspired by the popular confidence trick known as "shell game," researchers at UC Santa Barbara have demonstrated the ability to hide and ... FULL STORY

More Frequent Drought Likely in Eastern Africa
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The increased frequency of drought observed in Eastern Africa over the last 20 years is likely to continue as long as global temperatures continue to rise, ... FULL STORY

First Study of Dispersant in Gulf Spill Suggests a Prolonged Deepwater Fate
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––To combat last year's Deepwater Horizon oil spill, nearly 800,000 gallons of chemical dispersant were injected directly into the oil and gas flow coming out ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Featured in CNN Documentary on Alzheimer's Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– "Filling the Blank," a documentary by Cable News Network featuring the research of UC Santa Barbara professor Kenneth S. Kosik, will be broadcast Saturday, ... FULL STORY

Scientists Find that Debris on Certain Himalayan Glaciers May Prevent Melting
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new scientific study shows that debris coverage –– pebbles, rocks, and debris from surrounding mountains –– may be a missing link in ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Marine Science Research Building Receives LEED Gold Certification From Green Building Council
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Marine Science Research Building has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification by the U.S. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Celebrates Black History Month With Lectures, Films, and Art Exhibitions
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will celebrate Black History Month with a variety of academic and cultural events, including film screenings, lectures, discussions, and ... FULL STORY

Agreement Between UCSB and Belize Continues Maya Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Dignitaries from Belize will travel to Santa Barbara later this month to join UC Santa Barbara in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Thomson Awarded 2011 King Faisal International Prize for Medicine
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– James A. "Jamie" Thomson, co-director of regenerative biology for UC Santa Barbara's Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering, has been named a co-winner ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Receives 63,303 Applications for Fall 2011 From Prospective Freshmen and Transfer Students

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University of California, Santa Barbara has received 63,303 applications for undergraduate admission for fall 2011. The total is 4,311 more than last ... FULL STORY

International Planck Mission Peels Back Layers of the Universe; UCSB Physicists Play Important Scientific Role
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Planck –– an international satellite that peers back into the beginning of the universe –– has produced what scientists are calling new ... FULL STORY

Exploring the Frontiers of Cancer Research
Nobel Prize Winner Carol Greider, a UCSB Alumna, Will Present Free Lecture

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Nobel Prize-winner Carol Greider, a UC Santa Barbara alumna who solved a fundamental problem in biology that has stimulated the development of new therapeutic ... FULL STORY

Eight UCSB Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Eight faculty members at UC Santa Barbara – the highest one-year total ever for UCSB – have been awarded the distinction of Fellow by the American Association ... FULL STORY

UCSB, Texas A&M Scientists Find Methane Gas Concentrations Have Returned to Near-Normal Levels in Gulf After Deepwater Horizon Disaster
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Calling the results "extremely surprising," researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Texas A&M University report that methane gas ... FULL STORY

UCSB Engineering Professor Mark Rodwell Appointed to Doluca Chair
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara Professor Mark Rodwell, whose research has extended the limits of high-frequency radio, high-speed optical communications, and powerful ... FULL STORY

Memorial Service to Honor William Freudenburg, UCSB Professor and Renowned Environmental Scholar
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A memorial service honoring William R. Freudenburg, the Dehlsen Professor of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara, will take place at the UCSB Faculty ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program Named Among Nation's Top Academic Preparation Programs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For the second consecutive year, UC Santa Barbara's mentorship program for elementary, high school, and college students interested in science, technology, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Institute for Energy Efficiency Designs Lamps for Schoolchildren Around the World
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Osei Darwka, president of Ghana Telecom University, has a lofty goal. A fierce advocate of education, he wants every household in his country to replace ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Demonstrate Biomagnification of Nanomaterials in Simple Food Chain
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An interdisciplinary team of researchers at UC Santa Barbara has produced a groundbreaking study of how nanoparticles are able to biomagnify in a simple ... FULL STORY

Research by UCSB Physicists Honored as Science's 2010 Breakthrough of the Year
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A quantum device designed by a team of UC Santa Barbara physicists led by Andrew Cleland and John Martinis has been named the 2010 Breakthrough of the Year ... FULL STORY

New Contract with MarBorg Industries Seen as Boost for UCSB Sustainability
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new four-year waste management contract with MarBorg Industries is being hailed by UC Santa Barbara officials as a significant step toward UCSB's goal ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Carsey-Wolf Center Names Richard Hutton Executive Director, Announces Opening of Pollock Theater
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Richard Hutton, formerly the vice president of media development at Vulcan Productions and an award-winning documentary filmmaker, has been appointed executive ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Scholar Examines Dysfunctional Feedback in Organizations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Although most organizations –– business or otherwise –– operate with the noblest of intentions, at some point the people associated with them will experience ... FULL STORY

National Team of Scientists Predicts Continued Death of Forests
In Southwestern U.S. Due to Problems Caused by Climate Change

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– If current climate projections hold true, the forests of the Southwestern United States face a bleak future, with more severe –– and more frequent –– forest ... FULL STORY

National Team of Scientists Peers into the Future of Stem Cell Biology; Research Raises Connections between Cancer and Stem Cells
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Remarkable progress in understanding how stem cell biology works has been reported by a team of leading scientists, directed by experts at UC Santa Barbara. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Among Top Universities in the U.S. in High-Quality Research Citations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara ranks among the top universities in the country in how frequently the work of its researchers is cited by other top scholars, according ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologists Examine Relationship Between Social Status and Fertility
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Across human societies –– including our own –– men often devote a great deal of time and effort to increasing their social status and displaying their success ... FULL STORY

‘UCSB Reads' Picks ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– To her family and friends, she was Henrietta Lacks. To scientists, however, she is HeLa, the first "immortal" human cell line. A poor Southern tobacco farmer ... FULL STORY

Santa Barbara City Council Approves UCSB Request For Local Cable Channel Dedicated to Higher Education
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Santa Barbara City Council on Tuesday voted to officially request an additional education access channel from local cable television provider Cox Communications, ... FULL STORY

New NCEAS Study: Ravenous Foreign Pests Threaten National Treasures
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Foreign pests are eating their way through our national forests, destroying majestic scenery and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. If enforcement ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Report Study of ‘Brain Maps' for How Humans Reach; Robotics and Machine-Brain Interface for Paraplegics May Benefit
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A ballet dancer grasps her partner's hand to connect for a pas de deux. Later that night, in the dark, she reaches for her calf to massage a sore spot. Her ... FULL STORY

UCSB Geographer Michael Goodchild Awarded Dangermond Professorship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara Professor Michael Goodchild, a global pioneer in geographic information science, is the first scholar appointed to the Jack and Laura Dangermond ... FULL STORY

Tempest in a Teapot: International Team of Scientists Describes Basic Laboratory Science of Hurricanes and Other Swirling Natural Phenomena
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists can use cylinders as small as teapots to study the mechanisms involved in powerful hurricanes and other swirling natural phenomena. The earth's ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Host Meeting of Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will host the December meeting of the Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5). The coalition's bimonthly meeting will be held December ... FULL STORY

UCSB History Associates Lecture to Examine Earthquake Prediction: ‘The "Big One" –– Coming Soon on a Fault Near You?'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The San Andreas Fault is responsible for the formation of California's dramatic landscapes and for the earthquakes that occasionally rattle us. In an illustrated ... FULL STORY

Bacteria Use ‘Toxic Darts' to Disable Each Other, According to UCSB Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In nature, it's a dog-eat-dog world, even in the realm of bacteria. Competing bacteria use "toxic darts" to disable each other, according to a new study ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sociology Professor Had Front Row Seat at Guantánamo Trial
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When Canadian-born Omar Khadr pleaded guilty last month as part of an agreement with prosecutors at the U.S. military commission at Guantánamo Bay Naval ... FULL STORY

Scientists Question Widely Adopted Indicator of Fisheries Health and Evidence for ‘Fishing Down Marine Food Webs'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The most widely adopted measure for assessing the state of the world's oceans and fisheries led to inaccurate conclusions in nearly half the ecosystems where ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholarship Fund Memorializes Shark Victim Lucas Ransom
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A scholarship has been established at UC Santa Barbara in memory of Lucas Ransom, a 19-year-old chemical engineering major who was killed in a shark attack ... FULL STORY

American Society of Criminology Recognizes UCSB Sociologist for Research on Juvenile Crime, Gangs, and Social Control
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Victor Rios, assistant professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the New Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology. The award ... FULL STORY

UCSB Part of International Research Collaboration Focusing on Age-Related Macular Degeneration Cure
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international collaboration between UC Santa Barbara, the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), and several other research ... FULL STORY

Research by UCSB Sociologist Finds Increase in Arrests, Not Levels of Aggression and Violence Among Adolescent Girls
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Contrary to what films such as "Mean Girls," "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal," and "Heathers," might suggest, aggression and violence among teenage ... FULL STORY

68 UCSB Students Win Public Anthropology Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Sixty-eight undergraduate students at UC Santa Barbara have been named Public Anthropology Award winners by the Center for a Public Anthropology. The students ... FULL STORY

New Timeline for Appearances of Skeletal Animals in Fossil Record Developed by UCSB Researchers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Beginning around 542 million years ago, a profusion of animals with shells and skeletons began to appear in the fossil record. So many life forms appeared ... FULL STORY

Environmental Expert Freudenburg to Speak on Energy and the BP Oil Spill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year proved to be the worst offshore oil disaster in history. In a lecture on Monday, November 15, William ... FULL STORY

New Ribbon Worm Named After UCSB Scientist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the world of biology, having a new species named after you is considered one of the greatest honors for a scientist. Just ask Armand Kuris, professor ... FULL STORY

Award-Winning Author Sandra Cisneros to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Sandra Cisneros, an award-winning novelist, poet, and essayist, will present a Diversity Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Wednesday, November 17. Her talk, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Davidson Library Celebrates 3 Millionth Volume
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Davidson Library will celebrate the acquisition of its 3 millionth volume –– "Trees" by book artist Charles Hobson –– with a series of ... FULL STORY

Bren Building Reopens After Collapse of Ceiling
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The building housing the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara reopened Wednesday morning following the weekend ... FULL STORY

Conference at UCSB Examines Environmental and Resource Economics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Economic and environmental scholars from universities across the United States, Canada, and Europe will gather at UC Santa Barbara for the 12th Occasional ... FULL STORY

Bren Building Closed After Exterior Ceiling Collapses
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Officials at UC Santa Barbara hope to reopen the building housing the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Wednesday morning following the weekend ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian to Give Faculty Research Lecture on the Use of Atomic Bombs and Lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, professor of history at UC Santa Barbara and an internationally recognized authority on Japanese-Russian relations, will give UCSB's 2010 ... FULL STORY

Technology Developed by UCSB Computer Scientist Advances Internet Security
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Consider the common cold. You can take active measures to avoid catching one, but if the virus manages to invade your system, you are powerless to keep it ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian Examines Ford, Carter Presidencies and the Rise of Conservatism
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It was the decade of disco music, mood rings, and leisure suits. Oil and energy crises took center stage, inflation topped 13 percent, and for the first ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Document How Fishing on Coral Reefs Can Alter Ecosystems
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have discovered that fishing for predators on coral reefs not only reduces the number of predators on the reef, but also affects ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Environmental Studies Scholar Examines the Gulf Oil Spill and U.S. Energy Policies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– On April 22, 2010 –– Earth Day –– the gigantic drilling rig Deepwater Horizon sank in the Gulf of Mexico, some 40 miles off the Louisiana coast. The rig ... FULL STORY

Frontal Lobe of the Brain is Key to Automatic Responses to Various Stimuli, Say Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Some people may excel at riding a bike, tying a tie, or playing the piano, but those same people may find it difficult to explain or teach those skills to ... FULL STORY

UCSB Fulbright Scholars to Study Abroad, Others to Conduct Research on Campus
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––Three scholars from UC Santa Barbara have received Fulbright Research Fellowships to spend all or part of the 2010-11 academic year in China or Korea. They ... FULL STORY

Executive from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– William T. Gavin, vice president and economist in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, will speak at UC Santa Barbara on Wednesday, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Discover Inner Workings of Potent Cancer Drug; Findings May Help Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A potent drug derived from an evergreen tree may soon save the lives of some patients with the deadliest form of breast cancer. According to the National ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Detect and Control Quantum States in Diamond with Light
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists at UC Santa Barbara have succeeded in combining laser light with trapped electrons to detect and control the electrons' fragile quantum state ... FULL STORY

New NCEAS Research Shows Nature and Humans Are Leaving Indelible Mark on Rivers and Streams, Affecting Intricate Food Webs They Support
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Rivers and streams supply the lifeblood to ecosystems across the globe, providing water for drinking and irrigation for humans as well as a wide array of ... FULL STORY

UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Sponsors Faculty Forums on UC's Commission on the Future
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– How will the University of California define itself in the 21st century? What should every UC graduate know in order to be an informed citizen? Is online ... FULL STORY

Author and Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca to Receive Luis Leal Literature Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Jimmy Santiago Baca could easily have pursued a life of crime. Sentenced as a young man to five years in a maximum-security prison, he was well on his way. ... FULL STORY

UCSB To Receive $6 Million Renewal Grant to Fund Center for Nanotechnology in Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will receive almost $6.1 million over five years from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to extend support for the campus's innovative ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program at UC Santa Barbara is hosting its fall Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning October 19. It will bring representatives ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Show How Herbivores Influence Plant Diversity
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have shed new light on the ecological interactions that explain plant diversity. The results were published this week in ... FULL STORY

Annual Philanthropic Support Reaches $44.5 Million in 2009-10, An Increase of $4 Million over the Previous Fiscal Year
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As UC Santa Barbara grappled with huge reductions in state funding during 2009-2010, alumni, parents, and friends responded with overwhelming generosity, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Presents ‘Geographies of Place' Series
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Globalization, environmentalism, cognitive science, and new spatial technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems ... FULL STORY

Research by UCSB Scholar Questions Accuracy of Maya Calendar Correlation, 2012 Prophecy, and Other Historical Dates
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For nearly half a century, Maya scholars have relied on a fixed numerical value called the GMT constant as a means of correlating the dates on the ancient ... FULL STORY

UCSB Releases Findings of 2010 ‘Central Coast Survey' Based on Poll of Santa Barbara County Residents
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers at UC Santa Barbara today released the findings of the 2010 Central Coast Survey, a large-scale public-opinion poll of residents in Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Quantum Computing Research Edges Toward Practicality in UCSB Physics Laboratory
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) An important step –– one that is essential to the ultimate construction of a quantum computer –– was taken for the first time by physicists at UC Santa Barbara. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professor to Receive Prestigious NIH New Innovator Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Luke Theogarajan was preparing another grant proposal when he got word –– via a text message from his wife –– that he had been chosen to receive the prestigious ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Receive $2 Million for Nanotechnology and Health Studies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is awarding $2 million to UC Santa Barbara as part ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Capps Center Receives $500,000 Endowment Gift for Undergraduate Internships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a $500,000 gift from campus benefactor Sara Miller McCune to establish an endowment that will provide ongoing support for the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Graduate Programs Among Top in U.S., According to New NRC Assessment
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The National Research Council (NRC) has published its long-awaited report evaluating over 5,000 doctoral programs in 62 fields at 212 universities in the ... FULL STORY

Semiconductor Could Turn Heat Into Computing Power
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Computers might one day recycle part of their own waste heat, using a material being studied by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and Ohio State University. The ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Astrophysicist Lars Bildsten Appointed to Endowed Chair at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara astrophysicist Lars Bildsten, a permanent member of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, has been awarded the Wayne Rosing, Simon ... FULL STORY

UCSB Sustainability Champion Program to Present Symposium on Localizing Santa Barbara County Food System
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– David Cleveland, a professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, will wrap up his inaugural term as UCSB's Sustainability Champion by presenting ... FULL STORY

New Species of Sea Slug Discovered by UCSB Marine Scientist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Sometimes, treasures can be found in your own backyard –– especially if you know what to look for. This is what happened to Jeff Goddard, project scientist ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists' Innovative Use of Videos Aids Study of Songbird Communication
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's a subject humans have been studying for centuries: Why do birds sing, and what are they trying to communicate? Two UC Santa Barbara scientists believe ... FULL STORY

UCSB, Texas A&M Scientists Document Fate of Deep Hydrocarbon Plumes in Gulf Oil Spill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, a team of scientists led by UC Santa Barbara's David Valentine and Texas A&M University's ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked No. 29 in World University Rankings
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has been ranked number 29 in a list of the world's top 200 universities released today by Times Higher Education, a British periodical. "We ... FULL STORY

UC Regents Approve UCSB Long Range Development Plan
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Board of Regents of the University of California today voted to adopt UC Santa Barbara's Long Range Development Plan, a comprehensive land-use document ... FULL STORY

Parasitic ‘Warrior Worms' Discovered in Snails; UCSB Scientists See Possible Biomedical Applications
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have discovered a caste of genetically identical "warrior worms" –– members of a parasitic fluke species that invades the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Receives Award from Materials Research Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– David D. Awschalom, professor of physics, electrical and computer engineering at UC Santa Barbara, has received the Turnbull Lecturer Award from the Materials ... FULL STORY

UCSB Capps Center to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a speech to students at the University of Michigan in the fall of 1960, then-Senator John F. Kennedy exhorted the young scholars to look beyond their ... FULL STORY

Nanodiamonds Discovered in Greenland Ice Sheet, Contribute to Evidence for Cosmic Impact
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Nanosize diamonds have been discovered in the Greenland ice sheet, according to a study reported by scientists in a recent online publication of the Journal ... FULL STORY

UCSB Offers ‘School for Scientific Thought' for Area High School Students
UC Santa Barbara's "School for Scientific Thought" will begin its second year soon, with 100 local high school students learning about "hot topics" in science and engineering. The ... FULL STORY

Size, Distribution of Termite Mounds Foretell Ecological Shifts from Climate Change in Africa's Savannas
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists have discovered that the size and distribution of termite mounds in South Africa can be used to predict ecological shifts from climate change. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Theater Arts Scholar Examines Life of Agnes Boulton, Wife of Playwright Eugene O'Neill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In her 1958 memoir "Part of a Long Story –– Eugene O'Neill as a Young Man in Love," second wife Agnes Boulton describes the early years of her tumultuous ... FULL STORY

Developments in Nanobiotechnology at UCSB Point to Medical Applications
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two new groundbreaking scientific papers by researchers at UC Santa Barbara demonstrate the synthesis of nanosize biological particles with the potential ... FULL STORY

Worms Point to a Link Between Cellular Glue and Cancer Growth
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists have discovered that a protein that helps make cells sticks together also keeps them from dividing excessively, a hallmark of cancer progression. ... FULL STORY

Multiple Planets Transiting Same Star Discovered by NASA's Kepler Mission
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– NASA has announced the discovery of two Saturn-size planets, as well as one likely Earth-size planet, all transiting a star called Kepler 9. This is the ... FULL STORY

UCSB English Scholar Traces Evolution of Charlie Chan from Island Legend to Pop Cultural Icon to Postmodern Symbol
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Between 1925 and 1949, Charlie Chan reigned as the fictional hero of six detective novels by Earl Derr Biggers, and as the title character in no fewer than ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked Among Top U.S. Universities by Washington Monthly
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has been ranked number 11 in a list of the Top 30 National Universities released today by Washington Monthly magazine in its September/October ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked Among Country's Best Universities by U.S. News & World Report
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara number 9 in its annual listing of the "Top 50 Public National Universities" in the country, and number ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Sedgwick Reserve is Off-Limits to Deer Hunters
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Deer-hunting season opened on Saturday, August 14, in many parts of Santa Barbara County, and hunters are reminded that the 5,900-acre Sedgwick Reserve in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Feminist Studies Scholar Examines Care Work and Other Forms of Intimate Labor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When a mother devotes her life to caring for her children, her labors of love are celebrated and venerated. If she hires a nanny to do the same job, however, ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Blue Horizons Student Filmmakers to Screen Their Work
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A series of short films produced by students in Blue Horizons, UC Santa Barbara's summer program for environmental media, will screen on Friday, August 20, ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Graduate Students to Receive Department of Energy Fellowships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three graduate students at UC Santa Barbara have been chosen to receive prestigious graduate fellowships of $50,500 per year, for up to three years, from ... FULL STORY

UCSB Awarded Additional $4 Million by the National Science Foundation For Research and Training Partnership with China
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed and increased funding for UC Santa Barbara's pioneering research and education partnership with China in ... FULL STORY

New Theory about Origin of Life to Be Published by Journal of Theoretical Biology
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a new article published in this week's online edition of the Journal of Theoretical Biology, Helen Hansma, a retired UC Santa Barbara research ... FULL STORY

Genomic Sequencing of Marine Sponge Published; Revealed Early Genetic Complexity and Roots of Cancer
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– This week's publication of the complete genomic sequence of a living marine sponge reveals genes dating back hundreds of millions of years –– a result far ... FULL STORY

UCSB Writing Program Welcomes New Director
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Linda Adler-Kassner, a professor of writing, has joined the Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara as its new director. She replaces acting co-directors Michael ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Sees Medical Breakthrough in New Bone Measurement Tool
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Paul Hansma's face lights up when he talks about what his latest research might mean for people who suffer after breaking their hips or other ... FULL STORY

UCSB's External Research Funding for 2009-10 Breaks Record
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Research support from external sources broke all previous records at UC Santa Barbara during the 2009-10 fiscal year. A total of $222 million was ... FULL STORY

SAGE Publications Gives Additional $1.45 Million to UC Santa Barbara's SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– SAGE Publications, Inc., of Thousand Oaks, has made an additional $1.45 million gift to renew and expand its support for the SAGE Center for the Study of ... FULL STORY

Economics Professor Peter Rupert, Former Federal Reserve Adviser, Named Director of the UCSB Economic Forecast Project
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has announced the appointment of economics professor Peter Rupert as director of the UCSB Economic Forecast Project, a research unit that ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Co-Authors New Study of Magnon Hall Effect in Insulators
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's called the Hall effect and, for the first time, physicists have shown that it can be created in magnets without the benefit of a charge current. ... FULL STORY

Summer Program Combines Mesoamerican Cultural Studies and Computer Science
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A two-week summer camp at UC Santa Barbara is combining two seemingly disparate areas of study: Mesoamerican culture and computer science. Funded by a grant ... FULL STORY

UCSB Is a Leader Among Graduates Selected by Teach for America
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thirty-one UC Santa Barbara graduates have been selected by Teach for America to work as beginning teachers in public schools in low-income communities across ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chemistry Professor Receives Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Song-I Han, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, has received a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award. She is one of 14 ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Buildings Receive LEED Certifications From Green Building Council
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Life Sciences and Engineering II buildings have been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the ... FULL STORY

New Book Edited by UCSB English Scholar Examines Enlightenment as an Event in the History of Mediation
Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Debates about the nature of the Enlightenment date to the 18th century, when philosopher Imanual Kant himself addressed the question, "What is Enlightenment?" ... FULL STORY

NCEAS Study Analyzes Worldwide Catch, Economic Data of Fisheries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) supports a graduate student working group in fisheries that produced an ... FULL STORY