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Former UCSB Grad Student's Invention Helping to Clean Up Gulf Oil Spill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Among the many tools being used to clean up the country's worst environmental disaster –– the Deepwater Horizon platform explosion and oil spill in the Gulf ... FULL STORY

UCSB's University Art Museum Appoints Bruce Robertson as Acting Director, Jocelyn Gibbs as Curator of the Architecture and Design Collection
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's University Art Museum today announced two major appointments. Bruce Robertson, well-known curator and UCSB art historian, will serve as ... FULL STORY

GIVE's Sale of Items Donated by UCSB Students Breaks Record
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Representatives of Isla Vista nonprofits and community organizations will receive their shares of a record-breaking $27,000 at a ceremony on ... FULL STORY

Physicists Help Biologists to Understand Protein Folding; Results Help Further Basic Medical Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists at UC Santa Barbara have created a microscopic device to assist biologists in making very fast molecular measurements that aid the understanding ... FULL STORY

UCSB Programs to Receive Awards at Statewide Sustainability Conference
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Representatives from UC Santa Barbara will be in Los Angeles next week to accept three awards at the 2010 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. ... FULL STORY

Grants Awarded to UCSB Faculty, Graduate Students for Pacific Rim Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University of California Pacific Rim Research Program (PRRP) has awarded grants totaling more than $60,000 to UC Santa Barbara anthropologist Shankar ... FULL STORY

UCSB Study Finds Physical Strength, Fighting Ability Revealed in Human Voices
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For our ancestors, misjudging the physical strength of a would-be opponent might have resulted in painful –– and potentially deadly –– defeat. Now, a study ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Students Awarded Study Abroad Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The UC Education Abroad Program has awarded prestigious scholarships to 11 UC Santa Barbara undergraduates to study abroad during the 2010-11 academic year. Seven ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Awarded Fellowship by the National Academy of Education
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Andrew Stull, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology at UC Santa Barbara, is one of 20 scholars nationwide to be awarded a prestigious ... FULL STORY

International Scholars at UCSB Summer Institute Study Religious Pluralism
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Eighteen scholars from around the world will gather at UC Santa Barbara this summer to study the religious diversity of the United States and to learn firsthand ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $317,000 to Support Inquiry-Based Learning of Mathematics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––UC Santa Barbara has received two gifts totaling more than $317,000 from Harry Lucas, Jr., chair of the Educational Advancement Foundation, to renew his support ... FULL STORY

Final Open-Space Agreement for UCSB's 68-Acre South Parcel Announced by University, Land Trust for Santa Barbara County
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UC Santa Barbara and The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County have announced that the 68-acre tract of coastal university property known as the South Parcel ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologist Tells the Story of 20th-Century Con Artist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– From the late 1880's to the early 1900's, Ólöf Krarer regaled listeners with incredible stories about her native Greenland and her own Eskimo heritage. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces Winners of Leal, Aldrich Awards, and Other Top Academic Prizes for Outstanding Graduating Seniors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Four graduating seniors in the College of Letters and Science at UC Santa Barbara have been selected to receive awards for outstanding academic achievement ... FULL STORY

GIVE's Two-Day Sale of Items Donated by UCSB Students to be Held in Isla Vista
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A two-day sale of items donated by UC Santa Barbara students will be held June 19-20, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the parking lot of UCSB's Embarcadero Hall at ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces Winners of Thomas More Storke Award and Other Top Prizes for Outstanding Graduating Seniors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three remarkable graduating seniors at UC Santa Barbara have been named winners of the university's top awards for their scholastic achievement, their extraordinary ... FULL STORY

UCSB Installs First of Five Emergency Communication Speakers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The first of what UC Santa Barbara officials hope will be a network of five mass notification warning system speakers has been installed on the roof of Kerr ... FULL STORY

UCSB Students, Faculty Member Receive Chancellor's Research Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Three graduating seniors, two graduate students, and a faculty member have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate research at ... FULL STORY

UCSB's MarineMap Consortium Receives National Technology Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution has awarded its first Innovation in Technology and ECR Award to the MarineMap Consortium, a group ... FULL STORY

Six UC Santa Barbara Senior Women Awarded Surprise Cash Academic Prizes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Six graduating women will receive cash awards totaling $51,000 from the now-defunct Santa Barbara City Club, whose members established the program 30 years ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar and Translator Edits New Series of Writings by Jorge Luis Borges
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new five-volume series of works by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges has been published by Penguin Classics under the general editorship of Suzanne ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Innovative Global Health Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant will support an innovative ... FULL STORY

UCSB Will Graduate 4,985 Students in Eight Commencement Ceremonies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A total of 4,985 graduating students will take part in one of eight official commencement ceremonies scheduled at UC Santa Barbara over eight days, starting ... FULL STORY

UC Center for New Racial Studies at Be Located at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With a $1.73 million grant from the UC Office of the President, a new multi-campus research program is preparing to launch at UC Santa Barbara. The UC Center ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientist Has Key Role in Gulf Oil Spill Studies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When the Obama administration announced this morning that the amount of oil leaking from the BP well in the Gulf of Mexico is far greater than ... FULL STORY

2 UCSB Scientists Receive National Science Foundation CAREER Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two assistant professors at UC Santa Barbara have been awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER awards. The Faculty Early Career Development ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Author Offers a Formula for Alzheimer's Disease Management and Prevention
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With the aging of nearly 80 million baby boomers, Alzheimer's disease is an impending epidemic that requires a new approach to prevention as well as management ... FULL STORY

UCSB History and Global and International Studies Scholars Appointed to MacArthur Foundation Chairs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara Professors Richard Appelbaum and Nelson Lichtenstein have been named to John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Chairs. Each professorship ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientist Proposes Novel Method to Quantify Gulf Oil Spill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While the world has reacted with shock and anger to the massive amounts of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the Deepwater Horizon platform ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Professor Receives Harold J. Plous Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Karen Kroman Myers, an assistant professor of communication at UC Santa Barbara, has received the 2010-11 Harold J. Plous Award. One of the university's ... FULL STORY

2 UCSB Scholars Elected to Britain's Royal Society, World's Oldest Scientific Academy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members have been elected to Britain's prestigious Royal Society, the world's oldest scientific academy. They are among only ... FULL STORY

UCSB To Receive $1 Million for Undergraduate Biology Research from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– At UC Santa Barbara, hundreds of sophomores take the introductory biology course each year. Soon, each one will have the opportunity to perform original ... FULL STORY

MFA Show at UCSB University Art Museum to Feature Work of Seven New Artists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The work of seven artists completing their Master of Fine Arts degrees at UC Santa Barbara will be on display at the University Art Museum from June 2 through ... FULL STORY

New Fossil Material Redefines Azendohsaurus as Bizarre Early Reptile
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Following careful study of a prehistoric skull of a new species unearthed in Madagascar, Azendohsaurus madagaskarensis, it turns out Azendohsaurus is not ... FULL STORY

Unique Eclipsing Binary Star System Discovered by UCSB Astrophysicists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Astrophysicists at UC Santa Barbara are the first scientists to identify two white dwarf stars in an eclipsing binary system, allowing for the first direct ... FULL STORY

UCSB Research Team Participates in National Lab Day in Washington, D.C.
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers from UC Santa Barbara's DigitalOcean: Sampling the Sea project participated in a two-day conference earlier this month in Washington, D.C., that ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Receives $100,000 NOAA Grant for Archaeological Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), UC Santa Barbara graduate student Amy Gusick is searching underwater ... FULL STORY

UCSB Graduate Students Receive U.S. State Department Language Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three graduate students at UC Santa Barbara have been selected to receive U.S. Department of State 2010 Critical Language Scholarships. They are among 575 ... FULL STORY

UCSB Survey Shows How Wildfires Affected Mental Health of Area Residents
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In a little less than a year, from July 2008 to May 2009, the Santa Barbara area was hit by three terrifying wildfires. All took a physical and mental toll ... FULL STORY

Brain Mechanism Evolved to Identify Those With a Propensity to Cheat, According to UCSB Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New research by scholars at UC Santa Barbara indicates that the uncanny human ability to detect cheaters reflects the operation of a reasoning system that ... FULL STORY

Studies Offer New Insights Into How Deadly Amphibian Disease Spreads and Kills
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists have unraveled the dynamics of a deadly disease that is wiping out amphibian populations across the globe. Chytridiomycosis is caused by a microscopic ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Researchers Will Present Their Discoveries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Undergraduate researchers at UC Santa Barbara will present their discoveries and creative accomplishments at the annual Undergraduate Research Colloquium ... FULL STORY

UCSB Students Participate in Live Videoconference With Iraqi University Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Students at UC Santa Barbara will have the rare opportunity on Sunday, May 9, to participate in a groundbreaking peace mission that will bring them in direct ... FULL STORY

UCSB Biologist to Give Plous Lecture on Biodiversity and Species Extinction
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The world is currently in the midst of one of the greatest waves of species extinction that has ever occurred. But, even as rates of species extinction are ... FULL STORY

Water Activist Maude Barlow to Deliver UC Regents' Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The global water crisis is considered by many to be the greatest human ecological crisis of our time. By 2030, demand for fresh water is expected to exceed ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Look Beyond Diamond, Develop Road Map for Research on Other Materials with Defects Useful for Quantum Computing
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A team of scientists at UC Santa Barbara that helped pioneer research into the quantum properties of a small defect found in diamonds has now used cutting-edge ... FULL STORY

Astronomy Lecture, ‘Hot Results on Cool Galaxies,' to be Held at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr., a prominent astronomer with the University of Cambridge, will give a lecture on the hidden universe that can only be studied fully ... FULL STORY

UCSB Asian American Studies Scholar Explores Social Hierarchies Among Chinese Americans
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 has changed the demographic composition of the Chinese American community in significant ways. Under provisions ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members –– Douglas Burbank, director of UCSB's Institute for Crustal Studies and professor of earth science, and Gary Horowitz, ... FULL STORY

New Monitor Lizard Discovered in Indonesia
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A newly discovered species of monitor lizard, a close relative of the Komodo dragon, was reported in the journal Zootaxa this week by a professor at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

2010 Economic Outlook for North Santa Barbara County Topic of May 7 UCSB Presentation in Santa Maria
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The prospects for North Santa Barbara County's economy in the year ahead will be the topic of a special morning seminar to be presented by the UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Underwater Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered by UCSB Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– About 10 miles off the Santa Barbara coast, at the bottom of the Santa Barbara Channel, a series of impressive landmarks rise from the sea floor. They've ... FULL STORY

Brains, Worms, and Computer Chips Have Striking Similarities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of scientists has discovered striking similarities between the human brain, the nervous system of a worm, and a computer chip. The ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces ‘Green Initiative' Grant Recipients
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Grant Making Committee has announced its grant recipients for the 2009-10 funding cycle. The committee, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Middle East Ensemble to Perform in Egypt
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Middle East Ensemble at UC Santa Barbara has been invited by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to perform a series of concerts in Cairo, Alexandria, and ... FULL STORY

Political Scientist Appointed Fellow of National Asia Research Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Amit Ahuja, assistant professor of political science at UC Santa Barbara, has been named to the first class of Research Associates and Fellows of the National ... FULL STORY

UCSB Black Studies Scholar Examines the Life of Music Legend Johnny Otis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By any measure, music legend Johnny Otis has lived a remarkable life. Considered by many to be the godfather of rhythm and blues, he has been a musician, ... FULL STORY

All Gaucho Reunion to Feature Panel Discussion on the Future of UC
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Economically speaking, things continue to look bleak for the University of California. This fiscal year alone, UC is facing a gap in state funding of at ... FULL STORY

U.S. News Ranks UCSB Graduate Programs Among Best
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– U.S. News & World Report magazine has rated UC Santa Barbara's physics program among the top 10 in the nation in its 2010 ranking of leading graduate and ... FULL STORY


Background Briefing
UC Santa Barbara Offers Admission to 19,721 for Fall 2010

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University of California, Santa Barbara has offered a place in its fall 2010 entering class to a total of 19,721 high school seniors. The prospective ... FULL STORY

UCSB Economics Programs Ranked Third and Sixth in Nation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two programs within the Department of Economics at UC Santa Barbara have been ranked among the top 10 in the nation by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), ... FULL STORY

Endowed Chair Will Honor UC Santa Barbara Internet Pioneer Glen Culler
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a $500,000 gift from alumnus Huican Zhu and two anonymous donors to establish the Glen and Susanne Culler Chair in Computer ... FULL STORY

Astronomers Find Nine New Planets and Upset the Theory of Planetary Formation
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The discovery of nine new planets challenges the reigning theory of the formation of planets, according to new observations by astronomers. Two of the astronomers ... FULL STORY

UCSB Communication Scholar to Discuss the Benefits of Health Video Games
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Contrary to what many people believe, spending time in front of a Play Station or a computer could actually be good for you. It all depends on what games ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Environmental Studies Program Celebrates 40th Anniversary
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Earth Day and UC Santa Barbara's Environmental Studies program have a common thread: They share the same parent. Both were born out of the frustration and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Reaches Out to Santa Barbara, Isla Vista for Earth Day Festivities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will be spreading the word about its model sustainability programs and nanotechnology research at events being held in Santa Barbara and ... FULL STORY

2010 Economic Outlook for Santa Barbara County Topic of April 22 UCSB Seminar at the Granada Theater
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The prospects for Santa Barbara County's economy in the year ahead will be the topic of a special half-day seminar to be presented by the UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne to Discuss America's Religious Wars
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After three decades during which conflicts over religion played a tremendous role in American politics, the country seems to be approaching a truce and, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Geologist Discovers Pattern in Earth's Long-Term Climate Record
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In an analysis of the past 1.2 million years, UC Santa Barbara geologist Lorraine Lisiecki discovered a pattern that connects the regular changes of the ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Obtain Unique Recordings of Easter Earthquake in Mexico
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The major earthquake that occurred in Baja California on Easter Sunday, April 4th, at 3:40 p.m. Pacific Time, is of great interest to UC Santa Barbara seismologists, ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara to Host "Spring Insight" Open House on April 10
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UC Santa Barbara will host its annual "Spring Insight" open house for prospective students and their families on Saturday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $750,000 Endowment for Student Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has received a $750,000 gift to establish an endowment that will provide ongoing support for student scholarships in memory of UCSB alumnus ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian Examines the Role of Mexican Peasants in the Development of Oral Contraceptives
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––When chemists in Mexico in the 1940's began studying barbasco, a wild yam indigenous to the region, they made a startling discovery: The tuber contains chemical ... FULL STORY

UCSB Religious Studies Scholar to Discuss Religion and Progressive Movements
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Religion in the United States –– and California in particular –– is an ever-changing entity. Currently, two important aspects of religious change are the ... FULL STORY

UCSB and Museum of Natural History Present ‘NanoDay'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The science of very small things is the focus of "NanoDay," sponsored by UCSB and hosted by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Saturday, March ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Faculty Members Named Fellows of National Education Association
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three faculty members at UC Santa Barbara have been named Fellows of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). They are among 67 scholars from ... FULL STORY

Researchers Examine Development of Large-Scale Cooperation in Human Societies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A study conducted by an international team of social scientists that includes Michael Gurven, professor of anthropology at UC Santa Barbara, suggests that ... FULL STORY

International Team of Scientists Reports Discovery of a New Planet
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of scientists, including several who are affiliated with UC Santa Barbara, has discovered a new planet the size of Jupiter. The finding ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Show Theory of Quantum Mechanics Applies to the Motion of Large Objects
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have provided the first clear demonstration that the theory of quantum mechanics applies to the mechanical motion of an object ... FULL STORY

McCauley is New Director of UCSB's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Edward McCauley, who was recently named the new director of UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, understands why NCEAS ... FULL STORY

UCSB Italian Studies Professor Co-Edits New Online Scholarly Journal
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– California Italian Studies, a new peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal, has been published exclusively online by University of California's e-Scholarship ... FULL STORY

Scientists at UCSB Discover 600 Million-Year-Old Origins of Vision
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– By studying the hydra, a member of an ancient group of sea creatures that is still flourishing, scientists at UC Santa Barbara have made a discovery in understanding ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives Bicycle Friendly Business Gold Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The League of American Bicyclists has named UC Santa Barbara a Bicycle Friendly Business Gold Award winner. UCSB will be among 51 new Bicycle Friendly Businesses ... FULL STORY

Effects of Tsunami Caused by Chile Earthquake Detected in Santa Barbara, According to UCSB Earth Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––Waves from the tsunami produced by the massive earthquake that struck Chile last week reached the Santa Barbara harbor roughly 14 hours after the event, according ... FULL STORY

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa Receives UCSB Faculty's Top Honor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The faculty of UC Santa Barbara has bestowed its highest honor on Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, a professor of history at UCSB. Hasegawa, an internationally recognized ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program at UC Santa Barbara is sponsoring its spring Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning March 9. It will bring ... FULL STORY

UCSB Affiliates Lecture to Highlight Research in Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment of Macular Degeneration
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Stem cells have generated considerable hope and excitement because of their potential in the treatment of disease and injury. At UC Santa Barbara's Center ... FULL STORY

Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Using entire galaxies as lenses to look at other galaxies, researchers have a newly precise way to measure the size and age of the universe and how rapidly ... FULL STORY

Community Gathering to Discuss New Nanoscale Materials, Future of Energy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS), the Materials Research Lab (MRL), and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) are inviting ... FULL STORY

Entrepreneur Richard Auhll Gives Additional $500,000 to UCSB's College of Engineering
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Richard A. Auhll, a successful entrepreneur, has made a $500,000 contribution to renew and expand his support for the College of Engineering at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

Lecture at UCSB to Address Aggression and Delinquency Among Young Girls
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– At a lecture sponsored by the Center on Police Practices and Community (COPPAC) at UC Santa Barbara, Erin K. Willer of the University of Denver and Sergeant ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Computer Security Group Addresses Internet Vulnerabilities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's like something out of a Robert Ludlum novel: Cybercriminals bent on stealing confidential information hijack the computers of unsuspecting users around ... FULL STORY

5 UCSB Scientists Receive National Science Foundation CAREER Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Five assistant professors at UC Santa Barbara have been awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER awards. The Faculty Early Career Development ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professors Named Fellows of International Scientific Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Bradley Hacker, professor of earth science, and Mark Brzezinski, professor of ecology, evolution and marine biology and interim director ... FULL STORY

Marine Reserves Hit the Spotlight in PNAS Special Issue, AAAS Press Briefing
(San Diego, Calif.) –– Marine reserves are known to be effective conservation tools when they are placed and designed properly. This week, a special issue of the Proceedings of the ... FULL STORY

Goleta Police, UCSB Officials Warn of Fraudulent Solicitations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Goleta police officials are asking the public to contact them if anyone approaches their homes soliciting donations for the UC Santa Barbara orchestra or ... FULL STORY

UCSB Assistant Professor of Chemistry Awarded Sloan Fellowship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Trevor W. Hayton, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded a prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship from the ... FULL STORY

Poetry Reading to Benefit UCSB Partner Organization, Haiti Relief Fund
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A poetry reading in the Fé Bland Forum at Santa Barbara City College on Sunday, February 28, will benefit both Haiti Soleil, a nonprofit organization that ... FULL STORY

UCSB History Associates Lecture Highlights Victory Gardens –– Then and Now
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When Michelle Obama transformed a patch of the South Lawn into a vegetable garden last year, she followed in the footsteps of another first lady –– Eleanor ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor to Speak About Bones and Why They Break
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's Paul Hansma, professor of physics and developer of the Atomic Force Microscope, will deliver a speech titled "Why Do Bones Break?" at ... FULL STORY

Aid for Sustainable Fisheries is Missing Key to Global Food Security
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Lack of governance threatens global seafood supplies and the food security of billions of people who rely on fish for protein or livelihoods. Increased ... FULL STORY

UCSB Religious Studies Scholar Examines Experiential Aspects of Religion
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The essence of religion was once widely thought to be a unique form of experience that could not be explained in neurological, psychological, or anthropological ... FULL STORY

Carl Snyder Lecture at UCSB to Examine Systemic Risk
and the Financial Crisis

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Thomas F. Cooley, the Paganelli-Bull Professor of Economics at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, will give the 52nd Annual ... FULL STORY

UCSB Lecture to Examine Science, Business, and American Empire
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Gregg Mitman, the William Coleman Professor of the History of Science, and professor of medical history and of science and technology studies at the University ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference to Mark the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scholars from around the state will gather at UC Santa Barbara on Friday, February 26, to discuss the Mexican Revolution, the major civil war that initiated ... FULL STORY

UCSB Art Professor to Show Work at Winter Olympics Digital Art Exhibition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– George Legrady is participating in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, but not as an athlete. The professor of art and of media ... FULL STORY

UCSB Political Economist Will Address Global Economic Outlook
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two years ago, fear of a new Great Depression was widespread. Financial markets were collapsing under mountains of debt. The world economy appeared to ... FULL STORY

UCSB Celebrates Black History Month With Academic and Cultural Events
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When historian, author, and journalist Carter G. Woodson declared the second week of February as a time to recognize and honor the contributions and legacies ... FULL STORY

UCSB Financial Aid Office Offers Online Tutorial for Federal Student Aid Form
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Office of Financial Aid at UC Santa Barbara is once again offering its online tutorial to assist current and prospective students in completing the ... FULL STORY

Grass Resource Revolutionizes Biodiversity Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Grasses from across the world will be documented in a new resource to help researchers better understand the biology of and threats to these vital species, ... FULL STORY

Federal Reserve Banker to Keynote Ventura County 2010 Economic Outlook Seminar Presented by UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A top official of the Federal Reserve Bank system will be the keynote speaker at this month's Ventura County economic outlook event presented by the UC Santa ... FULL STORY

New Chair Appointed to UCSB Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Aida Hurtado has joined the faculty at UC Santa Barbara as the new chair of the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. A social psychologist whose research ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher Receives National Science Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– John Alroy, associate researcher at UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), has been named the winner of the National ... FULL STORY

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Robert Lang, a pioneer of the marriage of origami with mathematics that revolutionized the art in the late 20th century, will deliver a free public lecture ... FULL STORY

Luis Leal, Distinguished Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies,
Dies at 102

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Luis Leal, distinguished professor of Chicana and Chicano studies at UC Santa Barbara and an internationally recognized scholar of Mexican, Chicano, and ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Shuji Nakamura Named Winner of 2009 Harvey Prize
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Lighting pioneer Shuji Nakamura of UC Santa Barbara has been named one of the two winners of the 2009 Harvey Prize for advancements in science and technology. Awarded ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumnus and Songwriter Jack Johnson Donates $50,000 for Disabled Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Singer and songwriter Jack Johnson and his wife, Kim, both UC Santa Barbara graduates, have made a $50,000 contribution to the campus to support students ... FULL STORY

Research at UCSB Points to Potential Treatment for Kidney Disease
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Research performed at UC Santa Barbara points to the drug rapamycin as a potential treatment for kidney disease. The study builds on past research and shows ... FULL STORY

New Film Focuses on Controversial Research About Yanomamö Indians
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– It's a scandal replete with sex, drugs, and violence. Oh, and scientists, which is where Napoleon Chagnon comes into the picture. Chagnon, professor emeritus ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Wins National Award from the U.S. Department of Energy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Benjamin Monreal, assistant professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has won an Early Career Research Program Award from the Office of Nuclear Physics at ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Tommaso Treu Awarded Prestigious Astronomy Prize
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Tommaso Treu, associate professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded the 2010 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize by the American Astronomical Society ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholars to Discuss Haiti and the Aftermath of the Recent Earthquake
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Following last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti, the entire global community has focused its attention on the small Caribbean nation. The Center for ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Scholar Examines the History of Love Between Women
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– From the ancient poet Sappho to tombois in contemporary Indonesia, women throughout history and around the globe have desired, loved, and had sex with other ... FULL STORY


UC Santa Barbara Receives 58,992 Applications for Fall 2010 From Prospective Freshmen and Transfer Students

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara has received 58,992 applications for undergraduate admission for fall 2010. The total is 4,234 more than last ... FULL STORY

‘UCSB Reads' Picks ‘Enrique's Journey' by Sonia Nazario
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– When Enrique Gomez was 5 years old, his mother left him with relatives in Honduras while she traveled to the United States to find work. For more than a ... FULL STORY

Gay Marriage Protests in San Francisco Sparked Statewide Campaign for Marriage Equality, Says UCSB Sociologist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In 2004, same-sex couples engaged in protests at marriage licensing counters across the United States as part of the gay and lesbian movement's campaign ... FULL STORY

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Come at a Cost, According to UCSB Researchers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For decades, omega-3 fatty acids have been praised for their myriad health benefits. Credited with helping treat or prevent degenerative illnesses such as ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumnus Establishes Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara alumnus Tunc Doluca and his wife, Lale, have made a $500,000 gift to the campus to establish an endowed chair in the Department of Electrical ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference to Focus on El Teatro Campesino and Chicano/Latino Theater
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– To mark the opening of the Teatro Campesino archives, UC Santa Barbara will host a one-day conference later this month featuring Luis Valdez, the founder ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Discover How the Brain Encodes Memories at a Cellular Level
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have made a major discovery in how the brain encodes memories. The finding, published in the December 24 issue of the journal ... FULL STORY

Seven UCSB Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Seven faculty members at UC Santa Barbara have been awarded the distinction of Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). ... FULL STORY

UCSB Philosopher Examines Reasonable Disagreement and Political Policy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Christopher McMahon, a professor of philosophy at UC Santa Barbara, has a new take on disagreements –– particularly those that are political in nature. His ... FULL STORY

Scientists Observe Super-Massive Black Holes Using Keck Observatory in Hawaii
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of scientists has observed four super-massive black holes at the center of galaxies, which may provide new information on how these ... FULL STORY

UCSB Archaeologist Disputes Common Belief About Collapse of Maya

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– For decades, the Maya –– and their descendents –– have gotten a bad rap from archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scholars who cite the ancient civilization's ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Show that Female Fruit Flies Can be ‘Too Attractive' to Males
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Females can be too attractive to the opposite sex –– too attractive for their own good –– say biologists at UC Santa Barbara. They found that, among fruit ... FULL STORY

UCSB, UCL Scientists Rescue Visual Function in Rats Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An international team of scientists has rescued visual function in laboratory rats with eye disease by using cells similar to stem cells. The research shows ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Dean of Science Elected to Materials Research Society Board of Directors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Pierre Wiltzius, the Susan and Bruce Worster Dean of Science at UC Santa Barbara, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Affiliates Science Lite Event to Focus on Alternative Energy Sources
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An unprecedented global effort is under way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans and to combat global warming. Even in these times of significant ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Travels to Washington, D.C. on Behalf of Immigrant Children
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– While liberals and conservatives argue about immigration and the rights of illegal aliens, Manuel Casas argues for the children who are caught in the middle ... FULL STORY

UCSB Co-Sponsors Fall Rummage Sale in Isla Vista
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The first annual GIVE fall rummage sale will be held on Sunday, November 22, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the parking lot of UC Santa Barbara's ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicists Move One Step Closer to Quantum Computing
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists at UC Santa Barbara have made an important advance in electrically controlling quantum states of electrons, a step that could help in the development ... FULL STORY

UCSB's NCEAS is Partner in DataONE, a New Global Data Access Network
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers at the University of California, including UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), have partnered with ... FULL STORY

UCSB History, Environmental Studies Scholar to Discuss Endangered Species
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In 1889, a large male California grizzly bear was captured in the San Gabriel Mountains at the behest of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Given ... FULL STORY

New Books Published by UCSB French and Italian Scholars
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Three faculty members in the Department of French and Italian at UC Santa Barbara have published new books ranging in subject from deadly medieval theater ... FULL STORY

Famed Artist Esteban Villa to Speak at UCSB and in Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––Esteban Villa, a renowned artist, master muralist, and co-founder of the Sacramento-based artists collective known as the Royal Chicano Air Force, will discuss ... FULL STORY

Fulbright Scholars From Canada, Europe, and the Middle East to Study at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Fulbright Scholar Program has awarded grants to seven researchers from Korea, Spain, Canada, and the Middle East to study at UC Santa Barbara during ... FULL STORY

Literary Scholar at UCSB to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, a professor of English at UC Santa Barbara, is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of the Study of the ... FULL STORY

‘Galileo, the Universe, and God': UCSB Science and Humanities Faculty to Discuss Legacy of Galileo and his Astronomical Discoveries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Galileo Galilei is revered as the father of modern science, a true Renaissance man who made important discoveries in astronomy, physics, mathematics, ... FULL STORY

New Type of Supernova Explosion Reported; Predicted by Theoretical Physicists at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new class of supernova was discovered by scientists at Berkeley and may be the first example of a new type of exploding star. A team of astrophysicists ... FULL STORY

Trayless Dining, Composting Projects Are Sustainability Successes at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two of UC Santa Barbara's latest sustainability projects –– trayless dining and composting –– are proving to be very successful, enhancing UCSB's reputation ... FULL STORY

New UC Santa Barbara Police Chief Takes Up Duties
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new chief of the UC Santa Barbara Police Department has taken up his duties this week. Dustin Olson, formerly the Assistant Chief of Police at the University ... FULL STORY

UCSB Affiliates Explore Energy Production, Conservation, and Efficiency
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A new Science Lite lecture series presented by the UCSB Affiliates will explore various aspects of energy, including production, conservation, and efficiency. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Say Size of Area Lagoons Can Be Predicted, Helping Steelhead Trout Recovery
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The size of Santa Barbara area lagoons can be predicted, according to a new study by UC Santa Barbara scientists, who say that their research could help ... FULL STORY

Bay Area Event to Focus on UCSB's DigitalOcean Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The DigitalOcean project at UC Santa Barbara is going on the road –– all the way to San Francisco's Pier 39 –– for a special event on Sunday, November 8, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Joins in $20 Million Grant for Vision Research Using Stem Cells
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara will receive $2.5 million of a $20 million, multi-institution grant for vision research. The research will focus on macular degeneration, ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Series Will Focus on Oil, Water and Impact of 1969 Santa Barbara Spill
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As oil in many ways defined the economy and politics of the last century, experts believe that water will be a defining element of the 21st ... FULL STORY

Discussions, Roundtables on the Future of the University Sponsored by UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 was built on a foundation of state-supported higher education. That plan and its promise are now ... FULL STORY

Geography, Psychology Scholars Give Lectures in Memory of Reginald Golledge
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In memory of Reginald Golledge, the professor of geography at UC Santa Barbara who was named the 2009 Faculty Research Lecturer –– the highest honor that ... FULL STORY

UCSB Announces First-Ever Sustainability Champions
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Food and energy –– two of the world's most important resources –– are what fuel the research and fervor of UC Santa Barbara's first-ever Sustainability Champions. For ... FULL STORY

UCSB Trades Union Agrees to Furloughs
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University of California Office of the President released the following announcement today: University of California officials announced today that ... FULL STORY

UCSB's External Research Funding Shows Slight Decline
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara's external research funding slipped a bit in fiscal 2009. Due in part to the country's financial crisis, UCSB's external funding total of ... FULL STORY

Geologist Analyzes Earliest Shell-Covered Fossil Animals
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The fossil remains of some of the first animals with shells, ocean-dwelling creatures that measure a few centimeters in length and date to about 520 million ... FULL STORY

Suspect in UCSB South Hall Incident Taken Into Custody
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and UC Santa Barbara police announced today that a man taken into custody in Isla Vista Tuesday evening is believed ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang To Chair Association of American Universities
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Henry T. Yang, chancellor of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been elected chair of the Association of American Universities, a nonprofit ... FULL STORY

Author Graciela Limón to Receive UCSB's Luis Leal Literature Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Writer and educator Graciela Limón is the recipient of UC Santa Barbara's 2009 Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature. The award, which ... FULL STORY

Large-Scale Camera Network Part of New Study at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– B. S. Manjunath came up with the idea for his latest research project during a faculty meeting a few years ago. The UC Santa Barbara professor of electrical ... FULL STORY

UCSB Anthropologist Studies Human Life Span, Evolution of Physiology
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A remote Amazonian tribe in central Bolivia may offer proof that heart attack and stroke –– the leading causes of death in the United States and other developed ... FULL STORY

UCSB Police Respond Quickly to Report of Suspicious Person at South Hall
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara police are investigating an incident in which a suspicious person was seen on the sixth-floor balcony of the campus's South Hall. One caller ... FULL STORY

Jeff Dozier of UCSB's Bren School Wins Microsoft Research's Jim Gray Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Jeff Dozier, a professor and founding dean of UC Santa Barbara's Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, has today been awarded Microsoft Research's ... FULL STORY

Fall Shows at UCSB's University Art Museum Highlight
Photography, Travel, and Death –– Plus a Zombie

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The depth of the extensive photography collection at UC Santa Barbara's University Art Museum will be on display in two of the museum's four fall exhibitions, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Geologist Wins National Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Douglas Burbank, professor of earth science at UC Santa Barbara, has been selected as the 2009 winner of the Don J. Easterbrook Distinguished Scientist Award ... FULL STORY

UCSB Early Academic Outreach Presents Higher Education Week
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) ––The Early Academic Outreach Program at UC Santa Barbara is hosting Higher Education Week, a four-day event beginning October 20. It will bring representatives ... FULL STORY

UCSB Nanotechnology Breast Cancer Study Receives $2.8 Million Grant
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Erkki Ruoslahti, professor at UC Santa Barbara's Burnham Institute for Medical Research, is the recipient of a $2.8 million award from the Department of ... FULL STORY

Private Giving for UC Santa Barbara Reached $40.6 Million in 2008-09, Bringing Campus's Campaign Total to $544 Million
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Campaign for UC Santa Barbara continues to attract strong philanthropic support for the campus, thus far generating a total of $544 million for priority ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumna Carol W. Greider Shares Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Carol W. Greider, a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Greider shares ... FULL STORY

Teach-In at UCSB to Explore Solutions to UC Budget Crisis
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With UC's budget crisis generating fee increases, layoffs, furloughs, and frustration, a group of faculty and staff members and students at UC Santa Barbara ... FULL STORY

Conference at UCSB Examines Environmental and Resource Economics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Economic and environmental scholars from universities across the United States, Canada, and Europe will gather at UC Santa Barbara for the 11th Occasional ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara to Close Off-Campus Studies Center in Ventura
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University of California, Santa Barbara has announced plans to close its Ventura Center for Off-Campus Studies. The decision was made for financial reasons, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Geologist Receives Prestigious German Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Tanya Atwater, professor emeritus of earth science at UC Santa Barbara, will be awarded the Leopold von Buch Medal of the German Geosciences Society. It ... FULL STORY

Federal Stimulus Grants Support Diverse Research at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– With funds made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), more than 40 grants already have been awarded to research projects ... FULL STORY

UCSB Dean of Social Sciences Joins W.T. Grant Foundation Board of Trustees
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Melvin Oliver, the SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences and a professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara, is one of four new members appointed ... FULL STORY

Scientists Outline Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New approaches are needed to help humanity deal with climate change and other global environmental threats that lie ahead in the 21st century, ... FULL STORY

Physicists at UC Santa Barbara Make Discovery in Quantum Mechanics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists at UC Santa Barbara have made an important advance in quantum mechanics using a superconducting electrical circuit. The finding is reported in ... FULL STORY

UCSB Unveils New Three-Building Education, Social Sciences, Media Studies Complex
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The newest addition to UC Santa Barbara is an impressive three-building complex that adds 209,750 square feet of high-tech classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian to Discuss Wal-Mart and the Future of American Business
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A retail giant that began as a corner store in a small Arkansas town, Wal-Mart has become the largest private employer in the world. It is a typical American ... FULL STORY

UCSB Taking Precautions for Possible Next Wave of H1N1 Flu
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– After dealing with multiple cases of the H1N1 "swine flu" virus in late spring and early summer, UC Santa Barbara health officials are preparing ... FULL STORY

UCSB Offers ‘School for Scientific Thought' for High School Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A total of 100 high school students have enrolled in UC Santa Barbara's new "School for Scientific Thought" to learn about "Mutants, Spirals, and Riots," ... FULL STORY

Reading Kafka Improves Learning, Suggests UCSB Psychology Study
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Reading a book by Franz Kafka –– or watching a film by director David Lynch –– could make you smarter. According to research by psychologists at UC Santa ... FULL STORY

Biologist Honored for 50 Years of Service at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Research Professor (Emeritus) Eduardo Orias will be honored for his 50 years of service at UC Santa Barbara during an all-day research colloquium to be held ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researchers Develop Drug Delivery System Using Nanoparticles and Lasers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have developed a new way to deliver drugs into cancer cells by exposing them briefly to a non-harmful laser. Their results ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives NSF Grant to Preserve Herbarium, Algae Collections
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Tucked away in a room beneath the bleachers at the south end of UC Santa Barbara's Harder Stadium, the 100,000 specimens stored in the herbarium of the Cheadle ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked Among Top U.S. Universities by Washington Monthly
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– UC Santa Barbara has been ranked number 21 in a list of the Top 30 National Universities released today by Washington Monthly magazine in its September/October ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chemist Named Fellow of the American Chemical Society
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Michael T. Bowers, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, has been named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society ... FULL STORY

The Invasive Green Mussel May Inspire New Forms of Wet Adhesion
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The green mussel is known for being a notoriously invasive fouling species, but scientists have just discovered that it also has a very powerful form of ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Propose Antarctic Location for ‘Missing' Ice Sheet
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– New research by scientists at UC Santa Barbara indicates a possible Antarctic location for ice that seemed to be missing at a key point in climate history ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientists Discover Potential Drug Delivery System
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have discovered a potential new drug delivery system. The finding is a biological mechanism for delivery of nanoparticles ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ranked Among Country's Best Universities by U.S. News & World Report
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara number 11 in its annual listing of the "Top 50 Public National Universities" in the country, and number ... FULL STORY

Chief Executive of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Richard W. Fisher, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, will speak at UC Santa Barbara on Thursday, September 3. His ... FULL STORY

UCSB Ethnic and Multicultural Archive Launches Teatro Campesino Online
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– More than 100 vintage video recordings of the world- renowned Latino theater company El Teatro Campesino are now available online courtesy of the California ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Blue Horizon Student Filmmakers to Screen Their Work
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A series of short films produced by students in Blue Horizons, UC Santa Barbara's summer program for environmental media, will screen on Friday, August 21, ... FULL STORY

Scientists Demonstrate Importance of Niche Differences in Biodiversity
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have found strong evidence that niche differences are critical to biodiversity. Their findings are published online in this ... FULL STORY

Experiments at UCSB Push Quantum Mechanics to Higher Levels
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have devised a new type of superconducting circuit that behaves quantum mechanically –– but has up to five levels of energy ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Bren Hall Is Nation's First Building to Earn
‘Double Platinum' Rating for Sustainability

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Bren Hall, which houses the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara, has become the nation's first building to earn two LEED ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara and Burnham Institute for Medical Research Announce Director of New Joint Research Center for Nanomedicine
(La Jolla and Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The Burnham Institute for Medical Research and the University of California, Santa Barbara have named leading biomedical researcher Jamey D. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Library Awarded Second National Endowment for the Humanities Grant To Document Historical Sound Recordings by Victor Talking Machine Company
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The University Library at UC Santa Barbara has been awarded a second National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant to further develop an online encyclopedia ... FULL STORY

New Book by UCSB Scholar Offers Firsthand Account of a North Korean Labor Camp Survivor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In 1993, Kim Yong was a model North Korean citizen. Dedicated to his country and its leaders, the lieutenant colonel in the National Security Agency (NSA) ... FULL STORY

UCSB Projects Receive Multi-Campus UC Research Awards
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Six research programs based at UC Santa Barbara have received awards in the 2009 University of California Multi-Campus Research Programs and Initiatives ... FULL STORY

UCSB Study Links Strength and Beauty to Anger, Pro-War Attitudes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Anthropologists, psychologists, and other experts in human behavior have long recognized anger as a universal emotion. Evident in humans across all cultures, ... FULL STORY

Scientists Isolate Protein that may be ‘Boon' to Medicine
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have isolated a unique protein that appears to have a dual function and could lead to a "boon in medicine." The findings are ... FULL STORY

Chemists Explain the Switchboards in our Cells
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Our cells are controlled by billions of molecular "switches" and chemists at UC Santa Barbara have developed a theory that explains how these molecules work. ... FULL STORY

Scientists Document Prospects for Recovery of Fisheries,
Call for More Global Action

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists have joined forces in a groundbreaking assessment on the status of marine fisheries and ecosystems. The two-year study, based at the University ... FULL STORY

Alan Stephens, Renowned Poet and Scholar, Dies in Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Alan Archer Stephens, 83, a renowned poet and founding faculty member of UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies (CCS), died July 21 after a long ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scientist Appointed to New Post at Large Hadron Collider Experiment
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Already a key player in the team of UC Santa Barbara physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Europe for the past two years, ... FULL STORY

Driving Fast –– New Book by UCSB English Scholar Examines the Thrill of Speed
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– As fighter pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell walks across the tarmac toward his F-14 Tomcat in the 1986 film "Top Gun," he turns to his co-pilot and says, "I ... FULL STORY

Collaboration Involves UC, Caltech, Canadian Universities

After careful evaluation and comparison between two outstanding candidate sites –– Mauna Kea in Hawaii and Cerro Armazones in Chile –– the board of directors of the TMT Observatory ... FULL STORY

Tiny Diamonds on Santa Rosa Island Give Evidence of Cosmic Impact
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Nanosized diamonds found just a few meters below the surface of Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara provide strong evidence of a cosmic impact ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Receives National Mentoring Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Steven Gaines, professor of ecology, evolution and marine biology at UC Santa Barbara, has received the inaugural Marc J. Hershman Excellence in Mentoring ... FULL STORY

UCSB Director of Institute for Energy Efficiency Awarded Kavli Professorship
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– John E. Bowers, a pioneering professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Santa Barbara and director of the campus's Institute for Energy Efficiency, ... FULL STORY

New Study Ranks ‘Hotspots' of Human Impact on Coastal Areas
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Coastal marine ecosystems are at risk worldwide as a result of human activities, according to scientists at UC Santa Barbara who have recently published ... FULL STORY

2 New Exhibits Open at UC Santa Barbara's University Art Museum
The architecture of classic Los Angeles eateries from the mid-20th century will be featured in one of two exhibitions opening this month at the University Art Museum at UC Santa Barbara. ... FULL STORY

Alzheimer's Research Yields Potential Drug Target
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists at UC Santa Barbara and several other institutions have found laboratory evidence that a cluster of peptides may be the toxic agent in Alzheimer's ... FULL STORY