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Devereux Escrow Closes

Escrow on the 33 acres of West Campus land UCSB has purchased for $27.5 million from the Devereux Foundation closed Sept. 27, campus officials announced at a Campus Planning Committee meeting last month. A portion of the former Devereux School property is being leased back to the organization for the care and education of the remaining, original students.
Todd Lee, assistant chancellor, budget and planning, and Joel Michaelsen, Academic Senate chair, will co-chair an 18-person Devereux Planning Committee, Chancellor Henry Yang wrote in a letter to the campus. “This committee will conduct a thorough consultative process to solicit your input in developing our vision and to make recommendations to me for the use of this property,” Yang said.
While the chancellor said that a portion of the new acquisition adjacent to West Campus Point faculty housing would be devoted to more housing, he emphasized that “the committee will consider a wide range of options” for the southern portion, known as the “south knoll.”
Meanwhile, the Olson Co. was selected to develop the first phase of 72 units of faculty housing for the North Campus project. These are intended to be for sale, and Olson plans to use focus groups to establish preliminary designs.