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Foreign Scholars Attend UC Santa Barbara Summer Institute to Learn About Religious Diversity in the United States
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – American studies scholars from around the world are at UC Santa Barbara this summer studying the religious diversity of the United States and finding out ... FULL STORY

Writer Rudolfo Anaya to Receive 2004 Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Rudolfo Anaya, a New Mexican writer whose novels and stories depict the lives of contemporary Mexican-Americans in the Southwest, has been chosen to receive ... FULL STORY

Preparing Future Generations of Scholars - UCSB Alumnus Gives $500,000 for Graduate Student Support
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Preparing future generations of scholars, scientists, and engineers is one of the primary purposes of a research university such as UC Santa Barbara. To ... FULL STORY

89 Inducted into UC Santa Barbara Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Faculty members at the University of California, Santa Barbara have inducted 89 high-achieving seniors into the UCSB chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's ... FULL STORY

Research Awards Presented to a Faculty Mentor & Students
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A graduating senior, two graduate students, and a faculty member have been recognized for their contributions to undergraduate research at UC Santa Barbara. Kimberly ... FULL STORY

UCSB Awarded Patent for "Date Rape" Drug Test
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A patent for a highly sensitive test to detect the presence of the "date rape" drug, GHB, has recently been granted to the University of California, Santa ... FULL STORY

Six Surprised UCSB Graduates to Receive Cash Gifts
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Six graduating women will share an unrestricted cash award of $53,500, an unexpected gift from the now-defunct Santa Barbara City Club whose members sought ... FULL STORY

Students in UCSB College Receive Top Academic Honors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Four graduating seniors have been selected to receive awards for academic achievement from the College of Letters and Science at commencement exercises ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumni House Receives Major Gifts, Closes in on Fund-Raising Goal
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UC Santa Barbara has received three major gifts totaling $850,000 for construction of the Mosher Alumni House, which will break ground Aug. 13. The new ... FULL STORY

UCSB Engineer Wins Naval Research Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Hyongsok (Tom) Soh, an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, ... FULL STORY

Special Awards Given to Outstanding UCSB Graduates
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Three remarkable graduating UC Santa Barbara seniors will receive the university's top three awards for their scholastic achievements, their extraordinary ... FULL STORY

A UC Santa Barbara Tradition
Seven Commencement Ceremonies Recognize Each Student

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Approximately 4,700 students will graduate from UC Santa Barbara in seven official ceremonies on June 6, 12 and 13. As is traditional at UCSB, commencement ... FULL STORY

Area Students Receive UCSB Chancellor's Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Twenty-four high school graduates from Kern, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties will enter UC Santa Barbara this fall as Chancellor's scholars. ... FULL STORY

Japanese Identity Crisis Endangers Relations With U.S., Scholar Says
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – John Nathan has been keeping a scholarly eye on Japan ever since being admitted to the Japanese literature department at the University of Tokyo as an undergraduate ... FULL STORY

Anthropologist Appointed Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson Center
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Mary Hancock, a cultural anthropologist at UC Santa Barbara, is one of 23 distinguished scholars to be appointed a fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International ... FULL STORY

Capps Center Receives $580,000 Endowment Gift
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The Walter Capps Center for the Study of Religion and Public Life has received a $580,000 planned gift from Leinie Schilling Bard, of Santa Barbara, that ... FULL STORY

Instructional Technology Expert Presents Public Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Richard N. Katz, a leading expert on the use of information technology in higher education, will present a free public lecture at UC Santa Barbara May 25 ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Guenter Ahlers, professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been elected a Fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Arts ... FULL STORY

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Conservative Writer William Kristol to Debate Iraq and War on Terror at UCSB May 24
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – More than a year after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, Americans and Iraqis continue to die in Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction have been found. ... FULL STORY

Evidence of Meteor Impact Near Australia Linked to Largest Extinction in Earth's History
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – An impact crater, believed to be associated with the "Great Dying," the largest extinction event in the history of life on Earth––much earlier than the extinction ... FULL STORY

UCSB Middle East Center to Host Evaluation of War in Iraq
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Three UCSB professors and the editor of "Middle East Report" magazine will discuss the war in Iraq and its consequences for the region Wednesday, May 19 ... FULL STORY

Undergraduate Researchers Present Their Discoveries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A public colloquium celebrating the research accomplishments and creative activities of undergraduate students at UC Santa Barbara will be held May 13 from ... FULL STORY

"Afrogeeks" Conference to Feature Reports of African-American Success in Information Technology and New Media
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Much has rightly been made of the tragedy of the digital divide – the economic and social circumstances that allow affluent and middle-class kids ample ... FULL STORY

Plankton May Influence Climate Change Says UCSB Scientist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Plankton appear to play a major role in regulating the global climate system, according to new research. David Siegel, professor of geography at the University ... FULL STORY

DARPA Funds Joint Industrial-Academic Effort to Develop Advanced Optical Packet Router Technologies

Agility Communications, Calient Networks, Cisco Systems, JDS Uniphase and Stanford University Team Up With UC Santa Barbara

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A team of researchers in industry and higher education, led by a group at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been awarded major financial support ... FULL STORY

UCSB Archaeology Class to Hold Open House at Sedgwick Dig
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UCSB archaeology students have been excavating a human habitation site on the University of California's Sedgwick Reserve this month to assess its potential ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor Lisa Hajjar to Give Plous Award Lecture,
'Torture and the Future,' Monday, May 3

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Lisa Hajjar, winner of UCSB's 2003 Harold J. Plous Memorial Award, will give the honorary lecture that accompanies the award Monday, May 3 at 4 p.m. in Corwin ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar to Discuss Paths Leading Beyond Religious Violence
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Mark Juergensmeyer has spent much of his career studying and writing about religious violence. Juergensmeyer will share what he has learned in "Beyond Violence: ... FULL STORY

High School Students are Paired with Top Researchers in UCSB Summer Mentorship Program
(Santa Barbara, CA) - High school students eager to jump-start their college careers while learning how research is conducted may enroll now for UC Santa Barbara's Research Mentorship ... FULL STORY

UCSB Chemical Engineer Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Jacob Israelachvili, a professor of chemical engineering and materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been elected to the nation's most ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Offers Admission to 19,325 for Fall 2004
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara has offered a place in its fall 2004 entering class to a total of 19,325 high school students. The prospective ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Host U.S. and New World Order Conference April 23-24
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Over the past four years, the foreign policy initiatives of the Bush Administration–-particularly those involving the Middle East–-have been heatedly debated ... FULL STORY

Marine Reseachers Fertilize Southern Ocean with Iron to Study Past and Future Climate Change
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Scientists are learning about the history and possibly the future of climate change by fertilizing the ocean with iron to create blooms of microscopic plants. These ... FULL STORY

UCSB Economist to Tell How High School Student Leadership Affects Adult Economic Success
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – High schools are told to emphasize basic skills such as math and science in preparing students for college and the workaday world. But surveys show that ... FULL STORY

Economic Outlook for Santa Barbara County Topic of April 22 UCSB Seminar
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The Economic Forecast Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara will present its annual seminar on the outlook for Santa Barbara County's economy ... FULL STORY

Cinnamon May Help to Alleviate Diabetes Says UCSB Researcher
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Cinnamon may be more than a spice – it may have a medical application in preventing and combating diabetes. Cinnamon may help by playing the role of an ... FULL STORY

The Santa Barbara Collection: Easton Gift to Help Preserve Local Heritage
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University Libraries at UC Santa Barbara have received a $20,000 bequest from local author Robert O. Easton and his wife, Jane. The gift will support ... FULL STORY

UCSB and MIT Professor Isadore Singer to Share Abel Prize, The 'Nobel Prize' of Mathematics
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – American mathematician Isadore Singer, who teaches at UC Santa Barbara, and British mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah have been selected to share the 2004 ... FULL STORY

New Geography of Surfing Class Takes Off
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A new course in UC Santa Barbara's Department of Geography – possibly the first of its type in the U.S. – is making waves among undergraduates. "The Geography ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Host National Conference on Wal-Mart as Model for 21st Century Global Capitalism
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Just as General Motors and Microsoft set the standard for innovative enterprise in the 20th century, many scholars feel Wal-Mart has become the model for ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Introduces 'Magic Lantern Films,' New Weekly Film Series in Isla Vista Starting April 2
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A new weekly film series called "Magic Lantern Films" is coming to Isla Vista starting next week. The series will begin Friday, April 2, at 8:30 p.m. with ... FULL STORY

Two UCSB Professors Awarded German Research Prizes for Lifetime Achievement in Science
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Two professors at the University of California, Santa Barbara have each been awarded the Humboldt Research Prize in recognition of lifetime achievements ... FULL STORY

Book By UCSB Researcher and Parent of Autistic Child Offers Strategies for 'Overcoming Autism'
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Most of the symptoms of the baffling disability autism can be overcome with early intervention, professional treatment, parental involvement, and plenty of ... FULL STORY

UCSB Researcher to Discuss Past, Present, Future of Maya Forest in Chancellor's Community Breakfast Presentation March 24
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – For more than 1,700 years, the Maya center of El Pilar thrived beneath the lush canopy of the Maya forest along the border of Guatemala and Belize. Today, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Receives $2 Million Gift for Public Film Theater in New Center for Film, Television and New Media
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Joseph and Helene Pollock, of Santa Barbara, and their family have contributed $2 million for the construction of a public film theater in the new Center ... FULL STORY

Ecologist William Murdoch Receives Top UCSB Faculty Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – William W. Murdoch, an internationally known ecologist and a UCSB faculty member since 1965, has been chosen to receive the highest honor the UCSB faculty ... FULL STORY

Sloan Fellowship Awarded to UCSB Assistant Professor
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Joan-Emma Shea, an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been awarded a prestigious Sloan ... FULL STORY

UCSB's Capps Center to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Founding of Healing Class on Religion and the Impact of the Vietnam War
Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Jonathan Shay, a specialist in combat psychiatric trauma, will give the keynote talk at a celebration honoring the 25th anniversary of the founding of Walter ... FULL STORY

UC Santa Barbara Receives $2 Million for Science Outreach
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at UC, Santa Barbara has been awarded a $2 million educational outreach grant from the National Science Foundation ... FULL STORY

U.S. Supreme Court Redefined Meaning of "Equal" in Brown V. Board of Education Decision, Says UCSB Scholar
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - This year marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark decision of the U.S Supreme Court in 1954 to end racial segregation in public schools, which was "very ... FULL STORY

Marine Sponges Provide Model for Environmentally Friendly Nanoscale Materials Production, Report Scientists at UC Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – "Nature was nano before nano was cool," stated Henry Fountain in a recent New York Times article on the proliferation of nanotechnology research projects. ... FULL STORY

Donation of UC Santa Barbara Discovery to Institute for Oneworld Health May Accelerate New Treatment for Global Health Problem
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara announced today that it has donated all rights to a patent that covers the novel use of an established class ... FULL STORY

Japanese Kelp Invades Southern California; UCSB Scientists to Develop Control and Education Campaign
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - An aggressive Japanese seaweed is making its way around the world, invading foreign harbors. It arrived in Southern California in 2001, including Santa Barbara's ... FULL STORY

National Academy of Engineering Elects Two More UCSB Professors
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Two University of California, Santa Barbara professors have been elected members of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering. Larry A. Coldren, a ... FULL STORY

Nuclear Waste Dumps Need Better Stewardship, Says Expert
(Seattle, Wash.) – Recent studies show that we have a "weapons-grade Catch-22" when it comes to managing the nation's existing problems of nuclear contamination, according to environmental ... FULL STORY

2004 Economic Outlook for Ventura County Topic of UCSB Seminar in Oxnard
(Santa Barbara, California) – The prospects for Ventura County's economy in the coming year will be the topic of a special seminar to be presented in Oxnard this month by the Economic ... FULL STORY

Scholar of Single Lifestyles Has Little Love for Valentine's Day
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - An empty mailbox on Valentine's Day–-could anything be sadder? Actually, yes–-many things–-according to Bella DePaulo, a visiting professor of psychology ... FULL STORY

Prize-Winning Author/Psychologist Steven Pinker to Open 4-Day Philosophy of the Mind Conference at UC Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker, whose books have won numerous prizes, will open a four-day conference on the philosophy of the mind at the University ... FULL STORY

Art Historian Lauds the Work of Car Designers in New Book
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - A relative handful of visionary artists are responsible for the success or failure of new American cars in the marketplace, according to C. Edson Armi, professor ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor to Speak on Israeli-Palestinian Strife
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Since 1967, the Israeli military court system has been charged with keeping the peace and security of the West Bank and Gaza, making it one of the few institutional ... FULL STORY

UCSB is Top Contributor to Peace Corps
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - UC Santa Barbara has been ranked eighth nationally among universities in the country in the number of alumni volunteers who have joined the U.S. Peace Corps ... FULL STORY

Michael Douglas Donates $1 Million to UC Santa Barbara
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Academy Award-winner Michael Douglas has contributed $1 million toward the construction of a Center for Film, Television and New Media at the University ... FULL STORY

Filmmaker/Activists David Rintels, Victoria Riskin to Discuss Difficulties of Making Films About Changing World Order
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Acclaimed filmmakers David Rintels and Victoria Riskin often have drawn their stories from the well of historic world-changing events. The couple has brought ... FULL STORY

Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian John Dower to Compare Post-War Iraq with Post-WWII Japan in Talks at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – On his trip to Britain late last year, President Bush said that "substantial progress" is being made to rebuild Iraq, and that much of that progress "has ... FULL STORY

Prize-Winning Economist Edward Prescott to Tell UCSB Audience Why Americans Work Harder Than Europeans
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Americans commonly believe that they are much more industrious than the French, Swedish, Italians or just about any other people on the European continent. ... FULL STORY

Background Briefing: UCSB Receives 45,045 Undergraduate Applications For Fall 2004
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –The University of California, Santa Barbara has received a record 45,045 applications for admission to the campus for fall 2004. Of this total: 36,651 ... FULL STORY

Catholic Studies Initiative Reaches Significant Milestone
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - UC Santa Barbara has reached a major milestone in an effort to enhance Catholic Studies in the campus's renowned Department of Religious Studies through an ... FULL STORY

UCSB Historian to Discuss Implications of U.S. Foreign Policy
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Throughout history, Americans have debated the extent to which the United States should become involved in world affairs. The debate goes on today over U.S. ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholars to Discuss Ties That Bind Religion and Art
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Art and religion have traveled through history arm-in-arm in frequent symbiosis. While religion has used art to tell its stories of faith, redemption, and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Alumnus Chiao Assigned as NASA Space Station Commander
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - NASA Astronaut Leroy Chiao, who received his doctorate in chemical engineering from UC Santa Barbara in 1987, has been assigned as commander of Expedition ... FULL STORY

UCSB Series Continues to Examine U.S. Plans for New World Order
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Throughout the world, the Bush Administration's foreign policies are stirring impassioned debate. A series of events designed to contribute to that dialog, ... FULL STORY

UCSB Prof. Giles Honored by Santa Barbara Police Department
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Howard Giles, professor of communication at UC Santa Barbara, was honored by the Santa Barbara Police Department as Reserve Corps Officer of the Year at a ... FULL STORY

Mars Rover Material Tested at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – "I was absolutely delighted when I saw that it landed," said Frederick Milstein, regarding the recent successful landing of the Mars rover, Spirit. The ... FULL STORY

Center for Black Studies Announces New Research Initiative
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Anna Everett, director of the Center for Black Studies at UC Santa Barbara, announced today a new academic initiative aimed at coalescing diverse areas of ... FULL STORY

Pioneering Water Polo Player to Speak at Annual Lecture
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Maureen O'Toole, widely regarded as the greatest female water polo player of all time, will be the featured speaker at this year's annual Distinguished Woman ... FULL STORY

UCSB Introduces I.V. LIVE
Weekly, Late-Night Performances to Premier January 23 in Isla Vista

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UC Santa Barbara has announced a new weekly performance series called "I.V. LIVE." The series will begin Friday, January 23, at 9 p.m. and continue every ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Scholars Study Abroad with Fulbright Grants
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members and one administrator are among the approximately 800 American academics and professionals chosen to receive Fulbright ... FULL STORY

Gift Enables UCSB to Launch Year-Round Adapted Recreation Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.)–UC Santa Barbara has received a $75,000 contribution from the Bialis Family Foundation, of Santa Barbara, to establish a recreation program serving children ... FULL STORY

Boeing Donates Integrated Circuit Patents to UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara has received a donation of four patents from the Boeing Company that are related to improving the performance ... FULL STORY

UCSB Professor to be Presented With Top Scholar Award by the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies has named UC Santa Barbara's Francisco Lomelí winner of its 2004 Scholar Award. The award recognizes ... FULL STORY

Visiting Professor Receives Prestigious German Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Frank Allgower, currently a visiting professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has just been awarded ... FULL STORY

Study of Erosion and Precipitation in the Himalayas Presents Surprising Findings, Scholars Say
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Scientists have found that, despite a vast difference in precipitation between the north and south sides of the Himalaya Mountains, rates of erosion are ... FULL STORY

Meteor Likely Caused Earth's Greatest Extinction Event
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The "Great Dying," a time of earth's greatest number of extinctions, appears to have been caused by the impact of a large meteor, according to a research ... FULL STORY

Chancellor's Breakfast Guests to Hear About UCSB Media Center and Research on Issues of Media Ownership
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara will not break ground on the building that will house its state-of-the-art Center for Film, Television and New ... FULL STORY

Professional Journal Names UCSB's Richard Mayer Top Educational Psychology Researcher; UCSB is #3 Among Institutions
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A national five-year study has ranked Richard Mayer, a professor of psychology and education at UC Santa Barbara, the nation's most prolific researcher in ... FULL STORY

Mosher Foundation Donates $3 Million for UCSB Alumni Center
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – UC Santa Barbara has received a $3 million gift for the construction of an alumni center from The Samuel B. and Margaret C. Mosher Foundation. The new building ... FULL STORY

UCSB Lecturer to Look at History of Recall, Initiative Processes
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Under the leadership of newly elected Governor Hiram Johnson, the California legislature set out in 1911 to wrest the government away from what it felt was ... FULL STORY

UCSB's External Research Funding Sets New Campus Record
Santa Barbara, Calif.–Research support from external sources reached a record high at the University of California, Santa Barbara last year when a total of $143.9 million was received ... FULL STORY

Use of Internet in Presidential Campaigns, Lessons of 2000 Race Analyzed in Book by UC Santa Barbara Political Scientist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – As the 2004 presidential race heats up, President Bush and his challengers will use every means possible to put their political messages before the American ... FULL STORY

Physicist Brian Greene, Host of "The Elegant Universe" on PBS, Presents Special UCSB Program at the Lobero Theater on Nov. 23
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Brian Greene, the acclaimed physicist and author of The Elegant Universe, which has been made into a popular three-part NOVA series on PBS featuring Greene, ... FULL STORY

Middle East Expert Wins Prestigious UCSB Faculty Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Lisa Hajjar, an associate professor in the Law and Society Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been chosen the 2003 winner of the ... FULL STORY

Search for Dark Matter Intensifies
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Today scientists announced that the search for dark matter is on – it has been launched from a laboratory half a mile below ground. Two professors from ... FULL STORY

UCSB Scholar to Discuss Early Life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman justice to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, has proved to be a centrist during her 10 years on the nation's ... FULL STORY

UCSB Climate Experts Help Predict Rainfall Patterns in Central America and Africa to Avert Famine
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– In Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America too little or too much rainfall can cause famine. Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara and ... FULL STORY

UCSB Religious Scholar to Look at Changing Face of U.S. Religion
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Americans are among the most diverse people in the world, a heterogeneous mix of all the world's races, cultures, and beliefs. The beliefs of our neighbors ... FULL STORY

Economic Outlook for San Luis Obispo County Topic of November 14 UCSB Seminar
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The Economic Forecast Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara will present its annual seminar on the outlook for San Luis Obispo County's economy ... FULL STORY

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rigoberta Menchú to Speak at UCSB
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Guatemalan human rights activist Rigoberta Menchú, winner of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, will discuss "Indigenous Rights and Universal Peace" during an appearance ... FULL STORY

Three UCSB Faculty Members Elected as Fellows of AAAS
Santa Barbara, Calif – Three faculty members of the University of California, Santa Barbara have been elected Fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). ... FULL STORY

Packard Fellowship Awarded to UCSB Chemist
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Joan-Emma Shea, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has recently been awarded a prestigious ... FULL STORY

Pioneer Feminist Chicana Group to be Celebrated With Symposium, Reception, and Exhibition
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –- Formed more than three decades ago by Mexican American women seeking political empowerment, Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional has grown to be a powerful ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Break Ground Friday for Building to House Pioneering California Nanosystems Institute
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –- UC Santa Barbara will break ground this Friday, Oct. 24, for a new building to house one of the most exciting scientific endeavors the campus is currently ... FULL STORY

UCSB Conference to Probe Religious Thinking of Jacques Derrida
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Best known as a literary theorist and as the father of deconstruction, philosopher Jacques Derrida also has devoted much of his career to the contemplation ... FULL STORY

David N. Sheldon, Longtime UCSB Vice Chancellor, Dies in Santa Barbara at Age 61
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –- David N. Sheldon, vice chancellor for administrative services at UC Santa Barbara from 1988 to 2001, died at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital on Oct. 13. ... FULL STORY

Technology Writer Howard Rheingold to Discuss "Smart Mobs" At UCSB Center's "Life Online" Lecture Series October 17
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Howard Rheingold, one of the world's best-known thinkers on the social implications of technology, will discuss his latest book, "Smart Mobs," and make other ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Devises Way to Observe Protein Folding
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Physicists are getting more involved in the fight against diseases by studying the folding of proteins, which they hope will eventually lead to the development ... FULL STORY

UCSB Center to Present Free Lecture on Stalking and Stalkers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – In romance, most people recognize when their amorous feelings are not being returned. And eventually, they cease trying to win the uninterested person's affections, ... FULL STORY

Cairo to Santa Barbara: Teachers to Discuss Lessons Learned During UCSB-Sponsored Summer Seminar in Egypt
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Twenty-three California teachers who spent a month in Egypt this past summer with UC Santa Barbara's Center for Middle East Studies will reunite on the UCSB ... FULL STORY

New UCSB Faculty Member Receives Research Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Jeffrey Bode, an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has received a Camille Dreyfus New Faculty ... FULL STORY

Gaines Named Winner of Top Marine Conservation Award
Steven Gaines, director of the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara and acting vice chancellor for research, has been named one of five scholars worldwide to win the most prestigious ... FULL STORY

State Sen. Jackie Speier to Address UCSB Gender Equity Forum
Concerned that University of California campuses might be failing to hire and retain sufficient numbers of women faculty, State Sen. Jackie Speier requested in the fall of 2000 an ... FULL STORY

Snowy Plover "Nursery" Success Earns Resource Stewardship Award
A single strand of rope separates threatened western snowy plovers from people recreating on the public beach of Coal Oil Point Reserve, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. ... FULL STORY

Royal Geographical Society Grants Award to UCSB Professor Michael Goodchild
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Michael F. Goodchild, professor of geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been awarded a gold Founder's Medal by Britain's Royal Geographical ... FULL STORY

Major Donation to Enable UCSB Libraries to Produce Discography of Victor Records
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – William R. Moran, a noted discographer, author, and collector, has donated $1.7 million to the University Libraries at UC Santa Barbara for the completion ... FULL STORY

Everett Zimmerman, Distinguished UCSB Professor and Former Provost, Dies at 66
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Everett Zimmerman, a distinguished scholar and longtime member of the UC Santa Barbara faculty who served in important campus leadership positions, died ... FULL STORY

UCSB’s California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives Acquire Papers of Noted Asian American Writer-Dramatist Frank Chin
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The manuscripts, letters, unpublished scripts, and other papers of Frank Chin, one of America's foremost Asian American writers, have been obtained by the ... FULL STORY

Renowned UCSB Bioethicist Garrett Hardin Dead at 88
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Garrett James Hardin, renowned bioethicist and professor emeritus of human ecology at UC Santa Barbara, has died at his home in Santa Barbara on Sunday (September ... FULL STORY

Area Students Receive UCSB Chancellor's Scholarships
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Twenty five high school graduates from the Tri-Counties and Kern County will enter UC Santa Barbara this fall as Chancellor's Scholars. The entering freshmen ... FULL STORY

Role of Tropics in Global Climate Change Gains Attention
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The tropics are being recognized as an important element in the dynamic process of global climate change, according to a new study headed by David Lea, professor ... FULL STORY

Pulitzer Prize Winner Oscar Hijuelos to Receive Inaugural Luis Leal Award For Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Oscar Hijuelos, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love" and other novels, has been chosen to receive the first Luis Leal Award ... FULL STORY

Discovery of Cell Survival Gene May Lead to New Treatments for Degenerative Diseases and Cancer
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Our cells are constantly making life and death decisions. A new gene that controls this life or death switch and protects cells from dying has been discovered ... FULL STORY

UCSB Archaeologist to Discuss New El Pilar Maya Site Partnership
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Since discovering the El Pilar Maya site in Belize and Guatemala in 1983, UCSB archaeologist Anabel Ford has been dedicated to making the culturally rich ... FULL STORY

Long-Term Decline of Coral Reef Ecosystems Reported
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – An article in the August 15 issue of the journal Science warns against the human exploitation of coral reef ecosystems around the world, noting that these ... FULL STORY

Santa Barbara Partners in Education Elects Officers
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A new slate of officers has been elected to lead the board of directors of Santa Barbara Partners in Education, a non-profit organization working in concert ... FULL STORY

UCSB Appoints New Dean of Social Sciences Division
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California, Santa Barbara has named a prominent sociologist and innovative foundation leader to be its next dean of social sciences. Melvin ... FULL STORY

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Archives Donated to UCSB Libraries
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) is donating its historical archives and related materials to Special Collections in the UC Santa Barbara Libraries ... FULL STORY

UCSB’s Sedgwick Reserve is Off-Limits to Deer Hunters
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – With deer season opening on Saturday, Aug. 9 in many parts of Santa Barbara County, hunters are reminded that the 5,900-acre Sedgwick Reserve in the Santa ... FULL STORY

UCSB to Establish Nation's First Chicano Studies Ph.D. Program
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – The University of California has approved a proposal by UC Santa Barbara to establish the nation's first doctoral program in Chicano studies. The graduate ... FULL STORY

Jaws of Clamworm Are Hardened by Zinc Say UCSB Scientists
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) - Scientists often look to nature for inspiration in the search for ways to make new materials. A new study of the clamworm, an intertidal creature, shows that ... FULL STORY

New Theory of Cell Death Proposed in UCSB Alzheimer’s Research
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia, currently affects four million Americans – a number expected to increase to 14 million by the year ... FULL STORY

UCSB Physicist Wins Prestigious European Award
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– The prestigious High Energy and Particle Physics Prize of the European Physical Society for 2003 has been awarded to David Gross, a professor of physics ... FULL STORY

New Sensor Developed at UCSB Can Detect DNA in One Step
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Imagine that your doctor, using a small hand-held sensor, could detect from a drop of your blood if you carry the gene for cystic fibrosis, or whether or ... FULL STORY

California's Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms Serve as Marine Protected Areas, Says New Study Published by UCSB Experts
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– California's offshore oil and gas platforms act as de facto marine protected areas for some overfished species and serve as a home to a variety of fish and ... FULL STORY

Venerable UCSB Professor Luis Leal Publishes Book of Myths at 95
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – At an age when most people would be content to reflect upon their accomplishments, 95-year-old Luis Leal, professor of Chicano Studies at the University of ... FULL STORY

UCSB Astrophysicist Has Theory Supported by NASA Observations
(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– A theory about neutron stars first proposed by a theoretical physicist based at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) has gained the support ... FULL STORY