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Campaign Co-chair Jeff Henley
Campaign Kick-off Celebration

Campaign Co-chair Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
Washington DC Campaign Kick-off

Honorary Campaign Chair
Michael Douglas

...The Promise Continues

Greetings! On behalf of our campus community, I am honored and pleased to thank you for your generosity and participation in The Campaign for UC Santa Barbara. Our enthusiasm and momentum continue to grow during this final year of our campaign as we surpass our $1-Billion goal and look to a future of continued excellence.

We are particularly inspired by and grateful for the leadership of our Campaign co-chairs, Jeff Henley '66 and Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree H'12; our honorary Campaign chair, Michael Douglas '68; our many regional committee members; and our Trustees, faculty, alumni, parents, friends, and volunteers, as well as the hard work of our Development team, our administrative and faculty colleagues, and our staff and student volunteers.

Your visionary guidance and generous support are key factors in helping UC Santa Barbara maintain and enhance our stature as a preeminent global university with the highest reputation in research, teaching, and service at the frontiers of every area in which we excel. (full text)

Henry Yang signature
Henry T. Yang

Charlie Munger donates $65M to UC Santa Barbara's KITP
Charlie Munger Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, has made the largest single gift to UC Santa Barbara in the university's history. With a gift of $65 million, Munger is funding a new visitor housing facility for the campus-based Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP), the world's leading collaborative study hub of its kind.

Munger was first introduced to physics as a college student in 1941. That particular encounter was rather brief — World War II saw to that — but the hard science made a strong impact.

After his service with the Army, Munger went on to become first a lawyer, then an investor — arguably one of the world's best. Today, as he has since 1978, he helps helm Berkshire-Hathaway with friend and business partner Warren Buffett. And still he credits physics, and its fundamental approach to problem-solving, for some of his success.

"Physics has enormously helped me in life — the logic and power of it," Munger said. "Once you see what a combination of calculus and Newton's laws will do and the things you can work out, you get an awesome appreciation for the power of getting things in science right. It has collateral benefits for people. And I don't think you get a feeling for the power of science — not with the same strength — anywhere else than you do in physics."

He'd put money on it. And he is.

Funded continuously by the National Science Foundation since 1979, the KITP also receives additional operational support from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the Kavli Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Simons Foundation.

Construction of the KITP Residence by The Towbes Group Inc. is expected to commence this October, and should be complete in two years.

The Campaign for the University of California, Santa Barbara Launch Gift
Jeff Henley and his wife, Judy Oracle Chairman, Jeff Henley, a 1966 UC Santa Barbara alumnus with distinction, and his wife, Judy, honorary alum since 2009, have committed $50 million to UC Santa Barbara for the Institute for Energy Efficiency and the College for Engineering. Their visionary investment, the largest in the history of the University, launches and propels the campus toward the $1 billion goal for the campaign. Jeff is the Campaign's Co-chair.

"This gift allows us to play an important role in supporting the priorities of the University and the College of Engineering, by significantly advancing the sciences and the Institute for Energy Efficiency," Jeff Henley said. "We hope to create new opportunities for research and discovery, and to support UC Santa Barbara's already strong commitment to preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers."

Campaign Co-chair Jeff Henley
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"The philanthropic leadership of Jeff and Judy Henley is deeply inspiring; we are thrilled by their vision and generosity, and excited about the momentum their gift provides as we launch the next phase of our billion-dollar Campaign for UC Santa Barbara," said Chancellor Henry T. Yang. "Jeff and Judy have contributed to our university in countless ways over the years, including the Henley Chair in Economics and the beautiful Henley Gate that stands as the iconic entrance to our campus. We are tremendously honored that this transformative $50 million gift for our Institute for Energy Efficiency and our College of Engineering, the largest gift in the history of our campus, will become part of the Henleys' living legacy at UC Santa Barbara."