Office of Development


Ways to Give There is a wide range of giving opportunities at UC Santa Barbara. You may choose to provide financial support for students. Other benefactors may wish to direct their gifts to areas of special interest and concern to them, knowing that these additional funds provide an opportunity for those programs to grow and excel. Many donors also make unrestricted gifts, allowing the university to direct these financial resources to areas of greatest need. UCSB Development staff is available to assist you with information about supporting a specific area at UCSB

Each gift to UCSB can be tailored to coincide with the donor's interests in the university, to achieve both the donor's vision and the university's mission and needs. In making a gift to UCSB, each donor may express his or her wishes in the following areas.

Gift Area Designation:

You may designate the area of the campus to benefit by your gift. For example, you may support UCSB generally, assisting the university overall. Or, you may designate your gift to benefit a particular administrative area or unit within the university, such as a college or department.

Gift Purpose:

The donor also indicates a gift purpose. For example, the purpose of your gift may be:

Gift Fund Type:

The donor indicates the gift fund type. A gift may be either endowed or expendable. An endowed gift is permanently invested, and only income from the fund is used each year. An expendable fund is one in which the gift is fully used.

Gift Funding Arrangement:

The gift funding arrangement is tailored to each donor, and takes into account aspects such as dollar amount, gift assets, gift vehicles, and payment plan. These are explained below. The Planned Giving web page provides more information.


UCSB seeks to honor philanthropists who provide gifts to UCSB, in various ways. UCSB publishes various donor rosters, including the Lancaster Society and the Chancellor's Council. Also, UCSB is pleased to name funds in honor of benefactors, in accordance with university guidelines. Buildings and facilities also can be named in honor of major donors.


The UCSB Development Office will provide information on gift arrangements that help to achieve each donor's charitable goals and financial planning needs, while meeting UCSB priorities.

For further information regarding philanthropic support for UCSB, please contact the UCSB Development Office at 1-800-TEL-UCSB,  (805) 893-2600, or write to the UCSB Office of Development, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106; or send us an e-mail: